We Are An Analytics Portal Gain Fact, Experience, and Insight In Real-time
Simplify the process to make the right decisions

Digital Transformation An Anlytics Platform

Partner with stakeholders across the business

Forums With Professionals

Using Real-time analytics will give you access to information from customers, suppliers vendors, and employees. The forums we establish as our members desire. A forum can be open for everyone to engage in or it can be closed or even hidden.

Companies want to have their own forums or an open forum for your members only.

A Coaching Platform for
Customers - Companies - Professional Trainers Mentors


A Coaching Platform for
Customers - Companies - Professional Trainers Mentors

Partner with stakeholders across the business

Real-time feedback

Is our engagement software where where you gain information for insight, facts and evidence. To get access to the solftware you must be a member of CoachingAndLife

Digital transformation

Here you find the answer to why an advanced analytics platform is the key to your success/ your business success.

It’s the era of digital transformation. We are clearly at the beginning of the transformation and the transition is like riding a wave.

1. We are facing learning machine learning, AI, and how we will adapt to cultures of information data and analytics.

2. Jobs’ changes and skills and knowledge are more important than ever.

3. AI and machine learning.

Here is how we support facts insight and evidence. WIth us you gain a licens to gather the information in real-time


Multi engagement tool

Multi response

Closed SAAS portal with e-mail and SMS.

As is portal or as enterprice ( maintenance and license)

Facts insight and evidence in real-time are a core foundation to make the right decisions, whether that is private or professionally whether you represent a business or you represent yourself.

Insight facts and evidence are the core keys to success.

Simplify your decisions from feedback in real-time

The only thing that can influence your decision is the ability to gain information from customers, suppliers and  employees. That facts that you base your decisions on.

No longer do you need a manager to report to you and tell you how it is. It’s in real-time and without personal or adjusted results.

At CoachingAndLife we bring you the tools to gain the insigt facts and evidence to make the right decisions.



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    Customers - Companies - Professional Trainers Mentors

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    A Safe Place To Ask
    Customers - Companies - Professional Trainers Mentors

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