Re-Onboarding Back To the Workplace

How to gain alignment across on a daily basis with Re-Onboarding.

Re-onboarding the shortcut to more insight and facts to align across.

Why do you need Re On-boarding Program?

Re-onboarding the key to come back

Build the resilient human chain you need

Take employee performance to a whole new level

Use the benefits from data-driven insight and facts


Get feedback analyzed in real-time and get answers to your questions and initiatives.

Employee engagement

Understand how to align with  employees and build a healthy company culture.

Customer satisfaction

We need real-time feedback to improve products, services, and business overall.

The Re-onboarding program

We base insight and facts on our feedback software tool to help and support the right initiatives. How often have we not made decisions out on our assumptions? With real-time feedback solutions, we offer you a new level of insight to act upon.

We give you a feedback street to align in a resilient way value-based to match your business 100%. This program will help participants gain deeper insight and personal growth.

We gain insight from feedback and we bridge the gaps before they turn into dilemmas. Joining the re-onboarding program will give you deep insight and facts to ensure alignment across the business and in your personal life.

Re-onboarding and Engagement

There comes a time when silence feels like a betrayal.

There comes a time when collaboration takes the turn to fire/leave. In the re-onboarding program gain a deep insight into what your staff, employees think and how you want to address solutions and gain the alignment, the insight will extend options and resilience not only in business but also in your personal life.

Gain insight to Alignment

Re-onboarding is a value-based program. It’s your invitation back into the house and nothing feels better than feeling welcome and good as alignment and the re-onboarding program will give you tools and training into how to align, and where you aim to strengthen and inform more.


Real-time is real life

The re-onboarding program is a strong tool to know as it allows you to challenge and lead forward. Being able to set up the right metric to enhance performance for alignment across the business or teams yes even in your private life.

Here is what people say

Mikael Poulsson
Anytime I feel I need inspiration to my life, or usable feedback I turn to this Network, I tell my story and I get the feedback, for what to do, I have solved topic I never dreamed of that I could, thank you CAL for making it possible.
Mikael Poulsson / Loxam
Berit Ladefoged
Even a mentor face lack of confidence, I am here to be with likeminded I work with clients all over the world and help them achieve their goals in life - where I get answers to my questions for me as a mentor, I get the help to select different tools in my work, the chance to talk about the difficulties of being a mentor and a life coach, this is a great opportunity. Thank you - Love being here.
Berit Ladefoged / Flexco
Rasmus RPL
This is my answer to the questions WE ask. CAL is my life's work to help people achieve their success and dreams. You know the answers, it's the questions that are hard, the question is how to get it. We are members because we engage and in private, I am in the forum. Ask me! Why and what I did! and I will tell you.
Rasmus RPL / By invitation Only