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To let go of stress and everyday worries, and focus.

Every forum has a Practice plan for how to improve your way -why you must invest in yourself and your business  Рshare an experience in our online coaching calls and forums.

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The Online Coaching forums – Practice here.

A professional way to achieve the goals you want in life.

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    • Coach Forum

      Coach forum for Coaches.

      Join this coach forum and get into a network of coaches who want to improve. Signup Here   You get access and features:
      • Meet-up weekly.
      • Coaching business support.
      • Forum.
      • Worldwide networking.
      The forums is used for you to align and improve your Coaching Business.
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      CAL Coachingandlife for RPL

    • Executive Forum

      Executive Forum.

      Closed forum for members Sign up here Tie it together.
          • + Personal Leadership Plan.
          • + Real-time feedback -
          • + Sustainability evidence plan
          • + Whistleblowing EU
          • + ROI and Data-driven
          • + Video training.
          • + Meetup - online
          • + invitation to summits in Florida - Dunedin ( by invitation only)
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    • Family

      Family Forum

      Closed forum for members Signup here
          • Personal Family Value Plan
          • Value design
          • Private forum
          • Open forums
      How to handle family challenges, blended family and values can be tough in a changing world. How to be a parent, partner, and personal in a world with new demands, trends, and hot spots.SUSTAINABILITY FAMILY VALUE PLAN.
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      CAL Coachingandlife for RPL

    • Life Coach Forum

      Life Coach Forum.

      Our forums are closed: Sign up here All coaches have their forums here. All coaches engage in topics that are related to life coaching. + Life coaching tools + Video training + PRACTICE - Q&A ON A DAILY BASIS.
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    • Stress Management

      Stress Management

      Stress Management sign up here
      • + Private forum
      • + Open forums
      • + weekly meetup
      Practice techniques, training to control and achieve good results while feeling good. The key is to respond well and understand the feedback you get on a daily basis. This is for members of stress management. Stress management is lead by Berit Ladefoged  - She holds more than 25 years of experience in dealing with stress in corporate and private.
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      CAL Coachingandlife for RPL

Every business with 50-150 employees can sign up for $10 a month/per employee – Contact us for more information. Our coaching forums are closed and a safe place to ask.

coaching forums capture real-time leadership

Private Coaching Forums.


What do you want to improve? You need feedback when you want to improve, align and build. Without feedback, you do not know the impact of your improvements. The coaching forums are tools to speed the way to the answers you need and for customers, suppliers, and employee feedback we use software, which will come with your subscription.


Our best advice to you is: Practice in private, this way you can >> Maintain yourself in private, rebuild yourself in private. Our Coaching forums are private, we connect people to unite and improve while we are Coachingandlife are behind you all the way.


How to use the Coaching forums:

We are never better than the feedback, we respond to, and at Coachingandlife it is about feedback and coaching from the best to become the best.

Tell, share and shape your life on a daily basis, it is not the big decisions in life that will change it all, it is the small decisions you make on a daily basis that determines your results and success.


Insight and facts from coaching forums.

Way too often we misunderstand the feedback we get, or we listen to feedback from the wrong people.

The intention of feedback is to see you succeed, progress, achieve and move on. We share to gain the insight and facts you need to respond well in business, at work, at home, and to your partner, kids, and family. Engage the moment you feel, you have a question and need an answer.

Build a resilient performance for your needs and desire, clear your minds and find understanding in the feedback you get to respond well where ever you are.


The Coaching Forums are for you

Who want to improve performance to excellence. It is never what it looks like and here you get a safe place to ask and get answers.

A clear mind performs better and our mission is to craft a lifetime of strength. Our coaching forums are open, private, and hidden. We respect privacy and we want to keep excellent training, practice, and high performance for those who really want to try.

Coaching forums

Are the key to get the insight and facts you need on a daily basis to respond well.

Stay ahead and get the clarity and vision to handle daily challenges. It’s the daily alignment of the agile way that will make you strong and keep you ahead in the curve. When we share with like-minded we speed the access to the high performance we aim for.

Coaching forums the alignment you need

The Alignment we need on a daily basis.

Is created in building and crafting a strong dialog with questions and answers – alignment the agile ways is when you bridge gaps before they get a chance to grow or get deeper.

We align to craft a lifetime of strength. Are you in?

Coaching Forums

  • What do you want to improve?
  • How do you want it to be improved?
  • Who will benefit from the improvements you make?

You need feedback, alignment, and accountability to get the improvements you set out for. Join us Today!