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Online life coach forum: Let go of stress and everyday worries, and focus on your passion.

Life coach forum: Because some things are worth fighting for.

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Coachingandlife is online coaching forums offering a breadth and depth of services, technology, and expertise specifically for handling life changes.

We focus on daily clarity, well-being, and alignment for people in business and personally.

The agile way gain clarity from feedback, analysis, and documentation in real-time to cultivate energy, clarity, and vision.


“We all need coaching” –  a positive difference and respond well.

coaching and feedback for performance

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Coaching and feedback for performance
Coaching and feedback



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When Outcome Counts

Feedback understanding with coaching makes you success

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The solution to improve positively and respond well.

The Power Of A Well Response

In the Life Coach forum get answers

Clarity is the key to respond well to succeed. In the life coach forum ask the questions and get the clarity you need at all times.

What is holding you back and why?

Respond well to all 3 feedback levels:

  • Task-level,
  • Process-level,
  • Self-regulation

Ask:  “How might you perform in a way that allows you to create and respond to change and deal with uncertainty?”


Task-level: The facts and inside you need to adjust and change processes and procedures. We help set up the chain of feedback to gain the insight and facts you need to optimize the performance of the business.

Process-level: How it is done we help your team align with the feedback they get, agile facts-based feedback to your staff and teams in the agile way to built a resilient business. At Coachingandlife we use process-level, listen to the right people, their feedback to gain high-performance and as a tool for executives and C-level.

Self-regulation: At Coachingandlife, we offer coaching and a forum for each individual to be able to gain the insight and facts to adjust, align and free their minds to gain the performance you are looking for. Go to the store and sign up to join a forum to support your skills, training, and practice already today.

The Power Of Feedback

How to give feedback.

Life is feedback as ping-pong:


  • I say  – you give feedback
  • You say  –  I give feedback


Without feedback, there simply is nothing to respond to. As soon as we are more than one person, we respond to feedback, it’s how we engage, talk, share and create meaning in life. Nobody wants something that more people give bad feedback.


There is a reason why like – like – likes and why social media has become the largest business in the world. People like likes and we want other people to respond good what we do and say.

Think about: Listen and How to give feedback?


You want feedback to help you move on, do more of what you desire, like, and want in life. Think about when you criticize, this is the end, people will stop and they will not ask you again. ( it’s how you give the feedback)

The ping-pong is – what you do, and how you do it.

You can say and get away with all most anything if you do it the right way. Did you ever notice how some people manage to slide through life, tasks even though what they do is wrong, but the way they do it, makes other people accept it? ( trust me I have seen a huge business slide through because how they did it made customers smile and accept)

How you give the feedback has more impact, than what you give of feedback.

It is the feeling you leave when you give feedback and when you give feedback you give it to engage and build something better. No one engages or seeks to respond to your feedback if it was not because it matters to them.

Feedback today, feedback matters, and how you give the feedback matters, how you agile seek to align with people to build a resilient performance, and business matters. If you have someone who does you wrong, let them take their victory because you know they will do it to someone else soon again, and their life chain is not resilient.

People culture and people management are about alignment on a daily basis, clarity and high performance come from feedback and responding well to the feedback you get.




How to respond well listen to the feedback – use the coaching tools.

Wrong responses often arise from misunderstanding the feedback you get. And we never ask – how do you want me to understand your feedback. Speed, fast, Zero mistakes, perfect, and pride are often in the way, we never take the time we just assume and predict that our way of understanding the feedback is correct.

What if you are wrong?

The Power Of Dynamic And Flexible


What is really said, you listen as you would like to understand or you want to respond. We need to clear our minds and listen to what they say. Businesses need feedback from customers, listen to what they need, and desire else your customers will find a new way. Be better and listen to the feedback and align often small misunderstandings to grow to the deep gap.

Get the feedback on going as a business in our digital solutions or as private in the life coach forum. Take yourself ahead in all situations.


Coaching and feedback

We are never better than the feedback we get. We respond to the feedback and it is how we become. Teach yourself to respond well, practice coaching and feedback to get the results you want in business and in your life.

Awarded Best Life Coach Forum 2018-21

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Awarded best coaching business

Just the support we need to build sustainable solutions.

Great Coaching Forums: Works and improve clarity and performance “The best”

GREAT results:  Just as we need Sustainability and accountability to our solutions
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Sustainable Solutions: FN’s 17 World goals

Our support to goal 3. Coaching forums is our way to build sustainable solutions from fact, insight, clarity, and alignment in an agile way. We strengthen the performance, ROI, and growth to a continually improving performance. The goals are clear, the challenges are clear and How to achieve it is optional, to work with sustainability is a choice you must choose as individual and business. We have made the choice and we support:

  • Supplier management.
  • Employee well being plan.
  • Re-on boarding.
  • Stress Management.
  • Anger management.

We build sustainability in each link for you as an individual or as a business.


performance feedback and coaching

Coaching and feedback – align for higher performance. We establish and implement the chain of continuous feedback and coaching.


Change call for improvements, new initiatives and growth. Get feedback a life coach forum to ask the questions to take you ahead.

coaching and feedback for performance

Life Coach forum The insight and facts you need to get the commitment and accountability. The life coach forum clears away misunderstandings.

Your Improvements.

People who understand the feedback  – get it – know how to steer and navigate through. Our feedback coach solutions offer you to get clarity to your feedback.

Daily clarity in the life coach forum.

Understanding feedback brings clarity, vision, and hope into your daily life.


Life Coach Forum –

Coaching tools and feedback are how we tie it together.

The tool – Real-time solutions (IRT) Allows a new speed of insight to align, clarify and clear misunderstandings the agile way.

Changing times call for insight.

Feedback from customers, suppliers, employees, teams The key to succeed with all tasks. We can only respond to what we know.

The life coach forum offer

Continuing Feedback early insight to act dynamic. The facts from customers, suppliers, and employees serve to avoid mistakes, failure, and loss of sales and performance.

Code of conduct.

At Coacingandlife we believe in human performance,

Believe, trust, liability, accountability, sustainability, resilience, and the agile way.

Coaches on Coachingandlife are verified by Coachingandlife and they live up to our standards, requirements, and norms to support and guide other people forward. Everyone is certified. Coachingandlife does not educate coaches, we have no coaching school.

Our vision

Coachingandlife is a network of coaches supporting businesses and clients, get insight and facts fast and smooth to perform well and feel good. We do that through the newest technology and coaching tools. We tie it together and optimize, improve and ensure alignment of the agile way for resilient performance.

Our Mission.

We want to help businesses and people have a safe place to ask the questions that spins their minds. Feeling good comes from alignment with daily life and performance. We get the feedback and we bridge the gaps for businesses to engage and align with their customer’s needs, wants, and desires, and we support people get the insight, facts, and tools to their high performance and live the lives they want and desire.

People who feel good, do good and when you do good in life you feel good and it all comes from alignment on a daily basis.

Free your mind from worries, doubt, and fears and start harvesting from your performance – join us and get started.




The need for feedback and coaching:

At Coachingandlife we understand the need for feedback and coaching:


  • To achieve goals and outcomes understand the feedback. We know because we failed and had to take get skills, training, and practice to achieve the goals and outcome and we give you a safe place to ask the questions you need answers to. We help businesses build continuing feedback set up, we help you personally to gain alignment with the feedback.


  • Feedback to act flexible, dynamic, and wise, once you understand you can do it and we know what it is like to fail, lose a job, lose family, be misunderstood, be sick, stressed, and burned out. We have all been through hard times and we have all found the way back and so can you – together we enlighten your insight and give you opportunities to think smarter and control how you react.


  • All our solutions are built on how to align with the feedback you get. From feedback, whether it is a conversation or from our professional feedback tool you need to respond dynamically and wisely, and in the forums, you get the chance to align with the feedback before you respond.


  • Access when you need it, no one knows what the day brings, be prepared and control the uncontrollable from always having a safe place to ask the questions that spins your mind as business or personal.


  • Join us today and use coaching and feedback to succeed and get resilient outcomes as a business and person.


  • Coaching and feedback for performance is the key to achieve the goals and outcomes you need and desire.
Cal Coachingandlife your tool

-WHY -
Success Is
Responding Well To Feedback

Get Feedback and Improve.

The results you want is in the feedback. Use coaching as the tool to align agile and comply with people – and never ask the question “do you understand”.


Life Coach forum

Flexibility and dynamic is knowing how to respond well. Get “a safe place to ask” the questions to FREE the mind for great performance.

Compliance through people.
When you’re ready to unlock opportunities, flexibility, and reliability call us or fill out this form. We’ll be happy to answer your questions, provide a tour of our facilities, and get you started today.

Life Coach Forum

Find a coach - why this is gauranteed to work!

A Life Coach Forum


Online life coach forum: An Online coaching forum FOCUS on what you want and need “. You can be at work, at home, or on the road. We speak virtually through Microsoft teams or Skype. Coaching forums online allows us to work across the world with many different time zones.


Life coach forum: To crap it before it turns into a misunderstanding or a dilemma. Here is one to everyone of us:

  • Tell me why I need to do it and I can understand and respond well.
  • Ask me is I want or need it and I can respond well.

A life coach forum is guaranteed to work, if you ask the questions you need answer to and free your mind from worries,doubt and fear – you get the clarity, vision and strength to believe what you set out for.

Our Life coach forums have solutions for:

Corporate solutions: In business we need the Feedback  to improve, change and progress business often a business do an gap analysis, which offer the insight and evidence to your metrics. In our life coach forums we work with gap analysis on a daily basis to support your teams, staff and employees. Everyone has questions and needs answer to gain the high performance.

The life coach forum is clarity the agile way.

Strengthen the organization by improving engagement and minimize risk from insight into employees, suppliers, and customers. One thing is to set your organization up for continuing feedback the most important this is to align with the feedback you get. In the life coach forums you gain the clarity and understanding you need to respond well to challenges, opportunities and changes you get in the feedback.


Private solutions: We connect where ever you are. Forums, ensure you have a safe place to ask and practice your new opportunities. Use the pit-stop for coaching solutions. Take away fear and start crafting strength clarity and insight. Clear whatever is spinning your mind.


Feedback: The answers and the key to respond well going forward.

Answers the questions.

Feedback is the answers to the questions you ask and what you need to respond to. It’s the engagement between us and how we manage to align and clear misunderstandings. Alignment on a daily basis is how we gain growth to get ahead. At Coachingandlife we align the agile way from feedback using coaching techniques to ensure high-performance and success.

The agile alignment: From feedback find hidden potential, see new opportunities, overview strength, craft clarity, and insight, and cultivate resilience.

Corporate: As a Business use our feedback software tool to gather and analyze information in real-time.

Private: Join a forum and start crafting a lifetime of strength, clarity from your insight and feedback.

Coach Network: Coachingandlife is worldwide and offers all kinds of services to ensure high performance and each link in the chain.


Coaching the strongest tool we as humans have.

Coaching tools

Coaching: We all need coaching. Online coaching forums are not different from in-person, aside from the short commute. Coaching is a technique designed to help you get insight and specific needs to gain your results and alignment.

Coaching Forums: Ask in the forums, use your coaching tools, you get insight and facts to align with your needs. We offer you a membership forum to practice your new learning and the training to speed your results.

Corporate Solutions: Feedback software to gain the analysis in real-time and action plan going forward.

Private Solutions: Join a coach and get tools training and learning to fit your needs.

What is life coaching and why do we need it?

What is life coaching?

To understand what life coaching is, we must first understand why we need coaching. Coaching is a tool to use. We use coaching tools to gain alignment or understanding of the problem we are facing.

Here is a simple overview of what needs to be in place to solve a problem, challenge, change, or opportunity.

Manage Complex Change:

If you look at the picture, all the initiatives to solve are something you see, hear or feel. This also means that everyone can do it if they get the right coaching. So managing life going forward is all about the coaching you get.


How to manage complex change in life

The road forward with coaching.

Why are things changing and why are we as human beings changing? Think about it?

I do not hold the answers! and I do not know why. What I do know is, that when a gap rise, we need tools to bridge it. No bridge has even been build by itself.

Every one of us uses coaching tools on a daily basis. It is how we align with our goals, friends, and family. Coaching is a tool we use for alignment to gain clarity and understanding.


A few years back I had a boss, where clarity and responsibilities were unclear. I did not know what to do and in the end, he fired me. The lucky one was me, as I was burning out in trying to build things he did not want.

I do not want to do it!


A gap you see, hear, or feel?

Look above in the picture, every gap leaves a feeling. If you feel confused, the design or vision is missing, and the reason why you are feeling confused is that you do not know what to form, shape, or make. That is why we must always start with the why do you want this? You cannot make it happen unless you know why you want it.

Why do you want to get along with your co-workers? Because you want to feel good at work? or you want to be a good colleague? To bridge a gap, we must know, why you want it, and not only that but where do you want to go, and how do you want to go there. Life is one open book of opportunities.

How to bridge the gap with coaching.

To build a bridge you need a designer, workers, and material. The same goes for a bridge to bridge a gap in life. You can form and shape it any way you like.

Coaching is a tool. It is a proven method to see, what you believe is missing, in the story you tell, you tell what you believe.


I was the head of procurement and my role was to establish a setup that complied with law and legislation. While I investigated over and over, how we could make the setup and I tried to explain, enroll and engage stakeholders to see my points of view. Fact is, I never succeed, I failed I did not have the coaching skills to gain alignment with the people around me.

Leaving years of friendship is a hard decision to make, you stand with the question – try harder or let go. When you believe you cannot change the feeling you get no matter, what you do, you need to let go. You do not let go because you are weak, but because you are strong enough to see you can never align.

Being fired is means my employer believed we would never align, and we sometimes need to understand what coaching did we not get, why did we not find the alignment. Leaving a job is when you believe you can never align with the job you are in.


Coming together

When people team up, come together we use coaching tools on a daily basis to find alignment in what we say, in what we do, and how we do it. We use communication skills the words we use, but coaching is the feeling we get, and that is more powerful than communication.

Here at CoachingAndLife you find tools to align with your life.