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How to Find Programs to gain more training and learning

How to Find Programs.

Start asking yourself what training and learning do you want, what kind of people would you like to be among, and what results would you like from your learning and training.

Find a program that trains your needs. Reach out and start working for the goals you aim for. As you search you will discover even more.


Why gain more training.

When you find programs it is all about results and how to do it. A program will show you how and give you the insight and facts your need. Nothing is more important to you than the training and learning you get. The ability to discipline yourself to be able to adapt and get all the tools, training, and learning you need to fit anywhere. The choice must be yours.


When to gain more learning.

Time and when is the right time to find programs, it is just before you feel the frustration and wanting to give up. There is always a solution to any program and  to help out, you are not alone.


Why Not Find Programs to gain more training.

The only thing that can turn it around is more training, more learning and insight, and facts. This is the match you need. Let’s face facts and we all know that when we fail we get the learning we need to overcome and higher the performance. We may not like the people, they may be too different from us. Facts are if you are to learn you need to learn from someone whom you look up to.


How to gain more training and learning.

It is always the best question to ask how to find the match your needs. Alone this is a challenge.


Why have Personal Courses And Training?

Personal courses and training

The new innovative shortcut to optimizing your skill set is to take personal Courses And Training. Coachingandlife is tailored to your needs. Optimize your skills set, through the shortcut, our different coaches and trainers give you the specific insight and facts you need to gain the skills. That is why you take the specific courses and training you need.

It’s all about the Results

Life is a string of opportunities and how we react determines what changes we get. The changes we get the results of our we react determine the opportunities we get.

Everyone wants results. Results as they define.



Courses and Training

We take courses and training because we feel or are Not Seeing Results. The only thing that can improve the outcomes is learning, training and a new skill set.

Taking a course and getting training is an eye-opener and will give you new insight and facts to act from. When you pivot from insight and facts you get a solid decision you can rely on.



Don’t Know Where to Start

If you’re what is happening is new, you may not realize how complex it is. People or humans are not born with the knowledge of how to do it. If you’re faced with a situation or task of solving a problem, you might become overwhelmed, and taking personal courses and training can support you.

Coaches know the process and you are not alone a coach will give you the tools and training you need to take control and start seeing good results.

A coach and mentor will navigate the process, which includes:

  • What do you want to achieve?
  • See the gap and get the insight and facts.
  • Start bridging the gaps.



Here is how to get started:

  • Describe what you want.
  • Time management:  Your coach and trainer will help you be accountable.
  • Your daily training:  Align on what is working and what is not working.
  • Time frame: How much effort are you going to give it.



Need to Be Challenged

If you feel stuck, or ready to take yourself to the next level a good coach can help you gain the motivation back. Wake up and dream and see your vision.

  • See the road: Get a clear vision of where you want to go and how you want to achieve it.
  • Push your limits: Unlock your limits and take yourself beyond what you see possible today.
  • Being your partner: A person course and training is your accountability partner. One who works for you and one you work with.

You will discover that it is very hard to slack off in a personal course or training with your coach and you may even discover hidden strengths to tap into that will motivate you even more.



Aligment in forums and courses and training

You Need Accountability and Motivation

Inner motivation comes from all kinds of places.

Meeting new people,

sharing, and hearing how they handled the situation.




  • Accountability: Make status not alone but with your coach and trainer.
  • Commitment: Keep your promise to yourself and be held accountable
  • Finances: The best investment you can ever do is invest in your skills and training
  • Time: To set goals and get your personal courses and training.


Why have a personal coach Personal courses

Personal Courses and Training with a coach.

A personal course will give you the training you need. A personal trainer will teach you everything you need to know about the context.

What to be aware of?

How to dot it.

A personal coach and trainer will support and guide you to achieve your goals. Your personal coach and trainer have often been there done that and know what you are going through.

New opportunities new skillset in a personal course

It can be a hassle and at times it may feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day to learn what you need to know, this is a new innovative shortcut to gain the insight and facts you need to perform as you desire.

The personal course and training

We tailor and build the personal courses and training to your needs, we are all different and our diversity is our strength, which is also why we at Coachigandlife have more coaches to support your needs. We build to last and offer you the support you need.

Skills and training in a course

We take a mathematics course to gain the skills, this same goes for life. Experience tools and case stories will help you understand, give you insight and offer you the facts. To make up your own mind what do you believe.

Critical thinking

Be smart and know more about our personal courses and training are for you to gain the insight and facts you need. Critical thinking comes from practice and training the mind with different challenges and views.

Say yes if you mean it and if you doubt wait, your life is not a cue offer, you are not standing in line. You’re a growing and building your life with the people you are among.


Do You Have Life Coaching In Copenhagen?

Life Coaching in Copenhagen.

Are you looking for a life coach near you? at Coachingandlife we have coaches worldwide, we focus on skills, training, and how a coach unites with clients. Our services go beyond the normal coaching services, as Coachingandlife offers forums with every plan.

We never let coaching stand alone.

We offer

We have coaches in Copenhagen, which you can book on the site.


Coaching matters in life and how to know it

Coaching matters in life

When we use coaching we seek alignment. We use coaching to gain alignment, which is a method to get the alignment between two people or between you and your desired goals. It is a way to open up for alternatives to find ways to the solution.

There is never one way, it is always multi ways. Often when we work together the goals is not important, but how you do it. It is how we use coaching to gain alignment. How you make your boss feel, how you act talk and walk is how you use coaching to gain alignment.

People are hired for skills and fired on how they are.

In leadership coaching matters

Never has coaching been more important, if you ask me. Why because we need to align and find understanding at a much better level than we do today. People are fired for so small things like their boss doesn’t like them. They walk wrong or talk wrong. Leadership is your boss’s ability to get you onboard and get you moving. It is why we use coaching to gain alignment. Give you skills and training to know how to work in a company. You apply for a job and the moment you walk into the company everyone assumes you understand and get it.

HR has tested you and they often know you better than you know yourself. Why use coaching to gain alignment. Coaching is the only tool we know today that can make us align with each other and while we today have software tools to give us insight and facts the old days a leader’s coaching was done on a hunch.


Business leadership and coaching

Nothing is more important to the business than the alignment you get in all the team. How to gain the information and anlyze the informaton in real-time is possible today, and we collaborate with who has the tool. We also give you the training. Why because alignment counts and it matter not only for how you feel, but for how the business will do.

Solid business has strong aligment with workers and employees.


Fail and Why coaching matters in life

We fail and we do, we are humans but fact is that the more we learn and the better we are at finding alignment, the more we will train and practice to become better. Using coaching to gain alignment is a tool.

What can go wrong and why would you not recomment something or someone. If the alignment is missing you feel misunderstood and the frustration comes out. Find your way with out having the right courses training and learning is very difficult.

Finding the right people who can support and guide you going forward is what you must work for and with. Being able to ask people who know you, or having a solid good coach is more important than you can imagine.

Let us face it, in this world there is not room for mistakes and not even room for mistakes there is no room for the doubt of a mistake. It is why seek the alignment and make sure you leave every one behind in the feeling of good alignment.

Task and alignment does not always go hand in hand and we will fail with a task but we do not have to fail with the alignment, that is a feeling you leave other people with who work with you.

So much is changing and make sure the steps you take. Take you forward to good places and good adventures if you feel that you cannot get the alignment or the space to tell your side of the story. You must leave.

You do not leave because you are weak but because you are strong enough to see that if you stay, it will never be different. It is Why coaching matter in life



Let’s be honest, we all need to find an understanding and purpose and that we gain when we can say:

Oh or yes I get it.

Alignment is how we unite with other people, we do not need to agree or feel the same, but we need an alignment or space where we can find peace of mind.

Coaching matters because it is a tool we can all learn and use to gain the results we aim for.

What is missing in your life and why are you going for what you really want?


Start thinking about what it means to you without holding you back from what you want in life.



How to find solutions courses tools and learning

Why do we need coaching, courses, tools, training, and learning?

How to find solutions to align with your life. How to get the right training tools courses and learning to achieve your goal,  if this is some of the questions you are asking?

A course:

We take training and learning to achieve new skills. It takes time to understand how to master a skill and the more you practice the better you become. What do you want to be good at? and why do you want to be good at it.

Taking a course is getting specific training. If you take a procurement course with me, I will teach you all I know about the procurement and the different fractions and situations that the procurement role will demand of you. Each company you walk into will on top of the skills have its values, and you will need to adapt and align your skills and values to the business culture and strategy.

CoachingAndlife offers courses to give you specific training and learning in a category or subject. Once you have completed your course you can apply to get your diploma. Why do we not automatically give you a diploma, we do not because taking a course is not the same as mastering the skills. We want you to gain insight and facts, use coaching to gain alignment, to be able to master the skills you are taking your course in.


Life tools are no different than tools you get at Home Depot here we use coaching to gain alignment, people say let me show you how. They are life tools and they work just as well as tools from Home Depot. When you use them it works and it helps the task you are solving. The fact is the more tools and flexibility you process the better are your chances at achieving the result you desire.

If you do not have the tools you will feel stuck, confused, and hard to understand what to do. If you feel anything like this finding a mentor and coach can help you gain the tools you need. It is never personal it is only learning new tools.

With a coach you get tools, a coach will give you coaching tools and training and here at CoachingAndLife we have a variety of coaches to satisfy your needs

Use your learning:

One thing is to know a tool, the other thing is to practice using the tool, that is the real learning. How to master the use of a tool comes, when you practice it. When you try it and when you use it. It is not until you start using your learning, you find out how it fits your belief or your desire. Learning is not, at all the same as reading a book, learning is much more than that. It is a feeling you get when you master a skill.

We know the importance of having a place to ask use coaching to gain alignment, when you start your training and learning, it is why we use the networking forums to gain the alignment you seek from your training. Learning something and then adapting it to you takes effort, it is a transformation process and you want to be able to ask other people, how did I do.


What is life coaching and why do we need it?

What is life coaching?

To understand what life coaching is, we must first understand why we need coaching. Coaching is a tool to use. We use coaching tools to gain alignment or understanding of the problem we are facing.

Here is a simple overview of what needs to be in place to solve a problem, challenge, change, or opportunity.

Manage Complex Change:

If you look at the picture, all the initiatives to solve are something you see, hear or feel. This also means that everyone can do it if they get the right coaching. So managing life going forward is all about the coaching you get.


How to manage complex change in life

The road forward with coaching.

Why are things changing and why are we as human beings changing? Think about it?

I do not hold the answers! and I do not know why. What I do know is, that when a gap rise, we need tools to bridge it. No bridge has even been build by itself.

Every one of us uses coaching tools on a daily basis. It is how we align with our goals, friends, and family. Coaching is a tool we use for alignment to gain clarity and understanding.


A few years back I had a boss, where clarity and responsibilities were unclear. I did not know what to do and in the end, he fired me. The lucky one was me, as I was burning out in trying to build things he did not want.

I do not want to do it!


A gap you see, hear, or feel?

Look above in the picture, every gap leaves a feeling. If you feel confused, the design or vision is missing, and the reason why you are feeling confused is that you do not know what to form, shape, or make. That is why we must always start with the why do you want this? You cannot make it happen unless you know why you want it.

Why do you want to get along with your co-workers? Because you want to feel good at work? or you want to be a good colleague? To bridge a gap, we must know, why you want it, and not only that but where do you want to go, and how do you want to go there. Life is one open book of opportunities.

How to bridge the gap with coaching.

To build a bridge you need a designer, workers, and material. The same goes for a bridge to bridge a gap in life. You can form and shape it any way you like.

Coaching is a tool. It is a proven method to see, what you believe is missing, in the story you tell, you tell what you believe.


I was the head of procurement and my role was to establish a setup that complied with law and legislation. While I investigated over and over, how we could make the setup and I tried to explain, enroll and engage stakeholders to see my points of view. Fact is, I never succeed, I failed I did not have the coaching skills to gain alignment with the people around me.

Leaving years of friendship is a hard decision to make, you stand with the question – try harder or let go. When you believe you cannot change the feeling you get no matter, what you do, you need to let go. You do not let go because you are weak, but because you are strong enough to see you can never align.

Being fired is means my employer believed we would never align, and we sometimes need to understand what coaching did we not get, why did we not find the alignment. Leaving a job is when you believe you can never align with the job you are in.


Coming together

When people team up, come together we use coaching tools on a daily basis to find alignment in what we say, in what we do, and how we do it. We use communication skills the words we use, but coaching is the feeling we get, and that is more powerful than communication.

Here at CoachingAndLife you find tools to align with your life.








Gap Analysis What is a gap analysis and why is it so important

Gap Analysis and Why is it so important.

For you to process the ability to gain insight facts and evidence you get.



We do a gap analysis to get an overview of an area or chain.

It can help you improve your business efficiency, which will also improve your product or services,

and at the end your profitability by allowing you to pinpoint “gaps” present in your company.


Coachingandlife collaborates with

To gain the intelligent software, that can gather and analyze data in real-time.



Once your analysis is complete.

The overview is there. You will be able to focus your resources and energy on the identified areas in order to improve them.

To master is to bridge in good ways and know the action to plan.


What is a gap analysis?

gap analysis is a method of assessing. The differences between what you have today and what you want to have.

Often gaps are meet against KPI’s or to comply with law and legislation.

If they are not, what steps should be taken to ensure they are met successfully.




What is the purpose of a gap analysis?

The purpose of gap analysis is to determine where you are and if you align with where you want to be.

Whereas the purpose of duration analysis is to determine the risk.


Hand in hand with risk

A risk assessment is to give you the likelihood of whatever you are investigating.


The whole process of handling the whole chain end-to-end is and keep on having the compliance you want is have the ability to understand what points you need to address all the time.

To have the insight and facts will allow you to minimize risk in areas but not only will you eliminate risks you will at the same time optimize performance by building the puzzle of the right resources and teams.


Professional alignment How to gain It and Why

Professional alignment


Professional alignment is a way to enhance and optimize all processes and procedures within the business. It is a process to align.


It is a way to ensure that your performance always lives up to law, legislation, and requirements. Professional alignment in business is for customers’ safety. To ensure compliance many companies define the code of conduct.


Especially Pharmaceuticals has a strong policy for professional alignment.


Learning and training what is needed in your expertise and field is the far most important initiatives you can take

We all have a process and procedure to ensure our customers, and Please find our Policy here >>


Law alignment professional corporation

Every industry has a set of rules and legislation master. Within Pharmaceuticals all is build in processes and procedures to legal performance.

In Pharmaceuticals the whole supply chain must be contracted end-to-end for customer safety.

Industries are regulated for the safety of the customer

Procurement is the area in the business where all contracts are made and therefore a unit where law enforcement knowledge about the industry is in high demand and why we run special training for procurement.

When you step into an industry, the first priority is to know the legislation you are operating under.


Professional development for curriculum alignment

Develop your curriculum alignment to become the best in class. Often we need to perform a gap-analysis or assessment to ensure the right call to action.

KPI’s are the most common way to drive improvements in alignment

Habits What are habits and why are habits so important

What are habits and why are habits so important?

They are, they are more important than you can imagine. Habits are when you do something and you do not even think about it.

Easy and firm, you do it because it’s your habit. Building good habits to make money, building good habits to create and have a good family, building good habits to have a good mindset, and build good habits to stay healthy and well.

Get good habits the key to success.

Today, companies and employees are supply chain driven  1+1+1+1… And you cannot step out of line. You cannot ask and you are not allowed to be flexible and visionary. You must follow the rules in the companies – Code of conduct. It is smart because you get a level of quality a level of standardized methods of doing things and you get a certain behavior of people in your company. You get a line in your supply chain from entry to exit.

That’s why companies test people to see how the match is as what they are looking for. A company looks for qualifications and they look for collaboration and the persons who are the best to match with the team they are going into. Conflicts are difficult to handle today because we have a culture of being the same and we do not expect differences.

It’s the keyword match and how well you are fitting.

As the person above can challenge you a lot, you may hold the professional skills, but you are a different personality type or you may hold the personal skill set and not the professional skill set.

Get good habits – BUT

What about you? – What are you thinking and what is right for you. You stand with companies that are so strong in culture and mindset that your ability to shoot up and adapt is the core key to keep your job. That’s why we fear, worry, stress and burn out. We forgot who we were and what is important to us – to me – what matters to me. What makes me feel good and smile.

Yes, I go to work to make money, to pay for the life I want to live.  That sentence we can all say.

Yes, I want this job because this is what I love to do. That sentence we cannot all say.

Companies today got it all wrong – why – because you have the right people doing the wrong things.

The matrix is – people must match the company profile

Then it is nice if they have the skills. This means that a company today is totally blind spotted in areas, but people who fit often have the same character and mindset. With that comes fear, worry, stress, and burnout. – It’s natural (get more information on this at

How you feel and how your work is creative and a force much stronger than you can imagine.

When you apply for a job – it’s the keywords. You must choose your desire and what you want to measure on and keep your focus.

It’s not the results, but the habit to get it.

What are habits and why are habits so important.

It the results, the boss that fired me.

Maybe she was right in firing me, maybe that was the right thing to do, but the way they did it, and what they did, how they hacked my data, how they called up everyone on my list, how they took the money, how they danced around, that is who they are and think about what habits drive that attitude and who they are.

Read the results they aim for that is what the sun is shining on and what is going to make everyone smile. – That’s not the job? – What will generate those results that are what is your job?

  1. If you want to stay thin – you cannot eat. That’s a fact. ( so if you look at people and they are thin they have strong habits to control what they eat)
  2. If you want to work in Pharma you must like documentation and processes and procedures to control the entire supply chain for integrity
  3. If you want to be a chef you must love the passion of perfection
  4. If you want to be a designer you must love creating visions and imagination

Habits are strong

What are habits and why are habits so important because they create your results and define who you are.

Define the habits you want in your life – business mindset family and health.

Do not define your intention, but look at your results.

The results are your habits.

Many times, in life, we forget about how the simplest things in life have the biggest meaning or impact.

It’s simply because we get caught up with this thing called life, they tend to put our values on the back burner while losing our focus. As a result, our beliefs are no longer our own and begin to operate on limitless power because we have given the core of our self away.

Here are three simple tips to get you started, if harnessed, it will take you far, they are setting the right goal, make the right choices, and managing time. Simple,

I know right!

It’s why we keep building and growing Coachingandlife  join us

A safe place to ask and have a good toolbox

What is a Challenge?

What is a challenge?

How to manage complex change in life

Life is one-way street. We move forward and we explore, expand, develop, increase, improve ..

Change is Challenge – it’s life moving forward – never ending never stopping

You will face challenges in your lifetime, where you need insight learning and training to overcome


Progress changes.

What drives forward. We do – Companies drive progress for results, and if the management believes, that the people they have cannot deliver the result.

Management will fire you. Let me give you an example:

Being fired can be a huge challenge

I did not want to add my name to a tender that did not keep the rules of GDP. It leads to a gap and they fire me.

They hack my data, they call everyone, they try to destroy my name and the good mindset. That is a huge challenge when a multi-company plays dirty.

That is a challenge for you and me when this happens

Being redundant can be a huge challenge.

Your skills are taken over by technology and the skills and the knowledge you process are no longer needed.

Where are you going to go, what are you going to do? It’s time for new learning and new thinking. That is a challenge for you or me when this happens

New Family Values

You just meet a new girlfriend and she comes with 2 kids, that are raised differently from what you know.

Things do not have the same meaning and understanding. It’s like starting over but not only that, it is also about finding meaning in what is already there.

That is a challenge for you, your girlfriend your kids, and her kids, it demands flexibility openmindedness, and love and care.

It is a challenge for a long time and can need clarity and insight.

Health and Healthcare

Your health your family’s health, your friend’s health and we can go on, health is the key to doing what we want and if our health gives us restrictions it can be very challenging for everyone around us.


Technology and Software

Technology and new software are what faster and faster will change our way of life, the software will take over and drive many task and jobs for us, good or bad it is what is in our future.

Here at Coachignandlife, we work with an analyzing software tool that helps us gather information in realtime.

You cannot beat real-time, You cannot beat real-time analysis. You cannot beat automized filing and results. That is a challenge for the people who use to do the excel – bring data together.

We will work smart and we will do better.


Feeling and Emotions

It’s all in the way you make me feel. If you meet people you do not trust and that are not loyal to you. What are you going to do? You will let them go.

Silence is for people who do not care. Who does not take the time and effort to care about other people than themselves? We kill the messenger.

People who do not care about anyone else but themselves will say, why do you add gas to the fire.


Performance and Rank

We are born to compete, we are born to improve and do better and the challenge is how can we compete and rank while making other people feel okay

Most important is learning. Finding out with yourself, what you did not see, hear, feel and get.

What were you missing, what learning is in it for you? How do you want to do better? For my part, the challenge is not to become like them.

I look at them and I see a company, I see people and they represent all that I do not want in life. That is a huge challenge.

It’s a huge challenge to get the learning and training to steer and navigate through and become what I want and admire.


The Challenge?

89% of your challenges are good challenges that you overcome without thinking about them. Is the last 11% that are the problems, because the 11% will determine who you become and what mindset you will define.

How you solve difficult challenges?

Do you fire people? when you fire people you let them go, you let go and you do not care.

That is the issue, not care because when do you know when you fire the right person and keep the right person. How can you? you do not care.

Do you let your boyfriend go?

How can you overcome the difference in your values and work out understanding and compassion for what is different from you or the way you want it.

Love and caring are about giving and taking. That is the topic and if we never solve the real topic? – hmm where are we then going?

How do you choose to move on?

How can you define the challenge?

If you can?

Or even if you want to?

To define the real challenge you need a good self-image and to keep a good self-image you need feedback, Coachingandlife works as an automized feedback tool in realtime. It’s amazing what software offers us and how it helps. We forget that people actually develop software to help out?

The most important thing for you and me is to define the challenge. Before we know the challenge we cannot address solutions.


How do we move on or get over it?


What happens if you do not overcome the Challenge?

That’s a challenge If a challenge breaks you. I once knew a girl that chose to be sick, not really sick just so sick that she had to have her own office, could not attend dinners, could not be around many people. When what she should have done was to leave her job and husband. Her life with him was making her sick and she needed to isolate herself from the world.

That is what happens to us if we do not work with our challenges,  we always work with our challenges if that is eaten too much, having too much alcohol, doing scam business, cheap and lie. We always work the challenge and companies that need to fire, lose profit, are all signs of how they work the challenges

– wrong people make wrong results.

Good leaders make good results and show people the good sides of life.

You know when you meet a good leader. It’s not something you see, it’s a feeling deep within.


Leadership Executive: How to practice good leadership

How to practice good leadership

Leadership executive: How to practice good leadership:

One of the hardest questions: is try harder or let go.

Try harder is – Leadership Executive

Let go – Redundant, fire and let go ( if you fire and make people redundant this seminar is not for you)


Leadership executive:

is leadership on all levels of life, your leadership of yourself the 4 cores of life Health, Mind, Family, Business. You need clarity and a solid mindset to steer and navigate for good business.

Leadership executive:

when you decide to practice you make a decision: Define Leadership Executive for us.


Your practice is tailor-made

For you and all is online and you will have access to the executive forum for questions support and guidance. If you need guidance someone will be there to offer it, and if someone needs support and guidance you must offer too.


Here are the definitions we are working through,


We all know yet is very hard to practice:

Your practice is unique and it is what you believe and how you want it:

  1. Honesty and Integrity,  D.Eisenhower once said, “The supreme quality of leadership is unquestionably integrity
  2. Confidence, confident enough to ensure that others follow 
  3. Inspire Others,  the most difficult job for a leader is to persuade others to follow
  4. Commitment and Passion, teams look up to you and if you want them to give them their all
  5. Good Communicator, in your words, the power to motivate people 
  6. Decision-Making Capabilities, the ability to take the right decision and know the right time
  7. Accountability, accountable for what you/they do, Arnold H Glasos said, “A good leader takes little more than his share of the blame and little less than his share of the credit.” 
  8. Delegation and Empowerment, focus on key responsibilities while leaving the rest to others.
  9. Creativity and Innovation; Steve Jobs said: “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” 
  10. Empathy, know how it feels, the pain of the problem, is the first step to become an effective leader


Being a great leader of yourself and the people around you is hard work, awareness, open-minded and present. Good tools to support becoming a good leader is to ensure your base is solid, business is one out of 4 and the 3 must be solid for you to give it all you got.


Ask yourself self:

Why you want to be a good leader. This is for selective only.


Why you want to have the awareness of your impact and influence.

To join this practice your effort is to be a leader executive.with excellence.


Here are the two ways you can start practicing



How to make the right choice

Make The Right Choices



Individuals find themselves confronted with choices daily. What are you confronted with daily? How you deal with the challenges of life, personally and professionally? First, you must understand, choice comes down to personal decision.

Your decision should not be based upon the opinions of others or circumstances, which is why your foundation is so important. Second, your foundation helps to make the right decision in difficult times. The right decision may not always be the one you want, but it will be for your good always.

The choices you make should always be aligned with your values. Your values can be a guide for the decision you end with. Also, your goals and values should be in alignment. For example, if your number one goal is have a better relationship with your spouse, your number one value should align with relationship building.


If your number one value is make $10,000 in 30n days, what are the chances of you reaching your goal-ZERO because they are no aligned. The same apply for personal or professional goals, and NEVER go against your values because they will be your guide. When you come upon a tough decision, sticking to your values will make it a no brainer decision. Right will win every time in the end.



Alone and why you feel alone and what you can do

Alone and Why You Feel Alone and What You Can Do

  1. Want to feel the love…. – What do you do
  2. Want to feel needed….  – What do you do
  3. Want to feel important….. – What do you do
  4. Want to feel wiser…. – What do you do
  5. Want to feel smart….. – What do you do
  6. Want to feel fame…. – What do you do
  7. Want to feel rich – What do you do

When feeling alone you have a desire a goal, You know what you want. the challenge, the problem is how to do it?

If you knew how to do it you would not feel alone.

If you knew how to step out and do it you would not be thinking I am alone.

You are not alone.

No human can do anything alone, it’s no fun there is no one to laugh with, and it is not a good feeling to do anything alone. What is a good feeling is to do something with someone and be good at it?

That’s why CAL works. Because we help people come together and be part of something, we team up and during the journey, we become better and better to excellence.

It is no fun running a Marathon or playing football if you do it alone. The fun is showing other people what you have learned, and your memories are the fun you had while you were learning. There is always a new game, a new situation and if just one thing changes, it can change the whole game.

There is no perfect and there is no enough, it can always be better.

Have you ever felt outsmarted because you did not know it or because someone was smart not telling you?

Listen to this?

What are you thinking when you read this?


Think about


Why Do you feel alone

Most often we choose loneliness when we cannot overcome a challenge or problem. That is when our loneliness starts from here the mind takes over and start telling us, what happens if we do.

Let it go, use the forums and run your forum.

Step out?


What do you feel?

Overcome difficult times How to deal and handle difficult times

This forum is about – how to get up?

Knocked down feeling sorry for yourself is not going to accomplice anything except making it worse. We have for so long laughed at people doing stupid things, how they made us laugh  – guess who is the stupid one, guess who made the money  – the people who have served with acting and done stupid things on Facebook and Instagram have made millions and can today relax learn back. Smile and say they made it. Now they can pay to get people to do anything for them.

Who wins?

What happens if you are not alone

1. How we support you to be a good leader is a network where leaders can ask and learn from other leaders we talk and learn from each other. Good leader care, good leaders work hard to on why, what, and how How to be a great leader should be something that every professional who takes upon him or herself the role as a leader should be working and very interested in.

Very few people are by nature great leaders and the great leaders of this world when we look back in history who were they. Napoleon, Hitler, Stalin, Roosevelt, Thatcher, Merkel is some of the historical leaders we think of.

They had one thing in common, they knew how to speak to people. Every day “as a leader” you speak to people. Every day as a leader you have an impact on somebody else’s life.

Lead yourself out of

At Coachingandlife we talk to action to how –

On of the best things you can ever do is

take good care of yourself

by being what you would admire.