Be a member because you want to

Be a member because you want to reach out, be a member because you want to help, be a member because you want to walk along with others, be a member because you want to be among others that want to do the best too, and do not always find it easy, be among others that seek to do the best the can, because you want to live your life the best you know

Information is power

The one, that knows will always have an advandge, the one that has talked to someone about it, is one step ahead, be a member to be one step ahead, share to know, and to find out how to do things and face challeges, the better we are at sharing our lifes stories, the better we are at helping each other, think of one thing you would like to have known, or just had a place to ask

Life knowledge

Is a difficult challenge, life knowledge is powerful, life awareness is tough, life stength is unbelievable, tomorrows challenge is unknown and yours alone, you are the maker,  We use CAL to be among others that face similar life steps,  we walk together. the steps you take are yours. w use all information wisely for right intention. We aim for to make things better and we are always decent.

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In our blog you can write as members of CAL, share topics of life.