1 Thing you must know Where does it really start, it is the change

Did you ever stop for a second and think about, when was it that the difference really happened, when was the turn done for what happened?

What is the choice to make the turn for success? This

What is the choice to make the turn for failure?

When we look out there, we see that there are always people that seem to make the right decision, how do they do it?

We also see, that there are people, who always seem to be making the wrong decision. Is that so, do they really make the right decision or what is that is happening.

We sometimes even call it luck, we say wow they are just so lucky, even though we know that luck does not stand a chance. We know, that making the right choice and making the decision has never had anything to do with luck, it looks that way because what are we thinking when we say it is luck.

  • Are we thinking, they did not work
  • Are we thinking, they did not take any initiatives
  • Are we thinking, they did not focus
  • Are we thinking, they did not practice
  • Are we thinking, this is pure luck
  • Are we really thinking that?

Thinking one more time and asking ourselves are we not aware of that this is not the way that it is, in reality these people do and keep doing, they take many decisions, make many choices and always to do something more and the right thing.

They do it,

They never let go or standby or decide not to do it.

That is not the choice.

So, the values, that they have are very strong and powerful, the values that they have to create the result they want,

Did you ever try that, to have success the way you want several strikes in a roll, think about a game, you make one goal and the right after and another goal, how do you feel.

When this happens to you, you do not think, it is like a ride life takes you on, everything you do seems to go well, and you know what you need to do, you have the code, you know how to engage, and you know how to get your results.

For us that did not have the breakthrough, the open gate, we have to work the hard way, we need to find out what values are

This is how you start working and look at your values, see where they take you, see what you are thinking, why the hinder, what need to be different, we all have a chance if we take it.

We know looking back that we had chances, we know the doors were there, and why we did not take them, we know.

What we must see and know is, that the doors are there to fore fill our inner picture,

make things happen that are right for us, and we know, that they are there to take us to where we really want to be,

If we for a moment stop and feel and see, feel the is inner of ourselves we know that that this is a journey for us for out soul,

why is something right for me and wrong for you.

This time we live in right now, is a lot about stream about information, knowledge and about being bundled right, the right way.

Things have changed, things are changing so fast, that it can be difficult to follow and be aware of am I on my right track.

We can in a split be carried many miles offshore to different destinations, where we did not intend to go, or we can stand still due to several reasons.

Today it is not difficult to move on, ahead or far.

Today the challenge is, with all the capacity, the knowledge that is available, what is my choice and that alone cannot do it, what is the right choice,

looking back there has never been so many opportunities for us to take care of and say no to, as in this decade we face all the time offers,

offers for things to do, offers for places to go, or offers for things to join.

We are asked to support or join, we need to take a stand for so many things in life that has never been aware of knowledge to anyone before.

You need to know what you want early in life, or the change passes you.

Your early good choices are an advantaged that for some help them reach their outcome and stage in early in life, whereas others need to take many or several detours.’

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It all starts with one, this we are all aware of and this we all know.

That is why all we have to do is start laying the seeds, once we have made the decision and we start working at it,

we will see that things happen and if it is right for us, thing will come even easier to us, that is how we feel it, that it is not hard work,

it is not difficult, time is not standing still, things happen fast, we are on it, and we want it.

All the difference is how we think about it,

when we do it, and then again that is, how we think about it depends on if it is right for us, you know and when it is presented to you, it comes naturally,

So, when do we make the right turns,

How do we know which turns to make?

How can we be guided?

How do we know, when it really starts and with what?

The information level today is so high, we know so much, and we can say so many things, it is like the story of Hans Christian Andersen, have your head of the chicken that lost on the feeder,

and when the same story comes back to her is 10 chickens that lost their feeders.

When did it really start and with what, for some, it starts with just a conversation between two people and the one goes on, tells things and for others, it gets to be, can I handle to know this, and do I want to know this.

How many public people have their entire life broken down, with all kinds of stories, are the true or are we just hungering for information about others,

We are stuck on needing to know,

we need to know everything about everyone.

So where does it really start and what turns changes or chances do we need to take, the outcome we are seeking is what will define how we approach.

Where does it all start?

It all starts at the first intention you have, and your mind-set toward what you want to happen. I guess you sit right now and think no – this is not what I wanted to happen.

Let’s try it again and then think again, you are in the place and you are doing what you believe you really want, how can you find basis like love, trust and feel safe. How can this be what you really want or are you right now achieving an awareness that is new to you.

What was not as it was supposed to be?

When did you really know, that this was not going the way you thought you wanted it to go. Actually, when you think about it, you did not want this.

So, when did it really go wrong

When you work for someone else you work for someone else’s dream and vision, your work to achieve the outcome they are painting for you to see, so that you know what you must do.

If that is what you want to support someone else’s dream, then that is a gift to process but if you do it because you do not listen to your inner voice and who you are.

If your fulfillment and balance is out of balance, then you must start seeking the balance you need to have to fulfill your life.

Where does it all start?

It all starts with the first feeling when you feel – this is not me.

You know exactly when your thoughts or mindset was different, and you had to turn yourself upside down to let keep the balance in the room, but your own balance was broken.

Think about your boss, think about a friend, think about a relationship.

They did not break up, or you did not get fired, or you did not break-up did you have the balance of life.

Someone took a turn and it was hard to keep up, not because you did not want to follow but because something within made you do something different.

Sit for a moment and think –

Where did it all start and think about why you wanted it differently. Trust yourself and know that you have within the right way for you.

Me, like you and I am a life coach I too feel the power of pain.

The pain of not knowing how to make it happen and for me to fulfill the vision I see. How can I make it all happen?

What is my guidance and how can I change so I get the outcome I see.

That is my challenge and if you face some of the same challenge then stay with me.

Here comes the GAP tool to take first steps to make it happen.

The first step is to set your goals and time frame

Ask yourself are they realistic?

Take one of the templates from the site and use them, write for yourself so you have prof of what you want to happen, and make yourself accountable.

No one is going to support you unless you ask, and if you ask, you must ensure that you are asking for the right thing.

What feedback are you getting today – if any?

My-challenge is I have dream ever since I can remember I have had this dream of making a SharePoint for coaching and place where we can unite and support one another daily.

It is not the big decisions in life that change it all, it is the small things we do day by day.

I have coached many overweight people – they did not become overweight from one day to the next, it came slowly, and it all started with a little thing

I have coached many people with stress, and stress at many levels, and I can tell you they are all great people who seek to do the best of their lives and what they do, and they did not get stress from one day to another,

slowly they let something else take over to achieve a goal. The price they paid was enormous.

How you and me, let go of our inner, is when we stop listening to the voice from within. That is why you over the next few days, will ask yourself.

Is this me –

Ask the questions to everything you do and everything you are a part of.

If it is, then it is great, if it is not then that is great too, there is no right and there is no wrong, there is the attitude and the way we react to what we find out.

To know it is all okay because when you do something for someone else it is a gif for someone else that you choose to support them.

To not know it is not you is holding yourself in a Blackbox, not knowing your own inner voice and listening is what will get you in trouble with yourself and how you feel.

Stress, anger, eating habits, anxiety – all starts in a small gap which is why if you use the

SharePoint it will support you keep your own inner voice in balance with what is happening around you.

The me-membership is solely about the phase in life where you seek the balance between the inner and outer to know what you are.

Say – I am me,

Keep asking yourself the questions over the next few days is it me, and let’s catch up and continue in next blog

– to discover if you have the knowledge you need to overcome your challenges or…

I am in the forum if you need support or guidance…

Thank you for taking the time and follow your dream.


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Written by Berit Lagdefoged, well versed writer at CAL.