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The Question you ask

Will lead you forward the way you will progress

The Private Closed Exclusive Forum is your playground to success.  Join us as a Member – Coach – Company.

You, know what you want?

-the Questions are Our Business

Here is how Questions work?

No written goals in liffe 45%
Written goals but no support 55%
Goals + getting questions from others 90%
Goals+Quesitions from other people + support coaching 100%

And Our Business is to

Fulfill Your ME Opportunities!

Help you Open the Gates to High-Sustainable-Performance and Goal Driven ways


Check-in and do it!

Inspiration, Live-Talks, Live Training, Self-Coaching, Self-Test, Team Coaching, Team Talks, Team Master Classes in our Closed Exclusive Private Forums.

We connect the Industri with people for Inspirataion, learning and improvements

Choose to be Your Strongest ME

Because you never know what Wave will hit your life in Health – Mind – Family – Business




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Here is what people say

Mikael Poulsson

Anytime I feel I need great usable feedback I turn to this Network, I tell my story and I get great good feed back, for what to do, I have solved topic I never dreamed of that I could, thank you CAL for making it possible.

Mikael Poulsson / ME-MEMBER
Sun Shine

Even a mentor face lack of confidense, here I get the help to select different tools in my work, the chance to talk about the difficulties being a mentor and a life coach, this is a great opportunity.

Sun Shine / MY MEMBER
Rasmus RPL

How to use your personality to get the results that creates your success, your mentor or life coach wants you to succeed?  as mentor you have the ability to help other people find their way to success. CAL opens the gates to just that

Rasmus RPL / By invitation only

Let’s help Break It Down?

To the 4 cores to Success?

1 Your Health

A good health? You need strong and good health to perform your Excellence.

The Art of Life is to try? – Let’s do it

2 Your Stress Level

A strong mind? Free your mind from worries

Take it back!  Get the clarity, take your ME control.

3 Your Family

ME-FOR-WE  – Your Family is your closest core The core of what you are!

4 Your Business

Your Business is good Business.  Leadership of yourself and how you support other people around you to perform excellent.


To be strong and be among the best

give you results


So what exactly

do you get?

24/7 Access to the Exclusive Closed Forum

24/7 Access to Peer’s, Life Coaches

Get Information and Answers

Choose the Closed Chats

Fast Access to tools & Templates

Into Track Your Results System

Accoutable to Team Members

Ask the Industri  the Company Yourself

e-books & Templates

Sign a Contract with Yourself

Exclusive Forbes Coaches

The Power of Your Story

We have just given you

the best back-up system

for your performance


A Place To Ask Your Questions in Private  – FREE YOUR MIND



Tools and InspirationsTo Keep your life on track

And even more, you can adjust the intensity of your membership as you prefer

The Membership takes you directly to Call to Action

Use the membership to get

Your life on track with Call to action

Sign a Contract with Yourself and Go for the Success

Adjust as you need with Exclusive Life Coaches

Your best Back-up system for your Performance

The 3 Ways

To Sign Into CAL


CLEAR OFFERS: To “Build your strongest ME”

Memberships and Programs

ONLINE –  As a member you have 24/7 access to CAL. Ask in the forum, ASK  in Master Mind Classes and get in the Online calls, with a life coach of your choice.

Get the Inspiration to Victory

from online teams calls- forum – peers

Get Results in Private”

Silence is rude If you know how to help and support do it People ask You because they want to do better.

Need Help to deside your membership – call us!

Sign in and to Start Getting The Results You Desire: Your membership will give you access.

  1. Learning and Inspiration
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  5. Assessments, Personal tests, Templates
  6. Ask in the Exclusive Private Forum

You get inspiration and tools to your life where you are. You have CAL behind you.

Get your answer in forum: 24/7 you can ask and in the exclusive forum, to get the inspiration and gain the tools you require to fulfill your task. Here you ask in private and you can talk to peers and likeminded.

Important information:

Every Life Coach is Independent Book here or at their own page as you prefer. We are CAL a Network of members and coaches Exclusive and Private.

Coachingandife CAL is a Exclusive Private SharePoint with inspiration and tools. I know what it is like not to have life tools to overcome situations – don’t ever let that happen to you. There is only one to take care of your ME – that’s you.

Do it and do what it takes!


Ask a safe place

Coach Yourself

Sign in and get the tools and inspiration you need


Back-up is ready

Membership + Coaching

Life on track as you want it

Company Sign In

Get the results for your teams and track the progress

Coach 100 Network

Coaches that work together achieve better results

To succeed in Life

you need Goals and they come from

Inspirations and tools


Coachingandlife CAL is PrivateExclusive and closed

Get it right “in private” you can do it. You can open the gate to your life and what you want to happen. It’s why we are members supporting members because every one of us and me too needs a little support and push everyday in the right direction and that is hard work no matter what anyone says – it’s easy to watch TV – like on social medias. It’s tuff and hard work to make your dreams come true but promise me – do never fail yourself.


Invest in yourself by surrounding yourself with learning, where you can ask how to get it!

Here is how it works

When you use coaching to Ask good Question!

You get the results you want in your life stop talking and wasting your time get into CAL and Do It

Do you know how people feel when they can ask?

Good – Great – Excellent

“Show the world you care”

Use the tools like the cup at work, in meetings and at home

Add it to your table at work the days you can make a difference

Wear it to a school party and make a difference

Wear it when you work-out and make a difference

Meet two Coaches who inspire in the

Exclusive forum

Contact me here

Emotional Life Coach, no one can make you feel better than Shelia is an online coaching forum to support people achieve their goals and desire

Bryan can lift your mood and mind talk to him in the forum

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USA 2019


I am Berit Ladefoged CEO of Coachingandlife and from my own experience, I know what the right Back-up team can do for you. CAL is Your back up system to get Life on the tracks where you want to be with your health, mind, family, and business.

Surround yourself with people who bring out good energy and achievements in you. It’s day-to-day support and the right people.

Follow leaders that perform well and make good results to Build your strongest ME so you can Build the WE you want to be a part of in private and in business.


Invest in yourself, build your strongest ME

You will be so thankful that you did