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A coaching forum is for you who want to do the right thing – the right thing for you. When you do the right thing, make the right decision you free your mind – you never think about it again.

Ask questions and get answers.

You may think? – why do I need to ask questions and get answers and how will it support me. If you do not have the life you want, you are not asking the right questions. What are the right questions for your life?

Introduction to the Forum

The coaching forums your place to ask questions and get answers.

Ask questions and get answers is the key to achieve the results and outcome you want. The first question is WHAT do you want to improve? the next questions is HOW will you improve it?

Facts are you need an improvement to change it to what you want it to be?

The Forums: Ask questions and get answers

Opens For Training And Practice of Communication to be ahead. We never know what situations and circumstances we stand in. The fact is that the world is changing and we need to change with it, there is so much to know and we must fast, easy and without problems have a place where we can ask questions and get answers.

What does it mean to ask questions and get answers?

Problems, fear, and stress come when you do not get answers to your questions, you doubt after you hesitate you start worrying, fear, and stress.  We know because many of us have been there and tried to feel, what it is like not to have the right support and guidance.

We need the right support and the right guidance to achieve success and goals.


You fail – I failed – I know and do not make my mistakes I know it does not work. What works is surrounding yourself with people who know what to be aware of and what to do better.


A good boss or a good mentor or life coach can help you through anything.

  • A good boss does not get you fired.
  • Friend does not make you feel terrible
  • Ask questions and get answers to what is spinning your mind
  • Working out does not give you a fat body


Get into a life coach forum to support your way ahead agile and resilient. – You will gain




Take Steps


Align daily

Find Inspiration To The Forums

How to use coaching tools

Transition with coaching – ask questions and get answers.

What questions are you asking about your business role, family role and partner role. Did you ever think about – ask questions and get answers is the role you play. Let’s dive into it and get the understanding. If I believe I must serve and solve the problem, the questions I ask is and seek answers to reflex what I believe.

Example of ask questions and get answers is the key.

If I believe I must make the best transportation setup possible: Ask questions and get answers – The questions is what do I need to do – and the answer is how do I do it.

You ask questions from what you believe and you loose sight of what is right and wrong. I have seen what I though were good people working professional, when coming out on the other side I discover they have gone too far and done too much, they had cross the line to the wrong side.

More how we do it, than what we do.

How to ask questions and get answers is not an easy thing. Did you ever hear the expression do not ask a questions you do not know the answer to – play it on the safe side.

Our questions reflex what we know and what we are thinking. The topics you that are spinning your mind.


What do you want to improve?

That is the magic question if you ask questions and get answers – it is to what you need to improve to get the life, the role, the part into what you need, want and desire.


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Free mind and prevent stress relief and calm mindfulness well being

Well Being

The best life coach forum lets you gain the family love


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Find Inspiration The 4 Cores We Hold

Best Life coach forum

Your Roles in life – ask questions and get answers.

Listen to the voice of customers, suppliers and employees, teams, and staff. Where ever you are people will talk about what matters to them. Whether that is worries or success. It’s what is on their mind and we all do it.

We want to know HOW to play the game, How to hit the ball, How to talk walk and get results. It’s not in what we do, it is in how we do it.

We can all set the goal,

Want to be the best distributor. How will you do that so people like you, want you, and need you. If you have monopoly people need you, but they may not want you or like you. If you are a small business, you need to focus on it all – need want, and desire and moreover you need with confidence to align with your customers and clients your strong leadership.


We engage where we are confident, you do not tell your life story to a person you do not trust? and we do not feel good in a company where were do not have confidence.

Confidence is the core to belief, with a confident mind we believe we do the right thing.


The key to resilience is an ongoing alignment on a daily basis. Where leadership is strong you align on a daily basis and listen to the voice of employees, suppliers, and customers.

The world change, we change and how we feel, and what we need change. Only through alignment can we keep ourselves updated on what is the right thing to do, the right thing, meaning what will make me forget it and never think about it again.

Leadership ask questions and get answers

How you lead yourself, and if you are lucky how you lead others. A leader goes first and takes the team places they would not have managed to take themselves.

Clarity and alignment with people who follow you. They believe in you, they trust that you will support and guide them going forward and the good question is How can you fire them if you lead them the good way forward. Ask questions and get answers is the key to stay aligned the agile ready for uncertainty and changes.

executive best life coach forum

Leadership Habits

Free mind and prevent stress relief and calm mindfulness well being

Well Being Habits

The best life coach forum lets you gain the family love

Family Habits

healthy life style Best Life coach forum

Health Habits


The right Training and tools will determine, if you stand or fall

When Questions Meet Us

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Coaching tools What is coaching Why does it work so efficiently

What is coaching?

We call it coaching when a professional coach and a person (coaches) have a professional conversation.

It’s a conversation where the coach’s side is professional.

The techniques can be used privately but also in the workplace when a manager coaches his employees. These are techniques for creating insight and understanding as well as initiatives.

Why does it work so efficiently

At CoachingAndLife, we support and help get feedback for insight and information. Our software can help align and cross bridges. There are several key points that must be in place before coaching is efficient. Trust commitment and belief

With our forums, software, and knowledge to use coaching, you will have it all.


Coaching is an invitation to reflect and evaluate

It’s an invitation for reflection
It is important that all parties know what is going on and that the coach is always neutral and non-advisory, and that the coach manages the process through open questions.

The strength of coaching is that the receiver himself gets through all the reflections. It is a managed process to create reflection and is therefore not counseling, guidance or therapy, but a managed reflection process.

Who can become a Coach

Coaching is not a protected title and everyone can call themselves a coach. To join Coachingandlife means Commitment, Loyalty and trust. We validate not only our coaches but also companies and customers.

Coaching as a profession or as a tool

In the forums, we use coaching as a tool to make our conversations with good ways and manners. We believe feelings and how we trust each other. How we gain insight and understanding to find our way.

People who work with people can benefit from known coaching tools and techniques, can benefit greatly from knowing coaching tools. The professional and supportive form of conversation produces results in particular in families, management and jobs, which typically have many different and difficult conversations.


Do I need a Life Coach or Mentor in my life and why

Why build a case story and what it helps

Why build a case story and what it helps

Case story

A case story is your way through. It is how we solve our problems and challenge and gain insight and experience to overcome and move on.

The agenda:

1. Involvement

What is happing who is involved and what are you thinking this moment? Hurt and pain are often the 2 major drivers of changes and challenges. Start thinking about what steps and what took you here. What are your focus and scope and why did you end here?

2. Identify the challenge the problem

What is the real problem or challenge? it is not as it seems and it is never what you first think. So what is it

3. Use your skills and knowledge

What different values, wishes and meaning of life do you hold and have. That did not match or took you here.

4. Include what is happening for you

How do you feel? What are you feeling and what does it make you do?

5. Tell the story.

The power and the solutions is in your story, it is not the story itself it is your values and beliefs. What matters and why you did not compromise your values and beliefs.

6. Use numbers and facts

What are the facts?

Be realistic and look at yourself in the mirror.

7. Use care and share methods

Use the forums to care and share, open the gate for the dialog it brings

8. Avoid jargon.

Stop yourself and stop self illusions

9. Use life coaching tools

What coaching tools can benefit your learning and training to speed the process to move on. You do not need to forget –  you need to find happiness and live the life you want.

You do that by ensuring yourself and what you do.

10. Get professional help.

What is a life coach? A person who processes tools to use to excellent work through challenges and problems. Why waste your time and why worry, fear and doubt, when you can take action.

Your Case story

Will help you define your mindset for success and give you overview of the bridges you need to gap.

Tools and support can speed your learning and training.

To support you case story we use – coaching tools, forums and sessions.


We believe in you.



Habits What are habits and why are habits so important

What are habits and why are habits so important?

They are, they are more important than you can imagine. Habits are when you do something and you do not even think about it.

Easy and firm, you do it because it’s your habit. Building good habits to make money, building good habits to create and have a good family, building good habits to have a good mindset, and build good habits to stay healthy and well.

Get good habits the key to success.

Today, companies and employees are supply chain driven  1+1+1+1… And you cannot step out of line. You cannot ask and you are not allowed to be flexible and visionary. You must follow the rules in the companies – Code of conduct. It is smart because you get a level of quality a level of standardized methods of doing things and you get a certain behavior of people in your company. You get a line in your supply chain from entry to exit.

That’s why companies test people to see how the match is as what they are looking for. A company looks for qualifications and they look for collaboration and the persons who are the best to match with the team they are going into. Conflicts are difficult to handle today because we have a culture of being the same and we do not expect differences.

It’s the keyword match and how well you are fitting.

As the person above can challenge you a lot, you may hold the professional skills, but you are a different personality type or you may hold the personal skill set and not the professional skill set.

Get good habits – BUT

What about you? – What are you thinking and what is right for you. You stand with companies that are so strong in culture and mindset that your ability to shoot up and adapt is the core key to keep your job. That’s why we fear, worry, stress and burn out. We forgot who we were and what is important to us – to me – what matters to me. What makes me feel good and smile.

Yes, I go to work to make money, to pay for the life I want to live.  That sentence we can all say.

Yes, I want this job because this is what I love to do. That sentence we cannot all say.

Companies today got it all wrong – why – because you have the right people doing the wrong things.

The matrix is – people must match the company profile

Then it is nice if they have the skills. This means that a company today is totally blind spotted in areas, but people who fit often have the same character and mindset. With that comes fear, worry, stress, and burnout. – It’s natural (get more information on this at

How you feel and how your work is creative and a force much stronger than you can imagine.

When you apply for a job – it’s the keywords. You must choose your desire and what you want to measure on and keep your focus.

It’s not the results, but the habit to get it.

What are habits and why are habits so important.

It the results, the boss that fired me.

Maybe she was right in firing me, maybe that was the right thing to do, but the way they did it, and what they did, how they hacked my data, how they called up everyone on my list, how they took the money, how they danced around, that is who they are and think about what habits drive that attitude and who they are.

Read the results they aim for that is what the sun is shining on and what is going to make everyone smile. – That’s not the job? – What will generate those results that are what is your job?

  1. If you want to stay thin – you cannot eat. That’s a fact. ( so if you look at people and they are thin they have strong habits to control what they eat)
  2. If you want to work in Pharma you must like documentation and processes and procedures to control the entire supply chain for integrity
  3. If you want to be a chef you must love the passion of perfection
  4. If you want to be a designer you must love creating visions and imagination

Habits are strong

What are habits and why are habits so important because they create your results and define who you are.

Define the habits you want in your life – business mindset family and health.

Do not define your intention, but look at your results.

The results are your habits.

Many times, in life, we forget about how the simplest things in life have the biggest meaning or impact.

It’s simply because we get caught up with this thing called life, they tend to put our values on the back burner while losing our focus. As a result, our beliefs are no longer our own and begin to operate on limitless power because we have given the core of our self away.

Here are three simple tips to get you started, if harnessed, it will take you far, they are setting the right goal, make the right choices, and managing time. Simple,

I know right!

It’s why we keep building and growing Coachingandlife  join us

A safe place to ask and have a good toolbox

Lift your conversation and communication skills to the highest level