Being strong means; 7 things you must know about being strong

Is being strong a skill? or is it to have a good mentor and learning

Is being strong a skill you process or a skill we learn

It is a skill we learn, and we become stronger from the challenges and opportunities we face. Here is the crossroad.

You get weak if you do not overcome the challenge, but you become stronger if you overcome the challenges and move on.

So the crossroad is the guidance and support you have when you meet challenges. Actually, it does not matter if your mentor knows what you are going through what matters is that he has the ability to guide and support you to find the strength in you.

Being strong is about you and your ability to believe yourself using the talents, skills, and knowledge you process.

So, what does being strong really mean? It means that you have the ability, to find the strength within to keep ongoing.

1. Why being strong is important?

It is the only thing you have. You may not see it today, but when you feel fear, worry or are being bullied the only thing you have is the inner strength and your inner voice to help you get up and keep moving on.

Today social media destroy many people’s inner voices to what is the right thing to do. People who do stupid things on social media make money and the result is that you want to try it too.

Today what makes people laugh is stupid things that no one actually should be doing.

Today here where we are! We have a coronavirus and the reason why it spreads so fast is our way of life. We have forgotten the rules of nature and 4 weeks ago we thought we were above nature. Had someone told you 5 months ago, a small virus will close the world. Would you have laughed?

Being strong is important, and it is about doing the right thing. It is about helping other people to find their strength! It is about understanding and finding knowledge of what is the right thing to do. Anyone can bully anyone who can abuse their power.

Being strong is doing the right thing. Leading yourself, your family, your community to better places with better experiences. This experience what lead us here?

That’s why being strong is important, because there is no one to blame but this is the result of many small tiny things done wrong and making bad choices. Many of us have experienced bad mentors and leaders. If you are fired is it about you or is it a bad leader.

Is there stupid questions or people without knowledge to answer. Is there stupid employees or leaders with no insight into communication and compliance skills.

2. When you are strong!

You manage to steer and navigate with the tough questions. Being strong is away with doing, it is something everyone can learn, and it is the result of having a good leader or mentor in your life.

Being strong comes from solving problems and task the right way forward.

3. What being strong means

Facing the question. Try harder or let go.

Being strong means, you do not choose the easy way out. If you are a leader you do not fire people you stand up for them and work with them.

How, by not letting go. Being a leader is like a walk a mountain together for the leader it is always new territory and land, you have have been there before, but everything changes when you come with new employees or people.

If you fire people you let go? And if you ask people to be silent you are not interested in their view and what they see, you get 2 eyes principle.

Right this moment we are facing the coronavirus, the world is shot down and we are supporting each other by being apart. That is the same philosophy if you cannot stop watching tv, you must through the tv out.

If you cannot get your employees to work for you, you must fire them. As with the coronavirus, it does not change anything, it’s still there and you did not solve the problem.

I know the world today has taken the word problem out and it is not nice to talk about problems. Problems are amazing because if you have a problem it also means that you can do something about it.

If you do not have a problem, the power is taken out of you and you have no power to change it.

Must Pharmaceutical companies solve problems, they take responsibility and look at a disease and tell themselves they can solve the problem.

If you did that with your life.  You would stand with the questions every day, try harder or let go.

Letting go does not mean that you are weak, I know it does today, and most people I meet I will consider them for being weak. You may say I am wrong. I had a boss a year ago. He thought he was strong when I look at him I see someone really weak, I had a friend and we were talking over the problem and she said to me, why do you keep adding gas to the fire. Funny what we wanted me to do was fall on my knees and say – let’s do it your way.

Being strong is about finding the balance and being able to stand with your view even in trouble water and when a wave hits.

Doing the right thing is doing the right thing and if we go back to good hygiene, good pharma and good leaders it is all about the same core people and the right things is the right thing.

Compliance to the world we are in.

What is being mentally strong?

On the surface, we believe, that people who are mentally strong are not afraid or do not worry and stress out. That is not true, the truth is that they have taught themselves how to handle their emotions in difficult times.

Being mentally strong comes with a good mentor, who can give you insight and evidence to move on and believe what you hear, see and feel. When we are strong, we have an inner awareness.

The best advice you will ever get is – get a good mentor

What does that mean?

Have you ever thought about the fact, that people can handle more or less anything if they know if you can explain to them what is happening and why it is happening? What they can do about it.

It’s all in our belief system if you believe you can do it you can, and you properly will.

Being mentally strong comes with a good coach, mentor, and leader who supports you overcome and go through tasks. Together we make it happen, if you believe you do things on your own and by yourself, there is still room for even better results and performance.

A good Boss, leader or mentor will take your forward to see good sides of life. I remember years ago when I had a great boss, even 20 years later I still think about him and what he said to me. He always said:

Do not promise more than you for sure know you can keep and do not do anything you do not want to see on the front page of a newspaper.

He was my best mentor, boss, and leader.

Those two sentences got me fired and I can tell you even though it got me fired. I feel good about it, I am willing to learn, work hard and do whatever it takes.

If I can look myself in the mirror and know it is good

If It can take the front page of a newspaper.

There are small rules and to me, it is ruled that impact and influence my life. It got me into a war with the company I worked for.

A monopoly company, which collects so much money from everyone and all the time takes all the short cuts, people who work there the management all the way rotten.

What we experience will lead to our angle of reason and how we see the world.

Be careful who you choose as a mentor and leader to your life as this will lead you to who you become.

5. When being strong is all you know

Being strong can never be all your knowledge, there is always something behind and an angle of reason. You would never do it if you did not have an angle of reason.

In the company’s compliance and the ability to do the right thing is what keeps the company going if you believe a company is in the game for profit and winning, you are mistaken.

All empires stand to fall.

Some people believe that Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Apple are the best companies in the world and that they will be there forever. How long have they really been there and how long do you think they will be there.

They may represent most of your life but in this world the is only a fraction and how we will remember them when they are gone is how they lead us, and where they lead us.

A strong mind does not come from big decisions, but it comes from being able to say yes and no to the little things in life. All the game-changer. When Facebook fades out, it will not fade out due to big decisions, it will fade out because of the little wrong steps they took overtime. If you are to stay in the game, your ability to transfer and not be too much has to balance.

Why do people not trust Facebook?

Why do you not trust Facebook?

Why will I never buy a product from the company where I worked?

6. When being strong is the only option you have

Sometimes as in the situation we all are in right now, the only option we have is to be strong, stand together by being apart.

Supporting each other by staying away, mentoring and holding on to the life we know, by making changes fast. We must change and adapt so we can go back to the life we knew.

While we still can.

7. Being strong is not an option

Being strong does not have to be an option, if we look at life, we know we are here to develop and exchange talents, learning and life tools. We have one world, but we live in different once.

Your world and my world are not the same, we may be in the same place, but we will never see, hear, feel and understand things the same way.

Our greatest force is to open up for our world and share the different views and understanding so by choosing not to be strong we are the strongest.

By being human and giving people an opportunity to get inspiration, learning and tools you do not only help them to understand your angle of reason, but you also give them an opportunity to see what it is you love and protect.

The challenge is all the fake, weak and cheap people who take advantage because they think you are weak. When what you really are is one of the strongest.

The best gift you can give yourself – is a good mentor

Life is sometimes the opposite of what you see.

Good leader’s view is not the same view as the view you see when you follow him. A good company’s decisions are very different from the decisions you believe when you work there. All the time it is intention and results you have to steer and navigate with.

It’s not easy to lead with speed.

Life solutions are complex, and we need insight learning and tools to move forward in good ways. Speed and transparency do that mentoring, coaching is a must for everyone.

You cannot know it all, but together we know so much more and we will find our way through and years from now problems will still be a challenge you cannot overcome without new learning.

Problems are good, they give you the power to do something about it.