7 Reasons, why writting it down will support and empower you even more

Black and white – you see it on the paper, there is no escape or exit, you cannot escape – there is nowhere to run….

Black and white – you see on paper, there is no escape or exit, you cannot escape – there is no where to run – the power of writing it down is to keep yourself accountable to your goals and outcome.7 Reasons, why writing down will support you on a day to day basis always Or even – you can’t run – aren’t no place that far. It is important what you do and how you do it.   Why Why is it so important to write your feeling, thoughts, down – because writing gives you the opportunity to take the trouble or what is worrying you out of your head, but not only that it gives you the opportunity to form your thoughts into sentences that are as you feel. Why, because you let things spin and grown when you keep them in your head – get it out, talk about it and let it be what it is for you, but write it down. Why: What is the worst thing that can happen? What is the best thing that is happening right now? How is it influencing you? How it is influencing you in a good way? Where would you be right now had this not happened? Where are you now that it has happened? What is the difference to you? Why is this important to you? Why are you letting it take your thoughts? What can you do about it? What will you do about it? How will you change it? What will you change? Is there anything that can prevent you from going forward? All the questions for you to understand why is what the ME-MEMBER ship is all about, because when something happens all of need a period of time before we understand what is going on, and where we are and what we are going to do about it. Take being fired from your job, if you have set your mind up to this job and all of sudden you are fired out of the group, everything changes for you, from one second to the next. You have to find a new way to support yourself and your family. Why did it happen and what is that your former company did to you. You see, their true color and be thankful that they let you go, why would you want to spend 8 hours a day and some of your best time building someone else’s dream, when they do not value what you do. Let it go and make sure you do the right thing, get up and move on in the right way. It is so good learning, for yourself about who you are and what you stand for, but also what you want and what is the right thing for you. Let me give you a case, I was fired, I work for a huge company and thought they were good and what they did was right, until I got out on the other side, I did not have nails for 6 years, I was scared all the time, afraid of doing wrong, and you know what, I could not see it. Today I feel thankful and today I know what the right thing is, and the more I do the right thing, the more I feel my own inner power. The wind of change is the power for opportunities What is it bringing you? Why is it coming to you? That is the good questions to ask yourself, why is it coming to you? Wind of change can offer you so much – what is the awareness you have to see and feel. It is your chance to change something for something even better in your life.   I do understand you ask HOW How did this happen? How are you taking it? How will you move on? How can you find out the best in what is happening? How can you improve what you do? How can you get the life you want? How can you be the person you want? How can you take the opportunities and see this is your chance to change it to what you want it to  be. It is your life, and if you want something you will get it, this did not work out, let it go, it was not right for you, if it had been, you would be succeeding. It is time to think about how you can change it. Close your eyes and feel yourself all the way. What is it you wanted? What is this all about? What are you doing? What are you not doing? What are you going to do`? What opportunities do you see? What is your time frame? What is so important, because what is the first step to support you with what you are going to do. It is just before you take action and start changing your life. What What can change it all, it is when you get the awareness of what you will do, what you will not do, that you discover what is the right thing for you to do. You can never do anything unless you know what to do, so what did you do and what did you not do. There is always in the what time and phase so much to think about, Because it is in this phase you need to take with you what took here, to the wind of change, you can never go on as before, you need to take with you the awareness and the wisdom you process now, to ensure yourself the right choice, Think about what has been happening as you are driving a car, and you have a destination, but you got off track and you are right now looking at the map to find out what road will take you to where you want. There are may ways to some destination, and you can take many detours as long as you know what your goal and outcome is. It is time to write about yourself and what is the right thing for you to do. If you need support then use the gap tools you find on the page, take highlight for yourself, what is the gap. Think about it, you know when you took a different turn, and everyone else was going in a different direction, you know? How far are you from yourself right now on a scale from 1 – 10? Where are you? If you cannot see what you want and do not know what Tell your story in the ME- find out what is you, who you are and what you want to work for, how you would like to have and why you would like to have it. It is your life and when you tell your story you find the awareness in what is happening, If you need tools of life, you can either seek support in the MY membership which will offer you tools and sharing about life tools, but think about, your story will not be active in this membership as if you decide to use the BY-INVITATION-ONLY MEMBERSHIP.  Here you can mix it all, use your life challenges to shape your life forward, there is nothing as powerful as finding out what is you. Once you know what is you? You can feel the power coming to you all the way from within. It will take you time and writing to find out what is really you and how you want to move on and what you want to do, start by asking yourself repeatedly, it is me Is it me, Is it me And finally you will stand there and you will be able to scream out yes this is me, this is what I am and what I believe in life and this is what I want to do, and this is me. It is who you are? It is what you are? It is where you are going? It is how you will get there? Take all you have learned about yourself and the knowledge and awareness that has come to you and bring that forward to do what is you?   Once you have the power from within, nothing can stop you, you know what the right thing for you is to do. The challenge for all of us is to keep the faith that we know from within what is the right thing for us to do, we have the power from with in – it is how we push out, and we get feedback from everyone it is how we pull in, the balance between the push and pull is what is important always, If you let go of what is from within your destination and what you want to achieve then you let yourself down, and that is your soul mind and body. It is what you work for, your soul it is your task to translate the messages you get from within to thoughts and then later into mind and body. Your body will do anything you ask but challenging your soul and what you are about is a very different thing. If you feel stressed, fear, anxiety, nervous stop yourself and feel what this pain is about, why what and how. When you are ready, you are ready to shape your life forward, you will add all you have learned and you will know how to shape your life, it is hard work to shape once own life, and keep shaping it, it may take all your strength and it may take all your know to keep that focus for you. It is hard to let go of the view of what other people are doing and only focus on one self, what is ME, it is me, am I doing the right thing for me, My for what I know, my knowledge, my wisdom, my experience, The 7 reasons is your awareness, understading, will, reasons, outcome, result and believe. Use what you get out of holding yourself accountable and in the BY-INVITATION-ONLY is the sharepoint where you share to shape, you have taken yourself through the wind of change and you are ready to shape your life forward, to keep that focus needs attention for a long time, and over and over again, it is your invitation to view on your life. When When you are ready, do it when you know and you will do it when you are ready, and no it will not come by itself and no you cannot sit and wait for it to happen, it will take all you got, this is your dream and this is your life and there is no waiting and there can be no change if you do not work with all you got for it to happen. It is your chance to change it, it is happening for you, not to you. You will be grateful that this happened later on if you take it and you make something of it, it is not about feeling weak, let know or wrong. It is about you and what you need to achieve what is right for you. You are not the victory of something else, you are your success and if you need support and guidance to see, reach out to one of the cal coaches, they can guide you all the way. Because – Once you write your change phase down, you will keep yourself accountable, and it what you want, you want the change. If you do not take this chance if you do not crab the opportunities, you will sit back and nothing will happen in your life, you will be stones that are not shaped into diamonds. You need to pick up your stones and shape them to the diamonds they are suppose to be, your stones can not shine if you do not shape them, it can not be borrowed or done by anyone else but you, and your diamonds will not shine because you look at other people shaping their diamonds. If you are to make this happen, it is your work and solely your work, yes we can all support you and yes we can all give your guidance and comfort and understanding. But at the end of the day, this is your life and it is all up to you, how you want to live it, there is no right or wrong there is the feeling you have within, and if you are satisfied and have peace of mind, then you are in your right spot, if you do not, Then you know the steps to take, It is your life and it is your soul mind and body, and it is for your to make the best of what you got, Do it


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Written by Berit Lagdefoged, well versed writer at CAL.