Coaching And Life

CAL is:
A New Way of Looking at Coaching AND Life.

CAL is a new way of approaching the field of personal growth coaching. Based on an organic community model that utilizes the strengths of a variety of coaches specializing in different approaches, we help clients get the lives they desire and deserve.

A PIT-STOP A Safe Place To Ask

Join To Ask, Stop Overthinking and Get Yourself The Answer, Get Inspiration, Knowledge, Tools and Change It To Action And Hope - It's Time For Call To Action

Open The Door To Endless Possibilities

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ONE Team – Members and Coaches

You are a valuable contributing member of a team. Coaches and members in One team interact to share knowledge and offer suggestions in a synergistic approach to success, with ONE purpose to support achievements to results.

Experience the Power of Coaches and Teams.

Join yourself in a masterclass to expand your knowledge of Coaching, offer your Program to Members. get the team spirit up and get both support and practical tools to take your life coaching to the next level of success.

Ask and Receive Answers.

CAL is a PIT-STOP – A safe place to ask the questions that are flooding your mind, Strategic answers that give clarity on how to go from stuck to action. We have an entire team devoted to answer your questions to your success


As a CAL member, you will be teamed up with other Like-minded individuals develop pathways to success.
As a CAL coach, you will lead teams to realize their goals and dreams. We all come together as a community of mutual support and respect. We Are CAL.

We Help You Find The Answers

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Gerald 11
  • Leadership, Business Gaps?
  • Performance Gaps? – KPI’s, Company structure and Challenges,
  • Fired, In a New Job, what’s next?
  • Love, Partnership, Emotion, Fear, Hurting, Anxioty , Stress, Blame, Desire, Hope
  • Dreams, Wishes, Hope, Desire, Changes
  • Why am I not feeling good? Why am I alone? Why is this happening to me? Why am I feeling like this?
  • Why am I here? Why am I feeling stuck? Why can I not move on? Why do I feel like I do not belong?
  • Why do I need to change? Why can I not make it happen? Why do I not have a boyfriend? Why ME?
  • What can I do? What do I want?  What is happening with me? What can I do? What do I want? What do I want to learn?
  • What is my purpose? What is my mission?  What am I? What do I need? What makes me happy? What is love to me?


CAL is a safe place to ask, it is an opportunity for Coaches and Members to grow together to optimize success.

Here Is How It Works





ME Membership provides opportunities to focus inward and grow as a person. ME represents who you are. Where do you want to go? Whom do you want to be?


MY Member Program is for those looking to for new skills and tools to take them to the next stage of their personal/professional development. MY Membership bridges the gaps between where you are and where you want to be.


By-Invitation-Only Membership helps you take control over your life and overcome the obstacles you face. Find out who you truly are to tackle the journey ahead unimpeded.

Here We Are

Here Is How it Works

60 Partner with CAL

Give Yourself Tools, Knowledge, Know-How to Be Brave,Smart and Dynamic. Open Your Gate to your opportunities, here you have a safe place to ask.

You will Have Direct
Access to The Forum and all Information on the site

Within 48 Hours
CAL will be With you to a sign you to your Team and give your Onboarding

Best Online Life Coaching Forum 2019 - USA


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