Change is always the hard phase to be in, the phase where change is taking place.

All you know is shaken and what is right to do. First, we have to ask ourselves the hard question, what role, do I have today and what role would I like tomorrow. Do I want to be a part of what is happening and add my time, effort and energy to what is happening?

Who am I in this play do I like the role I have and do I like the story that is going on. 

Look at your life, as it was a movie, look at your own role, breath and think, what is that you are doing, what does it feel like, and where are you and what are you thinking.

What is happening, do you see the story – do you see how you are with your own role forming the happening in the story, with the role you are playing, making the story with what you add and give attention.

If another player gives your comments or attention this is not worth much in the play if you do not reply.

You with your part and your role make the story move on. You create what is important and you make happen, what you give attention.

 Listen to the story – The story helps us understand

What did we get out of this little story – the facts that what we give attention is what will develop the story. So, make sure that what you say and what you do, it what you would like to be the brick in the puzzle for your life picture.

Because, if you do not give it attention, it cannot form. It is the way that you form it that creates the story – just like making the movie. The actors make the story through what they say and what they do.

That is what you and I do too if I have a positive mind and a think that the outcome is going to be great the chances are that this will happen is so much higher than if my mind is negative.

Why because look at the movie, what happens to the actors that are filled with anger. How do they use their energy?

The focus on things that will make others suffer and they focus on destroying.

That is a short state of act and is not lasting. You cannot have an actor who takes on everyone, then at the end, there will be no one left and there will be only one actor to play.

That will be a movie no one would watch. Would you?

We all want to feel love, that we belong, that we have a role and that we play it well.

We want to be a player that matters that is important for the story, and the wonderful part is that the better each of us play our part the better a story.

So, what has all this to do with the change from within, the most important visual thing that we can imagine.

That what we give energy to getting more of because that is what we expect and because of how we play our role, how we form the story.

The power of the mind

That is the power of the mind.

Therefore, what we think will happen is going in some form to happen and when we practice understanding our own way of thinking to create our story and outcome, we start to know and feel the power of within.

The power of something that is so strong. That we cannot let it go. That is what drives us. This is what makes us move.

We are driven by a vision that is controlled through our values and we cannot let that go. We know that when we close our eyes and we start using the power we feel from within.

We get so much more energy and understanding of what is happening and for what is right for us to do.

You know, I know, you know.

I sit in this moment and time in a very difficult situation, I have been downgraded for reasons so unfair, because of different agendas because of not wanting to let slip through.

I could have chosen to just let it slip through and I could have kept my job for maybe another year. Something inside made me stick to what is right for me.

All that has happened is a gift to me. Because now I have a chance to move on, a chance to change, this is the time for an inner change and I can make it.

It all starts with what I am thinking and how I choose to think about it.

Change for ME – change is not for you, it is for ME

What is this all about, this is for me, this is my chance to crap and find and do something better, better for me, it does not have to be better as you see it, for me it will be better.

I will find a job where I am no longer alone, I want to be part of something.

I want to be among people with a drive, with an opinion for making a good difference. I want to be part of something that creates something.

Can you see it, can you hear it, can you feel it. Yes – and you can even see it happen, it is not asking too much, it is asking for my way to be in compliance with a good balance of life today.

So, the fact that you can see, that I can tell the story and that we can join the energy to make it happen That will do that it will happen.

We are all here to learn and achieve the outcome we are seeking. You know what is your rightful outcome, it comes from within and it is what we think.

What you think is what will happen, it is in the cards as we say.

That is why we have to pay so much attention to our own inner-thinking and what we are focusing on, because if we do not focus on it.

We do not give it attention and then it is not in our world, what we do focus on and what we do give attention we feed and we form. Life is what we make of it and it means what we say it means.

So, if you decide to give something your good energy and good attention (which by the way is all you have) make sure that it is what you really want.

Do not get trapped in all the negative thinking, that is going on, it is for a short time and it is entertainment for others who have no or little in life to worry about.

Remember you want to look into, where you want to be, and feel good, where there are trust, joy, and great accomplishments, and there is no way anyway, that negative, not wanted or a disharmony is a place or a phrase that you want to stay in.

You want to be a place where you feel like you belong and what you do matter.

You want a positive change

That’s what we aim for. That is what you should work on, let it go, think about the fights you pick, for what reason, ask yourself-

  1. Do I have an influence on the outcome?
  2. How important is the outcome for me?
  3. Can I change what is going on?
  4. Whom am I with what I do?
  5. If I do not change, what will happen?
  6. If I say what I think what will happen?
  7. If I go with the flow?

Change is from the inside, as is joy and fulfillment. For this you are unique and for this reason, you need to look into the mirror and find that inner strength to wish to follow your hopes and dreams.

You are all it takes,You have it all

All you must do is use it, and keep on trusting yourself for the destiny that you set.

Trust in you.

Think about it, if you cannot trust yourself, who on the entire earth would you be able to trust, if not the only person that goes through life with you.

We change families today, we change jobs, we change friends. The one person that can tell the story and the effort of what you do and achieve is you. That is your life story.

That why, what you are seeking, does not come from the outside, it the play and the story that you in your mind have set up and work to create.

Let’s back to the play, and look at actors, how they form the play with what they say and what they do.

Did you ever see an actor say or do something totally out of scope?

Did you ever hear a sentence where there was no reply from anyone because no one knew where the story was going?

 Involve yourself in your dreams live them

When you live your dreams and act upon them, work for them, trust yourself in your mindset that this is what you aim for, you form it, and it will happen.

When you involve and tell your story you do for others to be able to reply and rely on you, they know where you are going and the can with very little effort support your dreams to come true.

It is the story we tell that we start forming our change, it is the story we tell that we draw our experience, it is the story we hear from others that we get aware of what is possible and how others are thinking.

It is the interaction between us humans that makes us move forward and make changes happening.

I seek a new job, that what’s in my talk, that’s what’s in my change.

I seek members for my community, that’s what’s in my talk, that’s what’s in my change

What we focus on we see, there is so much to be aware of and there is so much we can do. It is what we set our mind up to focus on, that is the information and the people that we attract into our lives.

The change comes from within

I someone hurts you and you get sad, you automatically want to leave and find somewhere else to be and someone else to be among.

The hurt is the driver of you leaving and moving on.

The first phase is the part where you want to leave because you feel hurt, the next phase is when you have moved forward and maybe did not stop and really listen to yourself, therefore you find yourself in the 20/80 phase.

Then you move on and find the phase where it is 80/20 again.

You have taken yourself through phases and changes and you will at this point have a much better understanding of yourself.

Who you are and what is important to you.

NEXT step and moves are your way

Know that whatever happens, it is for you, it is GAPs that arise because you play for a different outcome, this does not have to mean.

That there is something wrong with anyone, this one means that the outcome you are seeking is different from one another.

If you want to change and you want to stay with the same people among you, it is important to find the inner and common understanding between you.

That it is okay to be different, it is okay not to see the world through the same eyes and it is okay to want different things at different time.

The Lesson We Learn

As we grow older and get wiser, we learn to know that there is so much we do not know.

Once you know what your truth is solely for you. Then you are one step in the direction of following your inner outcome.

Once you understand that, you too know and accept that others feel like you just going somewhere else.

This will be okay because you know and you have felt what that change comes from within.

The power of your story

At CAL you find gap tools and gap analysis that can be helpful in the process of finding the inner understanding and wishes.

Your story is very powerful, in your story lies all your questions and all your answers and when you tell your story and others ask you questions you see your gap you understand the difference between what is and what you want.

That why within CAL work with our stories to change our life from within.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

You have the strength and capability to make the changes from within you seek. 

Know that you can always join us at CAL.

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