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Get your Business mindset, every day you check-in. Focuse your life. Here are 5 business training affirmations


Fell Well-Being with every day check-in focus your mind and here are 5 Well-Being training affirmations


Family bond and strength, every day you check-in, focus what you build and here are 5 family traiining affirmations


Get the Health mindset, every day you check-in and focus your body-health. Here are 5 health training

Why does affirmation work?

Questions and affirmation are what can change your mind.

Keep your focus and keep reminding you what to do. If you are reminded every day about your desire for the goals you want in your life. You will one day see it’s happening as you like it. You did what you set out for.

Affirmation is a strong tool to achieve your goals

Affirmations help you focus on what you want. What is it we say in coaching ” you need to think and do more of what you want in your life”   Let go of what you do not want in your life – let it go  >>The life coach mentor in your pocket is just that…<< Becoming a member is your tool to support you – the backup you have in silienc. Affirmation will help you steer over and get the right attention on what you want in your life. The life coach mentor in your pocket is your way of opening the doors to what you want in your life. I want to make money: Get the questions do you focus on making money. Every day you answer. Or take – I would like to only eat healthy food, get the questions every day, did you only eat healthy today. Or I want to speak good with my kids – get the question did you have a good talk with your kids today. The tool is very powerful and set your goals and reach them. Good luck Whatever you choose and whatever you deside- May it take you to where you want to be and go, may life be kind and show you good sides. May you meet great people and be happy.
What is a life coach mentor in your pocket

The Pocket Coach Mentor

The Pocket Coach Mentor is to help you unclutter things in your mind that keep you stuck. Becomes a member and unlock and the features

The goals

There are mentors who goal is to help you succeed because when you succeed, they succeed. Therefore, it’s a group effort and win-win for everyone involved. You can do it alone or receive support as you see fit.

The Purpose

The main purpose is to get things out of your head so you can flourish. It’s difficult to flourish when things are jumbled in your head. Here is a place to get it out, deal with it as you see fit, develop a plan, and move forward.
What you get and how it works
Here is the chance for you to utilize a proprietary method to set the right goal for yourself, make the right choices, and utilize time wisely. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. How long have you been where you are now? How much longer are you willing to be in the same state or worse? What is the worst that could happen? What if you succeed, would it have been worth it? Our passion is you, and you living the best you on your own terms and succeeding in every area of life. Do you want this for yourself? If so, click the link below and begin your powerful, unique, new journey.
The Process is simple
See the process is simple, but hard to achieve! However, with faith, burning desire, definite purpose, and an organized plan, the effort is worth it.  
How to make the right choice

Make The Right Choices

    Individuals find themselves confronted with choices daily. What are you confronted with daily? How you deal with the challenges of life, personally and professionally? First, you must understand, choice comes down to personal decision. Your decision should not be based upon the opinions of others or circumstances, which is why your foundation is so important. Second, your foundation helps to make the right decision in difficult times. The right decision may not always be the one you want, but it will be for your good always. The choices you make should always be aligned with your values. Your values can be a guide for the decision you end with. Also, your goals and values should be in alignment. For example, if your number one goal is have a better relationship with your spouse, your number one value should align with relationship building.   If your number one value is make $10,000 in 30n days, what are the chances of you reaching your goal-ZERO because they are no aligned. The same apply for personal or professional goals, and NEVER go against your values because they will be your guide. When you come upon a tough decision, sticking to your values will make it a no brainer decision. Right will win every time in the end.    

Our Mission How We Add Value

Our mission

Is to give you a safe place to ask

You have the answers we ask the questions

Support from Coaching to take you place you cannot go by yourself

Mentoring to show you a view you cannot see yourself


How to find happiniess? – The Life Coach Mentor is a tool-kit

to get your attention to get into your life what you have to have. Every day you check-in and you answer the questions you have chosen to have in your affirmation. Within 2 weeks you will feel so much better. The time you spend on the tool-kit it takes you, maximum 2 minutes a day and that is all it takes to steer your mind towards what you want in your life. The life coach mentor in your pocket is a strong tool to ensure you get what you want into your life.

How to find what you want in your life? – Here are some of the solutions we achieve

Want to have a great job? Want to have good health? Want to be in a great family? Want to make more money? Want to find a girlfriend?  

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Here is what people say

Mikael Poulsson
Anytime I feel I need inspiration to my life, or usable feedback I turn to this Network, I tell my story and I get the feedback, for what to do, I have solved topic I never dreamed of that I could, thank you CAL for making it possible.
Mikael Poulsson / ME-MEMBER
Sun Shine
Even a mentor face lack of confidence, I am here to be with likeminded I work with clients all over the world and help them achieve their goals in life - where I get answers to my questions for me as a mentor, I get the help to select different tools in my work, the chance to talk about the difficulties of being a mentor and a life coach, this is a great opportunity. Thank you - Love being here.
Sun Shine / MY MEMBER
Rasmus RPL
This is my answers to the questions WE ask. CAL is my lifes work to help people achieve their success and dreams. You know the answers, it's the questions that are hard, the question is how to get it. We are members because we engage and in private, I am in the forum. Ask me! Why and what I did! and I will tell you.
Rasmus RPL / By invitation only

How can mentoring help your career

Leadership is to define as “lead” or guide other individuals, teams or entire organizations.

Business Sustainability Management

Business Strategy

Business Executive

Business Insider

Business Strategy 

How to make money 

How to train yourself to become the leader you want to be.

How to know, what is the right thing to do

How to become a winner in your business


How can coaching help me, stay heatlty

How can coaching help you?

Your health The key to anything you do, your health means everything and therefore the affirmation you tell yourself are very powerful. If you want to have a good healt and keep your good health. Start confirming what you want. We support you. We are behind you all the way.

Every day you will focus on your goals

How can mentoring help, How to feel good

How can mentoring help you: Well-being and feeling peace of mind.

Overthinking, fear anxiety and depressing and worry too much is never going to give you the life you want to live.

Break your patterns and get your affirmations to feel free.

A clear mind can perform better. Every day you will focus on your well-being see the results in 2 weeks..

How can coaching help your family

Your family behind you, the people you love. Often we let small misunderstanding grow because we do not know how to communicate and find a common understanding. Your Pocket Life Coach Mentor will support you. Help you get the good talks with your family and help empower the relationship you have

Ready to have happiness and success in your life

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Life coach Mentors tool

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