Feedback, coaching exercises, and performance – Why?


Coaching performance and feedback exercise.

Gain clarity from feedback exercises and coaching performance on a daily basis. Get the clarity to move ahead and stay aligned with yourself, your team, and your organization.

Feedback makes it clear, and coaching performance lets you lead ahead.



  Why feedback and coaching?

To be honest it can be hard to handle the tough feedback if you are not prepared. Here we are talking about yourself coaching on a daily basis. How you manage to control, steer and navigate from the feedback you get on all levels of life.


  • the person who manages to get along and adapt fast, that has the high performance.
  • how you build loyalty and trust among the people where you are.

How you take yourself ahead.

Does your company work with feedback and coaching? Why do you ask? Here is why alignment and resilience. Often when we get feedback we do not know, how to handle it. How can I work with the feedback I get.

Let it be real – be real.

From the feedback you get insight, from the insight you get understanding and from understanding you get gaps and from gaps, you get an action plan. Coaching and feedback are the keys to your overall performance and the exercise you need on a daily basis.


Feedback is key to every business today. Feedback ensures that you make correct decisions based on relevant data – not the feeling you have, but what your customers, suppliers, and employees say and experience.  When you have the right feedback to base your decisions upon, you have the foundation to ensure alignment throughout your organization.

Feedback changes

When you take the lead.

Walking in the dark is when most of your decisions are based on a hunch, a hunch that this is how it is, but you don’t know. With real-time feedback we show our customers, suppliers, and employees the respect the decisive, we listen to what adds value to their lives. We are not assuming we know the facts and hold the insight. We listen to the people we are among.

Feedback aligns

Feedback and coaching The Clarity

When you hold the feedback, you know if you have the skills, tools, and training to adjust and adapt. The first sign that you are missing tools, training, and skills, is that you get angry. You get angry because you cannot reply to the feedback, the feeling you have within, your intention is somewhat so different from what you are experiencing.

Coaching and feedback exercises.

What does it actually mean to open up and for feedback? To do feedback exercises mean being open, honest, and vulnerable. Where can you be open honest and vulnerable without losing face?




The exercise of feedback is a start. Once you really get into understanding the feedback you get. You never want to let go. Finally, you understand what you need to do.



Nobody wants to fail that is why we need coaching.

We fail when we do not understand the feedback. Did you ever hear the expression it does not matter, what happens – but it matters how you react. No one anticipates to flip out and get angry. We lose it when we don’t know how to react and respond in a descend and proper manner.


Exercise coaching and feedback for performance.

To be honest, at the end of the day, no matter what position you are in, all you want to feel, is I did well. It’s all in the performance from the feedback and the coaching skills processed. You do not need coaching tools and skills to coach someone else, you need the coaching tools and skills to coach yourself. You must master the core of your performance from the feedback you get.


If we want to high-performance we must understand the feedback we get, whether that is as an individual, team, organization, or business. The feedback we need for high performance:


The coaching and feedback exercise.



  1. The feedback, I get from my boss and how do I respond to it.
  2. My friends and family, how are we together and how do I respond to my kids and partner.

A team

  1. How does the team engage across the business
  2. Engage and align up-level and down-level.



  1. What does your customer say?
  2. How do your suppliers, employees, and customers experience working with you?

Performance with feedback and coaching.

Why do we need the performance? There is not a situation or a circumstance where we do not want to feel that our performance benefit us. We fail when our performance does not meet expectation or we misunderstand the feedback.


Coaching and feedback exercises.

Exercise and training feedback is an ongoing process to achieve an agile organization, that can fast and smooth adapt to changes. Exercising feedback allows your team to be proactive and flexible adjusting in time.

From the strategy and agile feedback- or assessment platform you will receive the help  and support to ensure each process and procedure and when necessary, you can create changes and act on facts – not conjectures.

The exercising feedback allows your business to stay ahead in any changes that may come. All you ever need is coaching and feedback exercises to keep up your performance.

Coaching and feedback

Feedback allows you to listen to how people feel and it opens the access to know what type of communication different parts of the organization need to keep moving along an assessment can support your insight.

It’s hugely important in speeding up the process of change and improvement, to know how to respond or communicate most effective.

Coaching and feedback

Here is what you get when you work with Coachingandlife – our forums are all about how you handle the feedback you get or a safe place to ask the questions that are filling up your mind.

When you ask you get feedback whether that is as an individual, team, group, organization, or business. Feedback is their reply, and the faster, smoother agile you can get the feedback the faster you can address the topic and get ahead.

  1. Know what is coming your way and be resilient
    No better way to maintain, improve and minimize by asking your employees, suppliers or customers the right questions and utilize on the feedback and data you get, be proactive.
  2. Be agile – set up and get real-time feedback
    No more manual surveys and hours spend on analyzing questionaries. Go online with our feedback platform and let us deal with the analysis for you! Start having the relevant feedback in real-time as you need.


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Coaching and Feedback

Feedback encourages individuals, teams, and organizations to complete goals and tasks but it also helps you and the organization better understand the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to yourself, your team, and the organization.

Feedback allows you to build agile and resilient performance and is coaching and feedback exercises on a daily basis.

Clarity and Results

Coaching and feedback exercises on a daily basis improve the results, frees the mind, and keeps you ahead.

We work with coaching and feedback exercises to give you as an individual, team, and organization, and business the best insight and facts to act upon.

Free your mind and get the clarity you need across. If you want to know more let’s set up a call.