The power is always in the truth and the truth is the story

The story of us -The power belongs to the storyteller. The story: “The world breaks [ Read more .... ]

What about ME? – No one will know what it did to ME.

What about me – Who will know what it did to ME. Warning! What about [ Read more .... ]

Digital Transformation the behavioral changes and technology driving it

What drives digital transformation success? Complex processes which people and employees find hard to gain [ Read more .... ]

The Greatest Learning Will Always Be In The Making

The greatest learning with progress learning in the making. Learn how to navigate smarter and [ Read more .... ]

Seeing what appears. If you prefer plans, predictability and structure

Goals Seeing what appears Goals – ‘An emergent strategy is a pattern of action that develops over [ Read more .... ]

Great Success From 4 Small Business Partnership Strategies That Work

We must all aim for Business Partnership Strategies That Work When it comes to the [ Read more .... ]

Business Growth 3 great steps to release new potential

Unlocking Business Growth: Strategic Next Steps Business growth is a vital indicator of success and [ Read more .... ]

A Powerful Look at Bringing Nudity Back to the office

Embracing Nude Realities: A Playful Look at Bringing Nudity Back to the Office Bryan C [ Read more .... ]

Sometimes Empower to better and higher levels

Sometimes. It is sometimes, we do not see the changes on a daily basis and [ Read more .... ]

The Power of People Connections and how we gain

People Connections – We are truly embedded in the lockdown. Dare I say it, People [ Read more .... ]

Why A life Coach forum, the key to tailor your performance

Why a life coach forum – What makes you do your best? Why a life [ Read more .... ]

Countdown to the new world

The new world – How will the new world look and what will you do? [ Read more .... ]

Life coach forum One of the hardest things you will ever face

Try harder or let go? and it is an ongoing evaluation. Join the forum and [ Read more .... ]

Redo Your Resume and Stay Busy in Retirement

Retirement is something we all work toward, but once you get there. What keeps you [ Read more .... ]

Team conflict – the key to gain agile and resilient alignment

Team conflict- I remember their faces vividly. All change Team conflict I was invited to [ Read more .... ]

What will future leadership skills be

How to get the right leadership skill and know what to work for. Future Leadership [ Read more .... ]

7 steps to make your success last.

Business story: Our way changes. Our way changes of many reasons, it becomes transparent. Busines [ Read more .... ]

The way we are at work, and 10 ways how not to do -Choose to be better

Gap tools show – How not to do at work – 10 things that I [ Read more .... ]

Design Your Way

Design your way – Design leadership        Make it happen design leadership, make the difference you [ Read more .... ]

A Supplier Delivers What You Demand? Do you agree?

Have you ever head of a supplier, that did not deliver, what you demanded or [ Read more .... ]

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