You create your me every day. It’s how you offer yourself the best challenges to bring to your victories and satisfaction that makes all the difference in the world for you.

DECC is very powerful because if you care for someone, something you are open – think about what you can do when you are in love. You are willing to pop the question – to commit and it empowers you for ever. From here you will have to work it.

hjerte Rasmus


For what you care for you can do anything.

When  we care, we make a difference and it makes a difference. It may not mean much to you, but it makes all the difference in the world to me. To understand what make the difference to you, you need to tell me. You need to tell the people you are arround and with. It’s what makes the difference that they can support you in what matters. is an online coaching forum to support people achieve their goals and desire


Why do we call it – pop – the question –

Because we care so much, that we are ready to commit ourselves and are ready to work for it. POP the quesitons and commit yourself to what you want to achieve.

No one knows what you have within unless you express it and unless you tell us. You are a ONE – your dreams, hope and vision belongs to you and if you want to share that with the world you must show us.

Show us what you see.

POP the questions



Empowerment can move mountains 

Find what you love and you will never a work a day in your life. If you care for some- One/thing – you can empower yourself to make it happen.

Never ever give up upon yourself. You are amzing and whatever you may think, It’s a fact you are ONE and you can create yourself to be what you want.

Get yourself in the game.


Hard work beats talent if Talent does not work hard

How do you think people achieve happiness. how do you think people become excellent. We practice, yes we lose rounds but we never lose vision. Let’s create – let’s shape and let’s have fun while we do it.

Let’s support each other become great Me’s with amazing mindset’s to support and help each other

Show us who you are and work your talent