Life Coach To Help You Move Past The Challenges

Life Coaching is a strong tool to use to get results. (CAL) is the missing link in between, to ensure that you have a place to share your story, how you feel. What you see happening, your improvements your victories and tasks, your next step forward with your personal coach. Coachingandlife is the missing link for you as a life coach or mentor, it is your place to share life skills and life knowledge, knowing that the tools you chose were the right one.
  • is for you the step before and after your decision about personal coaching, it is the support and the daily sharing, it is a place to be among other experienced it is to be ME-MEBER
  • is the place for coaches and mentors to share questions about life skills, knowledge, and techniques, the place were life skills is in revolution and fulcrum it is a place to be among other experienced it is to be MY-MEMBER
  • has a unique member level which is BY-INVITATION-ONLY-MEMBER, where you can be active in both memberships ME and MY. It is a unique way to be able to know and understand, the story I tell for ME and MY skills and knowledge I have to use my person best way.

Our Infographic Below Illustrate the Process To Help You Move Past the Challenges That Stand In Your Way

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Written by Berit Lagdefoged, well versed writer at CAL.

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