Coaching forum the practice to succeed and the executive coaching forum.

Practice make perfect and in our coaching forum or executive coaching forum, we practice. The coaching forum can be very narrow in the topic or very wide, we never know how life challenges us or what the day tomorrow brings along. Prepare and be ready for whatever life brings your way.


What is a coaching forum to you?

A coaching forum is a place where you can ask the questions that will bring your clarity, give you insight, and clear your mind to how you want to respond. We can all read a book, we can all find knowledge but we do not get the awareness until we feel, how it impacts, what consequences it brings along.


We know the game of soccer, yet we cannot all play.


The game of life is just like playing soccer, there are different games like business, partner, friends, health, etc. The facts are you cannot master them all and sometimes we need to practice a few times before we get it.

This is where the coaching forum comes in, here you get inspiration and tools, but not only that you get to hear how other like-minded handle, understand, achieve higher goals –  you speed the way to a better experience.

You get knowledge firsthand without having to make the mistakes yourself.


Why join a Coaching forum.

Play to care and feel good. You join a coaching forum to get the backup you need. Worry fear and anxiety can drain all your resources and hold you back.


In the coaching forum you Q&A clear misunderstandings and keep your mind fresh at all times, and you do not only have access to life coaches but to like-minded who like you seek high performance and a resilient lifestyle.

how to use the coaching forums

Curiosity is on our DNA.

Take the challenge, get the promotion, achieve the C-level position you aim for. Dare to dream and make it happen. Becoming is steps on a daily basis in the right direction. You can make many short time detours but facts are you need to push in the direction you want to go on a daily basis.



Feedback is the key.


  • To know how to respond you must know where you are going.
  • Respond well you need to understand what you are responding to.


Facts are we can only solve problems we know and we respond to feedback as we believe. None of the above needs to be what is true, maybe we did not align with and we are misunderstanding, there are so many openings for errors and the more we know, the more we know we do not know.

Align with yourself first.


The coaching forum will support you align with yourself first, often we answer questions before we have aligned with ourselves. We give the answer that is expected or we believe is needed.


When you align with yourself, you get clarity not only to how to respond well, but also to clarify opportunities and insight. Ever task has its own solution and often we find barriers instead of getting the clarity that can solve the problems straight away.


Our coaching forum are for you who seek privacy, and want to align and get clarity on a daily basis.

coaching tools and how to use coaching tool

The executive coaching forum.

As a member of the executive coaching forum you get:


  • Feedback solutions to take ahead.
  • Real-time data-driven insight and facts.
  • Alignment tools
  • Q&A


In the executive coaching forum, our scope is to let you take advantage of real-time information and get the setup needed for the stakeholder management you need.


As an executive, align with your stakeholders worldwide, start harvesting the benefits of being able to do analysis from a click. Start asking the questions you need answers to and get the answer from the right people.



Feedback and the executive coaching forum.

The executive coaching forum will give you the inspiration and tools you need to set up the feedback solutions hearing the voice of employees, suppliers, and customers.


We all know we cannot ask anyone, what think about their boss or working for us, but what we can ask them is – do they have the software tool, support, and training they need to fulfill tasks and if they were to improve performance what skills, training, and tools would they require.


  1. Do you hold the right IT tools to perform well?
  2. What training could support your job performance going forward?
  3. How can you get the right remote workplace?


On-going feedback solutions give you a new level of insight and take you ahead in the curve. As an executive engage with the people around you and understand their needs and desire. This is the agile way of gaining alignment and builds the resilience you need as a business.


Coaching practice.

We are practicing tools to use, how to deal with uncertainty, fear and doubts. How we can build a resilient performance because we have data-driven insight. We listen to what people say, and we care to meet their needs and desire.

To practice coaching.

Simplify the solution process and let your team come up with the right solutions, free their time away from analysis and excel filing and give the a feedback solution tool to handle the hard analysis.


The business saves time and gain focus on the solutions that is needed to optimize customers satisfaction.


Listen and engage and make your voice count where it is needed. Get a new level of clarity in each link and address the agile way.


At Coachingandlife we support you end-to-end from setup of tailored software to implementation and satisfaction.

Data-Driven insight and facts.

A simplified method to get the insight and facts to respond to, and our training supports you get the right set-up, the right analysis, and overview in each link of the business.

In the coaching forum, align with experienced people who know the impact and hear their experiences.


Real-time Data-Driven analysis.

From a click on bottom get the analysis you need to understand any doubt in the chain. Reach out to suppliers, customers, and employees and seek the information to make the decisions you need to address.

Any supply chain need real-time information to ensure optimization in every link.

We can only respond to what we know.

We speak compliance, sustainability as the core driver of a resilient business. Facts are we can only respond to what we know and our solutions make it easy to see what needs to be done, and taking action helps you respond well, while saving resources and time.

Our feedback solutions are the key holder of trends and future opportunities and goals.

Data-Driven insight and facts

Engagement with the right people is an advantage when you make a decision. Not only can you key-point the topics, but you can also address the right issues in time before they cost money.



Real-time data-driven analysis.


Prime data, your data from your suppliers, employees, and customers, are the most reliable analysis you can do for yourself and your business. Third-party data does not hold the same validation as data directly from your source.


Involve your procurement department and let them set up feedback solutions from your suppliers to make sure you always are ahead in the curve. A new normal is here and we must adapt and adjust at a new speed.


Only real-time information can give you the support and insight you need to make the right decisions.