Know business people – time for the rising ME

Know business people, it is not worth anything unless you know the power you process. Why do I say that, because, if you do not know how good you are or how bad you are? You cannot navigate.

You need to know yourself and who you are and what impact your performance has on other people. It is the keystone to achieve success in life.

K now business people – Why do I say that?

Because if you think about it, when you are at a job interview you answer a ton of questions and in the interview, you get asked is this you. Yes, it is, and it is.

The gap is, that you do not need to have some understanding of what it means as the people you sit in front of and you may value it differently. It’s how you understand and value it that makes a difference.

Let me give you an example:

When you have online visual calls with people and you look at them. You do not discover the same thing, for you it is like, you are looking at them. For them, it is like you are not looking at them.

Here you are in the same call, with the same intention to look at each other and have a good call and yet if I want you to feel good about our call, I will need to look into the camera and not look at you, and you will have to do the same, at the end, we do not look at each other and are further away from each other as each of us is trying to compensate for week digitalization.

Even with AI and all the digitalization we have, people are still people and we need to navigate between a lot of things that we do not know or are not aware of.

How to be a strong leader get training from a life coach.

What does it mean to you to be a strong leader? Why is a strong leader today more needed than ever? What can answer those questions and why is it so difficult to find the answers and ask the questions.

Some of the answers come from the fact that when you make mistakes today, the mistakes have a huge impact, the system grabs into other systems and has a nonvisible impact, you do not know how far your mistake will go.

You do not know the reaction of your leader. You do not know how strong a leader you are in front of and even more what is your leader’s authority, what level of involvement and or not involved is your leader.

One thing is clear: if you are fired you have underestimated the power and strength of your manager or leader.

Here is where a life coach can support your clarity and how you need to work with your own strength and ability. You need to see your own self-image and that is your ME. Who you are and what you do, that is your ME.

The rising ME. Is your understanding and your self-awareness of who you are and what you are. The power you hold and the ability to hold to impact and influence the work you do in business.

It is not worth anything if you cannot see it yourself. You must be able to navigate with your strength and capability.

Let me give you an example I had a boss who thought he was tuff a strong and firm leader. In reality, the capability was vague and limited (even if I am colored maturity due to time would make knowledge limited).

He stepped into an area, that I have been working for 20 years, and one day we talk about savings, and he tells me, where do you see that? That was the wake-up call to me, at that point, I knew everything was limited and with a short time. I knew it was over. It could never be different. He did not hold the power of the initiatives and call to action and he did not see his own influence and impact.

It is not worth anything unless you can take it to the end. That’s the rising ME. You need to understand your impact and your influence on tasks and the job you hold.

It’s not what you do, it’s how you do it.

The business game has changed. It uses to be managers collecting information to the systems, now it is getting the information from the systems and knowing how to pull them together, optimize and be even more efficient it is the best times for people who like what they are doing?

Because finally, you can use your knowledge. The story that I told you above, if we continue, you can say that the company holds all the knowledge and even some of the industry’s best people, and they cannot pull the ladders together.

It does not matter that you are the best in the class if you do not know it, and you do not know how to use your skills and information. How to be a strong leader and get training from a life coach is your daily training to understand your ME. It’s time for the rising ME, for you to know who you are and what you can do.

A Life coach will drive you to successful business.

You know your self-image and you know how to use your skills and knowledge the right way, then you can navigate, and you can take yourself anywhere. Not everywhere but you can choose and make the decision about what you are going for. That is why a life coach will drive you to successful business, because you get insight into your strongest tool, how to use yourself “best way”.

Get to have the dialog about what is a successful business and what does it enroll for you. You get clarity fast and do not have to test and try, you know and you are able to build the habits that will support just those goals you aim for and you can focus and practice till you cannot fail.

You know how to do it.

Built a business strategy with help from a life coach.

Anyone can make a strategy; it is to get the habits to support your strategy that can be difficult and hard to work on your own on a daily basis.

You do not fail in business from doing one thing wrong one day, you fail from doing things wrong day after day, a good place to start can be when people start out as life coaches.

They have taken education and for themselves, the tools have saved them, what they are going through, now it is time to set up the business and start working. Being a great life coach has to do with people and how people do, being a great business person has to do with the ability to make money.

The two do not automatically match and join forces. How to build a business is about customers how to be a great life coach is about life tools and techniques, when you mix the two you need to focus and make sure that your strategy holds, how to do it.

Your strategy is the result of what you like to achieve as a person, the outcome. Take the result you want to have and make at least 10 steps back and point one can and must always be a customer, a customer is the only one who can make anything happen for you. Your intentions and abilities are not worth anything unless you know someone who needs that service.



The two most important points in any business. Often people talk about Avatar and we agree, it’s good to have someone to point at, the fact is that today people are not alike and even if you give an avatar, it’s time for a change and it is time to know that you cannot know it all.

When you get help from a life coach to build your strategy, the help you get is your clarity of what you know and what your capabilities is. It’s time for the rising ME. For you to know the influence and impact you have on your strategy.

Because you are you. There are people who will like you and there are people who will dislike you. So building a strategy with a life coach is actually to help you get the awareness of what customers will like you and why will love you.

Why will they choose you to solve their problems?

Why will they open the door and involve you in their lives?

Which all brings us to what is most important for everything you do in your leadership and in your business:

How business executive meets challenges. 

How you choose to face the challenges you meet. How do you as a leader and business executive meet challenges and how do you involve people in the changes that need to be adjusted to get back on track.

It’s not what happened it’s how you respond to what is happening.

Why are people fired:

Companies have tested employees so well and still, they end up firing them: Why

Companies look over skills and performance and still they end up firing them: Why

Poor leadership It’s all about How business executive meets challenges.  What happens in the chain before you get fired? The employee sees the goal and the task different from the manager (let’s call it manager as the maturity is not at leader level).

The manager has not had the ability to align and get compliance in the daily tasks between him and the employee and over time the gap keeps growing, at the end they see the task that needs to be done totally different.

Where did the problem arise, and here life is very simple – the able always falls down, it is your responsibility as the executive to give your leaders the strength to align the vision with every employee in the company. Every leader must spend time every week clarifying why you’re in the business and what you solve for the customer and how you solve it.

What is my influence and what is my impact?

Why do I come every day and give my life to your vision and your dream?

Enlighten me and I will empower you to make it happen.

That’s the core of any business and why it is so important to know business insider


The core performance of business insider.

What is the core performance of the business insider? And why is it more important than ever.  There is not a busy out there that is not solving the pain, problem or issue for someone – that someone is customers.

A business insider helps the executive ensure that employees know and understand the vision, the goals and they way things must be done.

If you do not understand your customers you do not understand the impact and influence you hold and have on your customers, and it can be difficult to improve or change the service you provide, for most companies all is on autopilot, this is how we do it.

Being a large size or have monopoly where are people to go. You get into the habit of controlling the service all is well.

One day you will wake up and you will find that people do not know your core values from customer to employees or yes they know what product you deliver and how important it is but you have lost the ability to really listen to the difference in the understanding of what they want and they are no longer telling you.

Business insider is the link that makes it all come together, it does not matter we are different and hold different ways of doing things if we can adjust for it and then you may be thinking.

Why do I need a person from which I need to adjust, because each person holds something good and something bad a business insider will help with the adjustments?

A business insider will also know how well employees get our vision. You may hold the best intention if your organization does not see results of your vison something else will accrue.

To fire and re organize are often first signs of lack of core competence and strong leadership skills, if you need to fire someone you have lost your ability to empower and convince employees of your vision.

Results are the best way of measuring how well you are able to promote your vision to your employees and the results also describes how well your communication functions. You get so much for the results you generate if you listen.

Most important is that you as executive hold all the cards and with small adjustments.

You have the ability to change it all. You can with the support from a business, insider get the support and guidance you need to correct the communication and way of working earlier in the chain.

This is your change to change it and it is time for the rising ME and with that you get even better employees. Leaders and performance.

It’s time to get the insider business and leadership skills up to a level where business can really result from it, by serving customers to their satisfaction.

In the end, what matters the most is that you know who you are and what impact and influence you have on yourself and the people around you. How do people perform? How do people trust you? How do you want people to feel around you and how do you want to impact and influence them as a leader.

It’s all up to you, and first step is to know who you are? Your ME must create it all. It’s who you are.

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