3 angles – how to be a great leader and what to look out for


How to perform excellently. 3 Basic angles for great leadership and why they are important

Why do we need leadership in a time with a rising ME and people are no more than 3,5 years on average in a company or in a family?

What role does leadership have`?

Why do we keep talking about it?

Why are we even talking about leadership?

What brings leadership to the agenda?

Which companies are taking leadership?

Why are these companies taking leadership?

There are many questions coming to mind when we talk about leadership? – Facts about leadership is that it is someone talking lead in a direction? And the facts are that there must be something and someone to lead.

Fact is also that lead is when guidance is needed.

So, why are we taking leadership when no one has problems, and no one has challenges?  To overcome and find strength and ability to handle.

If we have problems at work, we either leave or are fired?

If we have problems in our family, we change the family?

Where does leadership come in, and why does leadership still pop up. If we think about it, if we just change and just move on so why do we need it?

And we do?

Why do we need leadership?

We do because it is doing something that is important and that adds value that life is, it is where the feeling of love, joy and happiness is.

There is nothing as the power of knowing that someone needs you? Knowing the smile when they look at you and feeling the arms around yours, it can be virtually or real, to feel you are here and that you matter, that is life.

When you are in a team, in a family you are someone, this is all for you, and your voice and your mind matter to the people around you. It’s not perfect, but it is to be the hand that helps when someone needs the guidance you can offer. We all want to look great and be our best.

We all want to be successful, as we define success.

(No one of us defines success as the same, we may think but we don’t)

Our success or satisfaction will drive us and for a long time we have been achieving.

Now leadership keeps coming up. Why?

It’s not that I sit with the answer, so the answer is not coming, but some indications of what brings leadership to the table.

Leadership keeps coming up

If leadership was not needed, the term and the words would not keep coming up. So for sure, we need leadership. We need to redefine leadership so that it can add value to people.

We do not have leadership in companies today. We have managers who ensure tasks and systems are correct filled out.

Leadership is the guidance of people and helping people perform better.

Leadership is human teaching finding the strength in someone, that the person cannot see self, it’s trusting when the person does not trust self, it’s standing up for someone when no one else does, it’s doing the right thing even though it is hard.

How can we expect leadership in companies or families when they last 3,5 years, how can we create what it takes to get a leadership mindset up when the players are changing, and we do not even know who is leading and where we are going?

Why would any person give all they have if they were only on the team for a year? Why not just play along? And do what you are told?  Why would you get up and speak your mind and take all the struggle?

YOU will …..

Do you know why, because you are searching for the place where you belong, where you voice matters and where you can breathe and feel life.

That’s why leadership keeps coming up, because we are looking for a way to find out. How do I find the place where I can grow and fulfill my life! We all seek a safe place to be, where we can grow and develop our inner vision.

You do not go to a meeting to listen, you go to a meeting to share ideas and minimize risk, some way down the road we forgot what it is all about. We made systems for people to fill out and yes, they are good.

They support business and we do things better and smarter.

Facts is that we can be even better, if we can redefine leadership and what we want in our leadership.

Ask yourself this question, what is leadership where I work? – What is leadership in your family?

Leadership at work, you may not have much impact on, but you have an impact on how you lead yourself.

The workplaces I have been at, has been managed by fear and employees of shallow.  Normal talk at the office was about coffee and the food in the canteen. Somehow that was safe to talk about how the coffee is! Or how is the food!

It is not okay to make mistakes or say something that was outlined. Whatever inline was? – Or wherever they were going? – I look back and I do not see something I admire.

They are still there – they companies are still going strong – so what is wrong with me? And where am I making the wrong turns? – I would have loved to have a good leader to guide me through?

Some of the questions that arise for me:

What are good manners today? –

What is a good leadership?

Why do we want to work together?

Why do we need each other?

What kind of goals do we need to reach?

How long am I here?

What courage does a person need to be a good leader? It seems that leadership is for a few and that it requires very special skills.

How do we define a good leader? We all talk about a good leader and we have all meet a good leader, so what is it.

I can only talk about myself:

To me, when I think about leadership, I think about the people who opened my eyes to something better than I could see. They trusted my voice and my view. I have had two good leaders in my life, and how they supported me and gave me the courage to continue and keep working to achieve the goals, still that feeling within I can recall.

I have also had bosses, who wanted tasks done, for whom it all was a job getting done anything getting done. Just do it.

So, from all this talk what are we hearing:

  1. Shallow why the world’s shallow, because we are in a culture of no mistakes and perfect and that brings along shallow, and you may now say why do I say that.

I do that because if things are perfect you are not looking for changes or improvement. If your life is perfect there are no challenges to solve, there are no new things coming into your life. You protect what you have. What is coming into your life is that you will be upset with whatever disturbs the peace.

It’s like taking a picture in time – a moment and keep that moment alive for a long time.

What’s forgotten what it took to come here.

What kind of hard work? What kind of love?  Any family or company starts out of love, because someone feels something that is so strong that they either have to start a company to help the world or because they love someone so much they are willing to do anything for them.

Think about the cures, people started companies to help people they loved, or saw that the world needed help.

We do out of the right reasons. We are amazing people who want the best, we want to feel better and we want to be part of great things. How can Shallow come to mind when thinking about leadership.

It can because most companies have silenced the people working there? – Can you speak your mind at work? Are you a person who must talk the voice of the management?

And how well do you think your management knows what is happening and going on in your level at work?

Shallow comes to mind because we do not engage, we do as we are told, and we take the shallow part in our families. We do what we do not like as we do at home.

We need to come out of the shallow and into life.

Feel life what it really is.

We need to teach each other how to feel. Really feel

  • Teams

What a team it is a group of people who trust each other, working together for the same goal. How do leadership and teams come together. Companies and many separate teams who are bundled up to a common performance and results come from the ability to bring people together to see the goal, the vision and really want to work for it.

What is the prime goal for the company you are working with?  And here I am not talking about profit I am talking about what is the passion that people come together to work for.

Why do you want to have the best supply chain the world? What is that going to give you and why is it important to you to understand all aspects in the chain? Why is it important to know how people perform and why they love their job? And why is it important with long term knowledge, understanding and goals.

  • Sustainable

Why is sustainability important to leadership? You need something to lead if you need leadership. If you are adding data to a system you do not need leadership, you need managers to have tasks done. If you need progress and profit you need to perform better than your competitors and systems are the same, technology is the same and the ability to get people to fill into a system is a question about how can you push people, but there is not a margin of 20-50% in pushing people.

You need leadership for people to find their strength in the team and how that ONE team can perform better than the competitors. You can not get outstanding good performance with average input. You need to find that one passion that makes people strive and really want to.

Companies with easy hire easy fire get people working from 8-5 because you never get people to speak up and invest their inner vision knowing they will get fired. You never get a company to accept that people speak up, because how are managers going to control it.

The fact is that the term leadership is under construction, and there is more angles and view to look into fact is that we must dive into leadership and get out of the shallow, we must dare.

What will it mean to lead in a world with the rising ME.

What makes a good leader need to do and what kind of companies will we see in the future?

What bridges is that we need to gap? – What knowledge is needed? Where are the leaders going to be getting their knowledge and how will they get the feedback they need to do better.

What does profit? Due to all of us and how are the people in power using the power of creativity to break through.

Who has the real power? And how are they using the power. There are so many questions that need to be answered before leadership can start shaping the form it needs to take. Leadership needs value and needs sustainable goals. Leadership needs deep inner goals; you need to dive deep to find out what is most important and what kind of feeling you want people to get and have when working with you and being around you.

Leadership is in everything we do; you cannot not lead your life. You lead every day. You are the leader of your life and you are the leader of your family.

You are the follower in the company you work where you need a leader that can tell what you need to perform your outstanding best.

Let your inner voice speak

Open the gate to your life and what makes a difference for you, what you love and what you want this life to be about.

Coachingandlife is about your performance and how you improve your daily life. We are here to back you up.

Coachingandlife has closed private performance system for you to keep track of yourself in a word that constantly wants to change you for you to be happy in real life.

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