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Life Coach To Help You Move Past The Challenges

Life Coaching is a strong tool to use to get results. (CAL) is the missing link in between, to ensure that you have a place to share your story, how you feel. What you see happening, your improvements your victories and tasks, your next step forward with your personal coach. Coachingandlife is the missing link for you as a life coach or mentor, it is your place to share life skills and life knowledge, knowing that the tools you… Read the rest

10 Things You Must Know And Define To Achieve Success Among People

Intentions and results

What went wrong? When we ask, that question it is, because the intention we had to solve a task and the outcome, did not give the result we were seeking.

We do not ask this question, if we get what we were, seeking then we get the overwhelming feeling that we have success, and it is seldom that we ask critical questions when we have success, we did the right thing and we have the outcome our … Read the rest

7 Things To Think About When – Moving on and letting go!

Can you do?

You have done it, you have said stop, and you are now ready to move on and start over. Here come 7 things that are good to be aware of when moving on.


Over a long period you hav,e felt the power of challenge. What did the challenge teach you and what lesson are you taking with you forward?

To break it a bit down, the only reason why we call it a challenge is because … Read the rest

What Is A Life Coach Secrets Revealed

What is a Life Coach and the secrets behind

What is a life coach? A good life coach can tell and reveal everything and still, we would not get it, good coaching is much more than skills it is the ability to take one’s own person into use, it is to use and show the skills in such a balance that we do not know or see if it is a given talent or skills learned over time.

What is life coaching? A great coach for you is not … Read the rest

Set Goal And Change Your Life Find Your Key Stones In Life

How Goals Is Going To Change Your personal Strategies.

Are you changing your way, or are you doing the same as usual, just telling yourself a different story, that you have changed?

Once you set yourself goal to achieve something, you will feel so wonderful and free, you will know, that you need to do something and if not, you will start spending time on what to do, and you know that it will change you, you will become, what … Read the rest

Is Your Relationship With Self In Crisis?

Is Your Relationship With Self In Crisis?

~ Dr. Tracy Turner, CHLC ~

Relationship,a noun as defined by, a state of affairs existing between those having relations or dealings. Based on the definition of relationship, we can grasp how its meaning can be applied to our relationships with others, but how do we apply this definition to our relationship with our self? Well, let’s start at the beginning with the word relationship, which gives reference to an existing state … Read the rest

The Power Of Rules of life . Define Who You Are

I Will Never be WHO I Was – what hurts the most is, the thoughts that come to mind, when I think of the people. I wish they bought good things out in you, made you smile and admire, I want to smile and think they are smart, intelligent and wise. Instead words like cheat, crooked, lies, evil are coming to mind. The magic is gone.

I am healing, and I start over, and I am thankful that it happened … Read the rest

Seven Spiritual Life Coach That Will Actually Make Your Life Better

Spiritual Life Coach for a Better Life

Life coaching is a powerful tool to achieve the outcome, we are seeking and some may call it spiritual life coach or some may call it hard work to achieve the outcome we seek in life.

Seven Spiritual Life Coach, That Will Actually Make Your Life Better, because you have within seven spiritual thoughts of how to. You know and that is the difference

Life and time

Life and time is changing and for some faster than other depending … Read the rest

Five Reasons Why How To Become A Life Coach Is Common In USA

How To Become a Life Coach in USA

How to become a life coach

Life coaching is what we do every day, we teach our children, we give our friends advice, we talk in the families. Five reasons why how to become a life coach is common In USA it is our life, that is what we do. We move on every day in the wish, that what we are doing will give us the family, the adventures and the outcome we seek in ourselves and in our … Read the rest

10 Reasons to Write Your Life Challenges and Get Feedback

It is what BY-INVITATION-ONLY is all about, your invitation to get feedback for you to conquer your life challenges.

Why scrutinize? When we write things down, we take the time to get the topic, the issue our challenge in life out of our heads, sometimes when we sit by ourselves and think, we say the same things to ourselves over and over again. We take our mind into a spin, where we do not solve anything.

That is why CAL … Read the rest


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