Because of you – I did better, – 10 life lessons!

Because of you – I did better, You Supported Me to be a better ME – 10 life lessons!


We have turned life into FOLLOW – LIKE -SHARE – which is actually very smart, if you really think about it, because if you like something, you will follow it, and if you like something you will tell other people about it and if you like something you will share it.

So, what is going wrong?

Why are we not happy?

We have never had as much, as we have today.

We can follow like and share anything or can we?

What is it given you – me – us to follow, like and share? On social medias? –  What is in it for you?  when you follow like and share? – how does this empower you – me – us?

From the perspective where I see it?

You add power to a voice? And this person talks the voice of many? But what is in for you? How does it improve your life? Support you in your doings and performance?


Somewhere we got it wrong.


Why are we not – happy when we follow ? – Like ? and Share?



Not that we have the answers – but we are not asking the right question? – and therefore we are not getting the right answers.

We start by following something we do not even know if we like. We look at pictures and we decide to follow? But have we forgotten the ugliest can be the sweetest and nicest and actually the one who stop up and helps us if we need it?

Have we forgotten what matters in life? Have we forgotten what makes the results? Have we forgotten what it is like to be the helping hand, the one who makes a difference?

See it’s the helping hand, that is why we work, to help each other. It’s why we are here to help each other make life progress and spin – give each other adventures and make life so much more than where we alone.

Coachingandlife has profiles like everyone. No: we do not have many followers, there are not many people who know us? – We get offers every day from people who can give us more followers. How can they make that offer? And how can we get followers that does not know, who we are and what we stand for.

Let me ask you another questions?


Why would we want to have a bunch of followers who does not know us and what we stand for, that is not solid sustainable business. That’s fake.

Why are we so afraid of real people, and what real people think and do? – what real people want and do not want.

Why are people afraid of telling what they see as solutions and helping? Why has engaging with other people become so difficult

Why are people just clicking and walking away? – you are supposed to like it.

Why are people not seeking the answer to their own life?

Why are People so keen on judging other people’s life?

Why is follow – before like?

And this is only a few of the questions that comes to my mind. I can only imagine what questions you have and what comes to your mind, but I wish that they questions you ask – empowers you to become smarter, wiser and more dynamic.

If you really think about it, we should like something and then look into. If this is really what’s for YOU – Your ME –

All that we do today is life changing because to be something you need to have a beautiful face, body or money to present your business and life to the world.

Is that actually right, why does companies need to have millions on your idea for them to add on their page – your business – what you are working for, YES  I know it’s their way of making money and they have the access to people to see. That how we have made the world today, and we see many voices that – if you really think about it, would you really want to support that? – I mean think about it? People who are filled with hate, blame and harassing other people? The more out of line you are – the more followers and the funnier – but it is not funny and no matter how much we like it, it’s never going to be right


Because Actually; How does this empower your life. How do you empower your ME to be your best?

As I see it – You don’t?

We – You – Me we lose out, because we do not become richer or smarter actually we get the opposite out of it.

We give our wealth and wisdom to people who make their money on making us – you – me stupid.


Actually; Your life is not getting any better and your performance is not going anywhere. It’s a feeling for a second to follow – like and share. You moved something for someone else, you made them richer and smarter, but you forgot the most important person yourself.

Be smart and invest in yourself. You need to ask yourself –


Who is chasing me? – that’s what you want – so you can know

Where are you taking yourself?

Who is supporting you to get the right results?

Who is working for you to be better?

Who is helping you become a better person?

Who is behind you?


In Business – leadership for employees.


Your boss – manager – leader should be behind you all the way. That should be where you could get the support you need to make the goals the results and the KPI’S.

Your boss is your guidance and it is your boss, manager ability to see where you need to adjust, empower, upgrade, improve or tone down. Yes, you need to deliver results but from his guidance. You get fired because you fail to deliver the results, but you must always remember it is from your boss guidance, it can never be because of you. You fail because he did not manage to get the better out in you. Which is why when companies fire people they should start with the manager. Results are delivered by leaders who manage to get better performance out in other people.

Think about  this way, He is the captain on the ship,  and he tells where the ship is going in life, he is your life guidance, you must look at your boos and see who he is, how he navigates, how he creates the results and he needs you because –

Because you are there he will perform better:

Because your boss is there your will perform better

Together you manage to empower and bring out even better things than you would have had you been alone.


The point is not to do as your boss tells you? – the point is to find out together what is the best thing to do, seeing task in 360 angles is the absolutely best. This way you know why you are doing what you are doing.

The point is to understand your company’s goals your boss goals and to give your input to how!

How you can improve and get the results.

You team up – hire people because you want to be better – more – because of you our performance is so much better.

Because of you we made it.

Your job is not just a job, it’s the place and act that someone needs fulfilled to make a dream come true. You help the company achieve the dream.

Your effort and your voice matters.


Some people go to work and do as their boss says. Yes, some people are afraid of telling what they see. Yes, some people are smile and wave.

ASK yourself who are they and do they really care about the company, the task, the job that they have or are they collecting a paycheck.

Guess what – they are not in it alone. A company where you cannot tell the boss what you think?

 Have your working in company like that?

I always use to love the questionaries’ we got at work: with the framed question


Do you think you can tell your boss anything?


Do you believe that management listens to you?


Do you find the management open for changes?



Why would you ask that question unless you know that people do not feel that they can tell – what they think and how they feel.

You ask the question, because you want to make sure people say YES, when you know it is a NO.

If you wanted to hear from your employees, well really hear from them, what would you ask?

Do you have useful input to improve our performance?


Do you have useful input to how we can support your performance?


What do you need to perform better?


Would you know how to answer and if you got a question like this?

And how would that make you feel


So, it all come down to basic, the respect and tolerance we have with and for each other.

A company that needs to cut cost, is not answering the customers questions. Some where along the line they are doing something wrong and they are not getting it done the right way.

Any company solves as pain for someone, that’s why they purchase your product, and if you do not manage to do this in the right way.

It does not matter how well you say yes, kiss your boss or smile and wave, at the end of the day, it’s the people who really understands the customers who gets the order.

So coming back to – Why is follow so important – because your voice has value – with your follow you add data and power to the person you follow and when you follow them something else may follow them too – because we like to be among likes – like like likes, and now that you follow and like this – this is the impact you get on your life, it’s the box you get in, It is the life influencer to your life – it is the voice that you hear.


Is this the real world?

The questions is how do we get the input, the impact to ourselves that will empower us to become the person I – you – we want to be?

I am not sure that I have the right life influencer on my life.

I am not sure that the voices I hear every day are empowering me in the right direction


Why am I saying that?

Because I want to be around people who want to improve and do better I want to be around people who will help me get smarter wiser and better.

Because I want to be around people who will take me good places in life

Because I want to build my strongest ME

Working for someone is my change to learn how you can fulfill your dream, it is my change to be around people who support each other achieving the results.

Because we are together, we make it.

I work to do better, and I give you my most important asset – my time.

What I give my time is also what in return gives me improvements to my life and my family. Not only in money but in knowledge and wisdom.


We are here to help each other in every possible way, nothing is ONE WAY

No one can know it all.

You can do anything just not everything

You can lead everyone – just not everywhere


There is only one good advice to give you –  build your strongest ME.

Empower yourself to become the best version

Strengthen yourself to dare

Invest in yourself and get the know-how and learning you need to be the places you want.


Look around you – it’s the people you are among, the table you eat at, the place they take you, the laughs they give you, the money they help you make.

The power is in your voice by what you follow – like and share – more than you can imagine


Focus on your life how you are improving your way forward – you must:

Know it – To Grow it


Good luck – bring yourself the luck you need to become the strongest ME







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