Job and gap – The way we manage our job and performance.

Job and gap, We know so much more than we can imagine when we come out on the other side. In your job, there will always be gaps. The question is when you know the gap costs you your job.

Our job and gap somehow go hand in hand, because if there were no problems, issues, or improvements needed. We would not have a job. So, when is job and gap too far apart? and how do you know how illegal it really is the job and gap you are into.

The power of telling my story the job and the gap that cost me my job, and it has so much power and insight for ME –  I will in my telling go through the gap of what is and what I want and seek, in finding out what I did wrong, learning my lesson to move on to improve my outcome to even better.

Some go through life with very few or little bums on the way and others take a huge and different direction in life and are thrown around and need to start over.

In this blog, we will go through the different phases, and who are the people who continue to keep working in the same company, doing good and steady work all their lives, who are those who shift jobs over and over, who do not go anywhere, and all those in between.

What is this all about, how can someone have their job all life and continue to work, how can they keep seeking new results and renew themselves time after time.

What strength is that they process, what are the values that keep them understanding that there must adapt themselves to new times and new colleagues, what capability do they have within.

What strength is that they process and what are the values that make someone decide to leave the company or the company freezes the person out to leave.

When we work, we work off course to pay our bills, but there is so much more to our work and doing than just paying the bills.

I had a good job, a very good job for me and I liked it very much, I have had my job for several years and in many ways, I felt that I did a good job. It was in many ways a difficult job, because of the way the structure was with headquarter, the job was not within the group management team and I reported to the CEO. So sitting some part alone in the company, with now management spirit to understand and wishing to do or be part of the task from headquarter. Which as you can imagine can be very difficult to get anything through. Or impossible one may say.

What did I like about the job, that what I did manage to get through I got through because of good logical results and smart thinking?

Think before you tell anyone and think about consequences.

The company needs to proceed and make even better results and for this, we did not have the right resources therefor we talked about adding resources of the right capability to the team.

So far so good and I still thought we were doing good and working to improve the results to be even better.

The resources get hired and come in and all changes, a whole different name of the game together with a manager all for my part ended one day when the CEO said, we are placing you under finance and even made it personal.

What did I do wrong, should I have let the task go and keep my job going steady, have hidden and not said anything. I could properly have kept my job for another year. There would have been a time where someone would say, what is he doing, what tasks are he fulfilling.

Till then I could have lived and hunted for another job. This would have been the smart move, where I would think smart and think wise.

I did not do that, I thought of the task and the job and results for the company and I did not protect the one and only for whom I work, myself.

Time to let go, and why is this difficult?

This is taking with through the phase and time, where I go from being very involved in my doings to feeling so unsure of what tomorrow in my job will bring.

On top of this, I find it hard to let my job go. I am too much into my job, the tasks are still in my head, how to solve and create the best results.

Maybe because I have found it so difficult and maybe because a lot of the thinking, has been about how can I make it happen.

What can I do to get this idea through?

The creativity is still there and I must use my mind and skills for analyzing tasks somewhere else.

The phase of panic, what to do next?

For a moment, when I think clear, I know, I can get a new job and I know, that I can perform and I know, that I have learned my lesson.

If I want to be creative, I should only use those capabilities, when it is where I am in and can have it my way. It was my job to make savings and it was my job to create, but I misunderstood it was not important and it was not what it was about. I failed and this is my lesson to learn.

Keep the focus on the right agenda and do not tell anyone what you see.

The learning in all this is so strong for the first time in my life I see clearly, what I did wrong according to the company. I put the task for results over the collaboration. I thought, that the rules for what to do, and that I was under from headquarter was stronger than the local management team and their own way of doing.

I was wrong.

It is their way and their way only.

A manager once said to me, listen and just listen. At that point I did not understand what he meant, I do today.

Another lesson learned, there is no support in the doings, it is just words and everyone keeps doing as they want because they can.

Writing this in this moment I cannot tell you how much insight those words have given me.

That there is no integrity, this is right now like dominoes to me, we say one thing, but what really takes place is something else, we tell everyone that this is what we mean and do, where what we do is something else, we have our core values where one of them is respect, but a lot of what is happening is so respected less, we say that people should change workplace internally and grow within,  and no one does it. There is no one that changes, yes, the move or changes if management helps them or does it for them, but because they want to, this is not happening.

It is the agenda to see the real agenda and understand that what they say is not what they mean. What a great lesson to now have the insight to see.

The phase of next step moving on in your mind.

I know, with all within that what I did was right for the right reasons, there was nothing in it for me, I am not the one who gained anything I gained the chance now to move on and do even better.

This is for me, and I can make this happen. I can move on and find my way.

This is what I should have been using my energy on all the time. What is right for me, what do I want to do, and who I am in what I do.

My next step is to work for me, I know, that who I am is important and it is important for me not to cross those boundaries, whatever job I get, I need to follow and know, that before anything.

I work for me and that what I do is what makes me look in the mirror and know, and understand that there are several agendas up in the open, and in this case, the written agenda was not the agenda to follow, I need to keep in mind that achieving goals and outcome is only as important as managements decides it is no matter what others say and see even headquarter.

There must be right behavior behind your words.

The company I work for must do what they say.

Moving on and finding new winds

The wind of change will do me good,

The wind of change will give me a chance to find new colleagues, that I have never met before and do not know my story and what I have been through. This is my chance to change to find a new even better outcome.

I have learned and I need to find out how and what I can use my insight for.

As a person, I like to interact, I like to say what I think, I like to improve, I like to do things for the right reasons. I like to see good quality, I like to know that it is for the better, help others improve, and find what they seek.

The Change within to move on

Did you come this far or did I lose you? – what did all this do for me. In my storytelling it, I found what I have been seeking and could not see. I never saw, I never heard and was not aware of that hidden agenda or that there are several agendas.

Just sitting here right now, I see many of the things they say and do not mean.

I see why this personal interaction is so important because that is where you find the true agenda. The agenda that will reward you and the agenda that will make you keep your work.

In my story, I found that I never ever really got it. I have been a fool played for a long time.

My new awareness I can use, how much do we think that people know and say and do not do, anything about it.

In this writing moment, this will be something that I will need to look even more into.

Are people at work, are people with each other or do they smile and wave at you, and then they keep the focus on themselves and see what agenda takes them to where they want to do.

Are people in to solve the tasks or do they have another agenda?

All the awareness that I have gotten from writing this – has given me an insight within, it has given me the awareness of what I have learned.

The invisible codex

Why am I in this, what is that I do?

We see the invisible codex everywhere, the way we talk to each other, the way we do things for the right reasons the way we hold our families or the way we talk to each other.

You can do anything, you can talk the way you want, you report people if you find that suitable for you, each one thinks I

When we work in a company it should be we, it ought to be we – because everyone is there to make their contribution to do what is right. It is the CEO’s ability to lead the company in the right direction for the right reasons.

In my world, the best leader is the authentic one the one who says, what he or she does. There is integrity between words and doings. In saying that there are always compromises that must be done and it is in the compromises and the visibility for doing the right thing that the true leadership is, again as said from what and how I see it.

This is my reality and this is what I must work for in my doings.

That is my clear next wave and new wind.

Finding out what to do

What happened to me is a challenge and it is my chance to change and try something new with the new know-how and life experience that I have learned.

I feel so much better, I feel that the world is open to ME. I need to close my eyes and feel the power from within.

I need to make the change, find a place to work, where what I know and what I can do makes a difference for the right reasons.

All the above has given me an inner understanding of the different outcomes I have a different one, my agenda in my life is not the same, and I am responsible for me to achieve my outcome.

This is what has made the gap analysis a great way of understanding and given me the right tools to move on.

I am ready to act, move forward, and create the right way for me, this wave was hard to pass, hard to get a crib on, and hard for me to let go, but I now know, that what is coming to me is so much more what I am looking for because I know so much more.

I am ready to do and make the plan for my new way.

Was it worth telling that they break the law?

The new Whistleblowing system will make it safer to tell if you really need to tell. Job and gap who can actually really tell today if something is going on, we have so much software, we have feedback in real-time to help us gain the transparency we need.

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