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A life coach Mentor in your pocket 

It’s not the challenge It’ the support you get to overcome and help you move on.

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Here is what people say

Mikael Poulsson
Anytime I feel I need inspiration to my life, or usable feedback I turn to this Network, I tell my story and I get the feedback, for what to do, I have solved topic I never dreamed of that I could, thank you CAL for making it possible.
Mikael Poulsson / ME-MEMBER
Sun Shine
Even a mentor face lack of confidence, I am here to be with likeminded I work with clients all over the world and help them achieve their goals in life - where I get answers to my questions for me as a mentor, I get the help to select different tools in my work, the chance to talk about the difficulties of being a mentor and a life coach, this is a great opportunity. Thank you - Love being here.
Sun Shine / MY MEMBER
Rasmus RPL
This is my answers to the questions WE ask. CAL is my lifes work to help people achieve their success and dreams. You know the answers, it's the questions that are hard, the question is how to get it. We are members because we engage and in private, I am in the forum. Ask me! Why and what I did! and I will tell you.
Rasmus RPL / By invitation only

The KEY to your Success

A Life coach mentor in your pocket is your back up anytime anywhere

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Well-Being is the key to high performance

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As Life coach mentor

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Match your goals to our programs, explore your options, and map out your path to success.