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As the days go by, time change and it changes how I think about it.

I get thankful for what I have learned, the skills I have achieved. The friends I have, my family.

Thankfulness helps me be grateful for good things in my life. We can never be in balance if we are not grateful.

I learn, I grow, I do, I wonder, I make a difference and I do it better and things get easier, for all I do I am thankful

There are good days there are bad days, and there are just days.

The best days are when the days are as usual, and contains things and steps in the right direction towards my perfect picture

The days are fantastic when I feel like flowing with the wind, when thing are simple and life smiles at me, I meet good challenges,

I am thankful for all good in my life.  The more thankful I am, the better I know and am aware of what is happening in my life.

I learn, and I see what is happening in my life, I want to really live my life, make my dreams come true and seek the inner wisdom.

This awareness gives me a belief in what I do, and I know I can do it.

Every day is about doing, every day is about living life, and learning about life in our own way. We get aware, we seek new skills, we get to higher levels, we balance through life, some days are good and easy, some days are difficult and we need support, help, advise, a hug, a kiss.

If we help each other be ourselves to keep the balance, if we help each other accomplice, what we set out for, if we do our best.

Then it is a good day.

Then we have made a difference

A difference not only in our own life

Life is love

We can achieve many things in life and it will give us a huge satisfaction, feeling love and doing things out of love brings us home to where we belong

Life is knowledge

For all we do in life, we know and feel, that when we are seeking the right knowledge, we grow and make wise choices to create the lives that are right

Life is perfect

You have a perfect picture inside, only you know, what is looks like, only you can make the perfect picture alive, you are the creator, you are the difference

lets make a difference

From all of us in CAL

to you,

We hope you will have joy and happiness and we wish we are able to create a room and space for you to express yourself in a decent way, may your story help others, and

We learn so much from one another, remember CAL does not have the answers, CAL makes the space. You are responsible and knowledge is power, use it wisely in all you do.


IT TAKES a good portion of STRENGTH and COURAGEOUS to be WHO you are, in a World, that is constantly CHANGING, Knowledge today has no use tomorrow, Skills today is outnumbered tomorrow. Who am I in all this, only you know WHO you are, and what potential you have, use your wisdom wisely.