I Will Never be WHO I Was – what hurts the most is, the thoughts that come to mind, when I think of the people. I wish they bought good things out in you, made you smile and admire, I want to smile and think they are smart, intelligent and wise. Instead words like cheat, crooked, lies, evil are coming to mind. The magic is gone.

I am healing, and I start over, and I am thankful that it happened now, so I have time to create an excellent, decent life with good decent people.

Why is that?

It is your life – it is my life – it is your family’s life, it is your children’s life.

What is it all about?

What lesson did I learn?

I now know how people can be when they have a different agenda when the innocents are taken from you.


It is not what happened; it is the best thing that has happened, that was the right thing, it is how it happened and what they did to me.


What hurts the most is the picture I have of and the thought of those people, whom I admired and looked up to. I thought highly of them; this image has taken a turn to the dark side, people I thought were doing the right thing, people that I praised for their achievements, all fake, all a lie, all accomplishments of the dark side of life. Is this actions of the dark. Is this actions of the dark. It has given me a new view of who they are and how they do and achieve their goals.

What remains forever is that I will never be who I was, and the thoughts that come to mind when I think about those people. Healing and forgiveness are practice to be fulfilled.


To move on is a learned lesson, and I am so grateful, I never knew that life could offer these great adventures with people, it is incredible what life offers. If you are on the right side of light.


My healing is on; I feel free, I feel good, I am well I am no longer in pain. I am no longer in panic; I have hair, I have nails, I have dreams at night.


It is my healing


Soon the healing is over; soon the sun will shine, soon life has taken a turn I never thought possible.

There is always light at the end of the tunnel.


There is still something good in all the bad that is happening. New doors and mindset open up, and you can see it. You know what to do.


I feel me; I can feel my spirit I can sense my soul, a joy of freedom for myself.


Do you know what I am talking about or what are you thinking?


Let’s take a step back to WHY – and what is happening here:

Look at your own life, and think about how you feel, when you are doing what you know is an excellent sustainable thing, the energy that comes to life. The strength and wisdom that you can add.


What is the difference?

Is there a difference?


It is all the difference in the world. You know when you believe that something is right, that what you are doing is for all the right reasons.


You know, and this is all the difference in the world because when you believe what you do, you can move mountains, and work becomes a game you play.


The hours are not counted, and you forget everything else I time flies you are having fun.


That’s life when it is best.

Do you agree?


So when a wave hits you, and you need to protect yourself. Stop fast and think.

It is not about the wave and what is happing right now, it is about how you manage to life coach yourself through the moments and phases of challenges.


Let’s step back:


What is happening:

Change for all involved, splitting and new fitting, and it is time to adjust to something new.


How can this happen in a good and decent way?

Is that at all possible?


How you, when you have the power make the changes happen what tells everything about you.


If it happens to you, how you choose to reach is what tells everything about you.


What wave hit you?

How did you reach and what did you do?

Having said that


It is not about what happens to us; it is about what we do to what is happening.


Let it go, let it pass, it is who you are. Did you do what they are saying, were your intentions as they put them?


In writing you have all their criticism and disapproval, yet when you worked there for all those years they took every hour and effort out of you, now the lie, and make you a troublemaker,  you see their real face, and you know who they are. They are making you an escape goat. It is a fact that will never change.

Does this say anything about you and who you are?


Think about the phase, when you see the standard that a person lays out and the practice they show, if you think about it and they cross the limit of decent acts, their acts are adding poison to a drink.  Stop, because who is drinking it. If it happened to you, you are not the one drinking; if you are the one who is doing it, it’s your drink.

It is what you are.


If it happens to you, you will be fine. It is a wave that is passing, and you will move on. Learning a lesson and knowing that there are people out there with a different level and mindset.


Nothing will happen to you.

It is in their world and their mind. It has nothing to do with you.

Why they do it, and what they do has nothing to do with you.


Or why and what they do, everyone including them, they do it because they can, because you did not know because they were smarter than you because they had the power because you were naive and not looking in that direction.


People do what they can the people we admire in our lives are the one who could have done it, but choose not to.

It is the people who did the decent thing at the moment where you were powerless and without impact, and they made the right choice. Think about for a moment, how often have you known something about someone that you did not use. Could you keep it to yourself or did you have to use it as the power to show off and feel the power?

If you are not the driver of what is happening it is not about you. What you do is your face, your integrity.

If you are not the one who has the power, then you are not the one showing who you are.


If you are the one driving the situation you are showing the world the actual color of what you are.


Remember the words what you send out is what returns to you.

Or if you are kind to others they will be kind to you.


Whatever you are facing, know that you only control how you decide to coach yourself through it.

You are the decision maker of that is and will happen in your life. It is not the wave; they may even want to destroy your name, take your money, contact everyone you know.


At the end of the day, it does not change the fact that – they are showing their color and people may be scared and


Let it go and move on. Think about what is possible.


Most important for you is to have access to be among people who can support and guide you through the wave. It is not what happened. What you have little or no impact on.


Done is done

But how you take yourself to the other side. That is your power and your way, that is what will determine who you are.


Ask yourself:


What Happened

Why did it happen

Where are you going

Where are they going

Is it possible at all to follow the same path journey?

Think about – we follow love – pain we obey


Stand for a moment and think, do you want to stand next to them. When you think about it, do they have your understanding of moral ethics and integrity?

The answer can only be no, you are reading this because you know differently – or not.

Things had to part; things had to go separate ways. It was forced through and be grateful you are free, and you can find your way

If you had stayed you would have turned into them, think about maybe something inside knew it was so wrong and that is why you got sick, what if our body starts answering with feeling sick and down because we must do something else.

There is never smoke without a fire.


So alone that this is happening, is a clear message to you, that your journey is a different one. I did not feel good at all, and my father always said to me, if you do not listen you will get sick.

I was sick, I was weak, and I had no power in my body to get up and get out. I was kicked out, made a troublemaker, all the lies all the blames, and having said that –

You know you did not do what they wanted you to, you know that you saw their acts as wrong and against the law. Even the bad jokes and the smile was fake to you.

Moving on is a process especially when you have let things go way over your understanding of moral and integrity. What they were willing to do to achieve and keep their mark. Let them keep it, know that when you let go of something, it opens the doors and opportunities for something even better.


How do you know, it can get any better?

You know:

First, you must find your way back, back to the person you are and want to be.


The fact that you can ask the question, can it be better, you know that there is something more out there to discover.

Being reminded from a colleague  –   that I use to say, this is not me, when I walk through the door it is a uniform that I carry and has nothing to do with my life. Those were wise thinking, and over the years I lost that sentence, and I was caught, I let it into my life and did not separate it, it got to me in a way I can never explain.


I am finding my way back, that is what you need to do too.

 You need to find your way back to what is the good and decent acts of life.


What do you want from your life?

What Game do you want to Play, What rules do you want to know, and what kind of people do you want to be around. What you do will take you to those life games.

What lesson did you learn, what are you taking with you?

What is moving your forward? All of this is thought that will spin around in your head for some time until you find yourself ready to let it go. Prepared to let the hurt and the pain and the sorry go and open up for new sunshine to fulfill your world.


You will look back, and this was just a wave, that hit you for a short time with a power you could not imagine.


You learned you listened and you managed to navigate yourself through it being you and with everything that means.

It was not about you, you were not the decision maker, to you it was a wave that hit and yes it did blow you off in a direction you were not prepared for.


BUT even so, being a network with people who like you knows what a wave of life is. You know that what is important is the ability to take yourself over the top the wave will pass and your life will be what you have decided.


It is not what happens to you.


Learn, share and shape your way forward. It is how you manage life coach yourself to stay true to who you are.


Your soul and your mind can ensure that you are guided safely, your responsibility is to listen – not hear but listen.

Out of the silence comes your inner knowledge and the ability to find your mindfulness, what you need to do to be in balance in your life.


If you feel like you need support, guidance and awareness join one of the forums and ask for the support you feel you need, reach out and seek other members let your story be heard, let your wisdom take space and may your story prevent it from happening to someone else.

There is so much wisdom in the challenges we face. Your way can help someone else. Your guidance and support can be the comfort for someone else.


What happens is just a headline for a moment on a newspaper, they way you make others feel and the feeling you leave them with, that is what they will remember, no matter what.


So in every event and happening in your life, you could choose to look at, at tests of your capability. How well can you solve the challenge?

Is that not what we do in sports, we play a game, and we practice and practice, we play the same game over and over again. The difference is the player and the time. The rules are the same.


You can solve that situation.


In life, it is not always that you know the rules and the name of the game.


  • Being caught in a game where you do not know the rules, that is a challenge.
  • Being caught in a relationship
  • Being caught from loving too much
  • being caught from not knowing
  • Being caught in trusting another person, who abuses you
  • Being caught because a company who has an HR department with a history of cheating their employees.
  • Being caught by a management group
  • Being caught in a job
  • Being caught in a business deal


That is our challenges daily; we meet problems we do not know and have the life tools to solve.

How you solve the challenges you are facing – that will define who you are.

Who are you? What is your Game, what Rules Do You Know?

Who taught you, the life tools you know?

CAL is about telling our story, sharing how we solve and shape our future. Don’t waste your time Tell, Share and Shape – Start Today



It about knowing the rules and the game, it is about how we want to play our life, and it is all about you. It is about how we solve, why did this happen to me, and what did I do or not do, how do I move on – how do I create the life I want to live.


It’s all about you.

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