Food For Thought – about unequal treatment at work

Imagine you got a job with a company that extols the virtues that everyone is treated fairly and equitably. A company that is a leader in it’s field. A place where the motto is that all ideas and employees are treated equally. #SweetJob. You hit the jackpot.

Now, image that a new CEO starts and you and a group of your peers, while sharing the same responsibilities and holding the same job title are treated differently. Imagine that the people from your department is ignored and overlooked for promotion or even worse, are reprimanded for actions that other departments seem to get praise for. Imagine that you and your peers are marginalized at meetings and dismissed. Imagine that you find out that your pay, while all other performance is the same, is much lower. You find that your department is receiving less funds than equally or even less performing departments. Imagine that your department has to take on more projects to fund it’s basic needs and get the money it requires to complete it’s expected goals.

Now, Imagine that you live in a town that is funded by this company. One of those towns where everyone works for the business. You want to move, but this company is very strict on hiring and you cannot sell your home in order to buy a new one.

Imagine that you are treated unfairly and unequally at this company that is a paragon of equality and innovation.

How would you feel? What would you do?