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Why tell your story?

Why would you like to write your story?

Good questions and why would it help, it always helps to tell, it always help to hear it and see it from angles and ways that you would never have seen it.

We get hurt, we get sad, most of the times we get hurt and sad for reasons it can be difficult for others to understand. We are so much the same and yet so different.

A story that can be almost impossible for me to tell, can for others be nothing, we are in our reaction very different and only you can see your picture and feel what is important.

Taking business is simple because what serves the profit, the benefit, that is too smart ways to make things happen and here they story will be the same, with same elements as with how you handle your life. Do you manage to pick the right stones of all the stones you can choice from, did you pick stones for your perfect picture.

Se when we look a choices, values and things we do as stones for at picture, we all see that, some stones are more fit than others, and we can openly talk about what stones we find suitable for the picture, when we tell our story we try to draw out, what things we see, what is of importance and what is missing, so the better we are at seeing and telling our story the more clear we become.

When we are challenged we find our way, when we see how others do, we find our way even better and when we seek guidance and are helping others we find our way even better.

Let’s take an example, you see how your friends spend their money, and you see you’re your family spends their money, how do you think you will end up spending your money.

Or you see how your friends family make money and you see how your family makes money, how do you think you will end up spending your money.

You go to school, how likely are you to have the same level of educations as your friends or as your family, those are some of the questions we need to ask ourselves if we want to go somewhere else with our lives.

How we know, what we know and how we behave comes from our first years of life and if we are to change this to something else, we will need to work hard to find out, what other values or aspects needed? is an online coaching forum to support people achieve their goals and desire


From all of us in CAL to you, we hope you will get joy and happiness and we wish we are able to create a room space for your to express yourself and may your story help others. We learn so much for one an other, remember CAL does not have the answer, CAL makes the room for you.

IT TAKES STRENGTH and COURAGEOUS to be, WHO you are,  in this World, which constantly wants to CHANGE you, to make you fit, only you know WHO you are and what potential you have, and you need to be be brave, be strong, be WHO you are