Mind the Gap Social distance. It’s not just physical.

Mind the gap – If you want to be with someone you love, aren’t you [ Read more .... ]

Use Buddhism In Mindfulness To Avoid Depression

Mindfulness Buddhism is an extremely effective way to ensure better health as well as to avoid [ Read more .... ]

1 Thing you must know Where does it really start, it is the change

Start right here. Start right here Did you ever stop for a second and think [ Read more .... ]

The right reason You can care so much, that there is nothing to care for

The right reason if you think about it, you know, you know when you have [ Read more .... ]

People Change 7 Things You Need To Know To Act Smart And Powerful

Time change – People change. The time change is what we are facing today? It [ Read more .... ]

Ask Questions get Answers the Guide to support you well

What phases do you go through, what do you need to work yourselves through to [ Read more .... ]

The choice that changes everything 7 Good things to do even better

Resume of the blog; The choice that changes everything is the decision to change how [ Read more .... ]

What is Great leadership? A dear word, used by many

Future leadership and the next version of our meetup from around the world Leadership is [ Read more .... ]

The Opportunities you have is your feedback

The Opportunity you have is your feedback on the life you love living using the [ Read more .... ]

Clash of Realities and How can we use Coaching

Poor – To shift a perspective, to deepen a stance? Take narrative, for instance, By [ Read more .... ]

The One Who Helps? The messenger? The One who reaches out?

The one you look at as being wrong and weak. Stop for a moment and [ Read more .... ]

Leadership to success. 7 tools to think about in your leadership

Leadership to success – Successful people don’t whine and blame others. We talk about how [ Read more .... ]

Being strong means; 7 things you must know about being strong

Is being strong a skill? or is it to have a good mentor and learning [ Read more .... ]


“What we think, we become” – Buddha This quote is what I lead my life [ Read more .... ]

[ CAL] Care & Share – a safe place to ask

How we care and share in stressful times – 3 ways to care and share [ Read more .... ]

The heart in the right place – is what gives you success

The heart in the right place? Do you have your heart in the right place? [ Read more .... ]

New ME 10 reasons how to take action and reach your goals

Action and goals – Steer and Navigate to your goals, The action and goals – [ Read more .... ]

Reasons Why Dreams Is Getting More Popular In The Past Decade

– If a vision is to come true, if a goal is to be achieved [ Read more .... ]

When Shame meets Trust: 2 powerful values and how to move on.

It is “the one” who tried, worked beloved, who is left with shame. It is [ Read more .... ]

Take the challenge and do the right thing

What happens: Depends upon how we lead life challenges, how we use coaching, leadership to [ Read more .... ]

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