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Our Coaching Community is about your goals and your results as an Individual or Company
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Your Personal Development

CALmunity is a place to grow and create your life mission. Our purpose and foundation is to help YOU establish trust, support, and growth so YOU can achieve your highest potential in your business and personal life.
Our memberships are designed for YOU to connect and receive support from the CALmunity coaches and fellow members where YOU will establish everyday tools that will create unlimited possibilities in your life. We are here to build long lasting friendship and success with YOU.
I am a member of CAL-  Because you free me – you break the chains and make me fly.

We've Got You Covered!

Our CALmunity Groups with the combinations of Programs and Coach Sessions

Is the power of commitment to results


♣ Members and Coaches on One Team

It’s the feeling of freedom and empowerment we have when we can openly speak our mind and communicate our true feelings.
The Calmunities support people in making tremendous progress toward achieving the results they desire at an accelerated pace! Ask to get a Choice!

♠ Experience the Power of Programs

Programs and Mentor Teams provide both the support and practical tools required to take your life to the next level of success.
Your Coach and Team will support you in staying committed to and focused on the appropriate action steps to accomplish your goals and overall plan.

♣ Virtual Meetings and Weekly Calls

Any time of day, ask and receive answers.  In addition to our Coaches, your Mentor family is available for support and guidance.
The interaction between members is not only empowering, inspiring, and enlightening, but is also way to create a strong alliance.  Asking = Connecting

♣ Focus on what you want ♦

Coaching for Excellence:  Reach your personal and professional goals. CALmunity is Mentor Groups, Resource Groups, Mastermind Partnerships, Team Coaching Programs, and more…
All designed for you to achieve results that exceed your expectations!
Remember – You must ask to get more out of life Our Services and Team of Experts are here to help you find answers – we are support to you every step of the way.

♠ Show Up ♠

Imagine a football player who only shows up for games!
Would that work for you?  NO – to grow we need show up to practice – with our accountability partners.
Results come from consistency, repeatability, and commitment to achieving results while collaborating with members on a similar journey!
Ask questions – receive guidance and support from your fellow members!

♠ Learn From My Failures ♠

* You need someone to keep you on track.
* Warren Buffet and Bill Gates have life coaches, you should have one too.
* We help you grow.
* We help you produce results you want.
* Don’t learn by failing yourselves, learn from my failures.

What You Can Expect

From Your Membership

  • Forming connections with other members in similar situations with the goal of listening to and helping one another.
  • Validating the truth that you are not alone!
  • Tools and resources available on your membership site to enable you to gain a great sense of who you are and where you want to be/what you want to do next.

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