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It will make you feel good, when you make good things happen. Teach yourself to be a good businesspartner and business achiever.


Fitting And How You Use Fitting in Life

Resume By Berit Ladefoged Fit has become a daily part of what we seek and want to achieve or else we change. We fit the job where we are, we fit the family we are in, we fit the friends we have  and fit outfit “the right” for us, we listen to the fit music. There are many terms for that fit. We seek the match in all we do. We seek the perfect match – let me tell your… Read the rest

Add value to your customers

Add value to your customers

First, define who is your customer

My challenge is:

We do not even have to say it if someone cannot see, that you add value, they will erase you, or they will do something else. That was simple to write, but is this not the fact. If you cannot see the value, you will not pay for it, you will not do it, or you will not be a part of it?

So what is … Read the rest

Understand Company KPI’s

Life coaching and KPI’s


Nothing is more important than understanding the KPI’s of the company you work for.

Do you understand your company’s KPI’s

Do you know how to work them KPI’s

Do you know what you boss say’s and is that equal to what he means?

If you need support to understand your company’s KPI’s Join our KPI program .

It’s all the same and we do the same, if you find a way to succeed at work, … Read the rest

Design Your Way

Design your way.         

Make it happen, make the difference you need in order to make it happen, only you can do, only you know,  what it requires to make it happen. Within coaching, we believe that each goal or outcome start with the

Congruence, you need to be congruent with what you want.

Positively stated, it must be positively formulated, you can not, not think about a pink elephant

Resourced and realistic, you must have or acquire the … Read the rest

The way we are at work, and how not to do

Business life coaching

How not to do at work –

10 things that I failed on and for you to know

First to look in the mirror and to know that the whole world knows you failed, that is one thing, to be at work and see that everyone is talking about you, just not with you, that is the hard part. To know that others could have helped and to know that I myself one time did this, made me feel bad, … Read the rest

Begin with the End ~10 ways to make a good choice ~ the right way

Know why you do it and know that once you have done it, it will stay with you forever. Everyone else will forget and move on, but what you do and will define, who you become, that is why good behavior and good business is long lasting and trustworthy. People will always remember the good you did everything else we forget.
Take yourself to be a robust extended lasting version.

How do you think you are going to achieve the … Read the rest

The high impact of sharing knowledge

Had I only known what I know today? There is so much power in sharing your story, mostly because you will find out that you are not alone. When you share your story you see help and support arise from corners you never knew were there. It gives meaning to life is a circle.

Does those words sound familiar then you are in the right place, there is nothing as powerful as being among the right people to achieve the … Read the rest

7 steps to make your success last.


Our way changes and of many reasons one is especially the transparency, that will be coming in from all sides in different waves. Procurement has for so long been driving tenders and making systems to make all procure transparently and sales have other the other side made all sales transparent through CMR.


What is to make your business last for a long time,

if you are to keep the success you are building?

Sustainability in what you do whomever … Read the rest


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