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Business - Leadership and Work

We help you go from stuck to action at

COACH: Business Coach

Let Me Coach You

  • Coaching is one of the greatest achievements you can do for yourself
  • Supporting you is one of the most rewarding accomplishments that I receive
  • Guiding & Directing your career is always evolving and know that you are not alone

COACH: Business Coach- Progress management

Let challenge of leaadership and change for results

  • Define your goals and specification – define your demands
  • Get the results, let leadership make the steps to great performance
  • Guiding & Directing your career is always evolving and know that you are not alone is an online coaching forum to support people achieve their goals and desire

COACH: Businees and leaderships Coach

Holding yourself back with Anxiety, Trauma, Personal Growth, Professional growth,

We all talk about the secreate and we all know what it is. It’s us employees we are the difference to every job and every service given. How we do it makes a difference is an online coaching forum to support people achieve their goals and desire

Let Me Coach You

  • My life coaching services is 5 Empowering Steps To Find The Resilience And Strength Inside of You, so that no matter what fire comes your way, you know exactly how to navigate the flames.
  • My coaching style is the Secret To Controlling “You” So That You Can Control Your Life (and finally live it on your own terms too)!
  • My coaching process How To Acknowledge When Change Is Necessary, even when it’s painful and feels impossible.

Personal Guidance is an online coaching forum to support people achieve their goals and desire

COACH:  Empower yourself

Let Me Coach You

  • Let us BEGIN our journey together to find the missing link in your life so you can live and thrive in the present moment.  I will help you rewire your brain to create new patterns with everyday tools that are easy, accessible and specifically designed to help you live with peace, joy and love in each moment while moving through obstacles with courage and trust.

Love and Family

We help you go from stuck to action at

COACH: I am a Love Coach

“Men and Women think about the same things, we just process and communicate them differently. My mission in life is to help Men and Women Communicate Better In love. Let’s talk and help you into your Better… whatever that may be”


Breakthrough Coach

  • Break through the barriers of your life today and become the person you really are
  • Become the confident, outgoing person you were meant to be
  • Say goodbye to stress – Welcome Abundance into your life
  • Decide it’s time to quit your 9 – 5 job if that is what you want AND DO IT
  • Build your dream business, whatever that may be, with confidence because You know you can do it!
  • How do I do it?

Start off with a Vision Walk and take it from there  Or connect with me and set up a call and we’ll discuss the best way to work with me, which can be 1:1 coaching or group coaching.  I am here for YOU.  Heartfelt Abundance Academy :

Loss and Grief


Let me guide and coach you.

I work on releasing emotional and energetic imbalances in order for you to experience less physical and emotional pain. I believe that many are suffering from anxiety, grief, and depression. By identifying and releasing trapped emotions we support your body’s natural ability to heal itself.

Having lost my father at a young age and overcoming my own personal experience with depression & trauma, I’ve gained the knowledge and ability in helping others reach a point of feeling a new sense of balance and inner calm.

Emotional and Life Coaching

Roxanne B Davidson

Let Me Coach You

I will work with you to create a plan for your success, however you may define it. I believe in the importance of mutual respect and kindness, and employ a more gentle coaching style while still intensely encouraging you towards your goals, be they emotional, spiritual, or physical.

My objective is to ensure you have a well rounded experience of life, and can maintain positivity through mindfulness in the face of everyday challenges, both big and small. As a licensed Esthetician

Depression Anxiety Mindfulness Inspire Relationship

2019-April 3-5

Let me guide and coach you.

I am Fierce and I am Family! You’re not just a customer, but a member of our Fierce Family. At Fierce Family LLC I only take a limited number of members a Season, with 4 Seasons a year. The reason for this is that you need the utmost focus during your Season of Growth. This can’t be done without dedication, 100% focus and commitment that needs a life/work balance and continued enjoyment in what I do. I will be the person in your corner that will provide support and honesty; but most importantly the perfect demand for accountability surrounded with a level of respect that allows for a growth in diligence and discipline. Coaching without judgement; only acceptance, minor guidance as we work to discover what is blocking your full potential. You will get curious about life again and with that comes excitement and with excitement you’re truly living life.

Phone: (402) 658-2530  Email: AprilCrawford@Fierce.Family Website: www.Fierce.Family

Mentor group is an online coaching forum to support people achieve their goals and desire

Let Me Coach You

  • My life coaching services is 5 Empowering Steps Working with Kids and knowing the challenge on what it is like to be a father.

Business Strategist - Coaching Support


Business and Lifestyle Strategist.

Linda is a Business and Lifestyle Strategist. She helps women unpack their hidden suitcases the dreams and messes that are packed away. She guides them to clarity, confidence and direction so they can achieve their dreams. She combines decades of experience in the corporate world with her own life lessons as well as her personal and professional success to help working moms and corporate women who want a change and are ready to find their purpose so they can create more time, more income, and more impact while living life on their terms.

She developed tools and a framework in her integrative approach to life, mindset and business treating each one as a separate unit and then connecting them together. Her use of holistic mentoring through a mapping out phase to ascertain and clarify while exposing their hidden treasures, drawing out the steps they need to take, then creating and implementing a mapped out clearly defined action plan.

5 words Life transitions, mindset, female empowerment, work/life balance, and the challenges of starting a new business

Contact Linda  through CAL 

If you want something in this life. You must ask for it.

80% of everything you do, comes from the question. Why do you want it. Let us help you answer your question. Let us support you be in the right job, business, relationshiplet us support you be your best version where ever you are, in whatever you choose to do.

We have many stories to tell and we experience a lot in our lifetime. Facs are that those who manage to listen and adapt their learning to the tasks will over time perform improve and achieve more.

We are “teams”, we are “teams” for and with each other. We aim to be the place where people can ask us anything and we will aim and seek the answer.

NO-ONE can know it all, but when we are together we can know so much more.

CAL is support and help to you where ever you are! – Online you can talk to us. CAL is a safe place to ask.

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Coachingandlife a network of coaches
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