Coaching and Feedback Introdution

Coaching and feedback, exercises, templates and skills are all cores for future performance for and employee.

As a Coaching and FEEDBACK In a real-time vendor, Coachingandlife provides a variety of concepts, such as feedback solutions to be used to gather information from customers, suppliers, teams, and employees.

Coaching and Feedback occurs when outputs of a system are routed back as inputs – as part of a chain of cause-and-effect, that forms a circuit or loop. The feedback system can then be said to feed back into itself. Coaching is the core to gain the alignment and understanding of what the feedback really means, says and wants to improve.

“Feedback comes in forms: appreciation (thanks), coaching (here’s a better way to do it), and evaluation (here’s where you stand).

Coaching and Feedback concepts by Coachingandlife have the approach of coaching and evaluation.


Why is structured feedback needed?

A structured Feedback system enables monitoring of tasks and processes and procedure the agile way from insight into the “discrepancy between the current and desired.”

Coachingandlife understands the risks of out-of-date information and the importance of facts and insight from feedback in real-time to see trends, changes and get ahead.


This whitepaper outlines Coachingandlife’s approach to structured coaching and feedback and the compliance for our major product Informatics TM

From personal to enterprise, Coachingandlife offers feedback solutions and services, every each one we give you support end-to-end from your start and till you set up your own structured consistent feedback process to gain analyzed information in real-time.

This paper illustrates Coachingandlife’s approach and policy, how Coachingandlife identifies coaching and feedback solutions with proper secure ways, and how Coachingandlife handles your needs and desire for information into insight and facts, and how Coachingandlife supports the concept and flow.


A tailored solution for you.

Working with coaching and feedback can be tough if you are not used to giving and receiving feedback, it can be challenging to get started. At Coachingandlife we recognize that support to build the feedback you need is ongoing and therefore we have our Forums to support – you each step of the way.

With us, you step into a safe place to ask and get the answers you need to clear the mind, understand the process and become the agile and flexible person you really are.

Coachingandlife reserves the final right to change any content in this document at any time without prior notice. In the event of any changes, the revised document will be available on Coachingandlife’s official website. Please check the latest information indicated herein to inform yourself of any changes.

Coaching and feedback for performance.

To have an understanding of where you are leading coaching and feedback, exercises, templates, and skills are all cores for future performance for an employee. And Employee who does not see the alignment between future goals and targets and what he is doing, it building a gap.


How to ensure performance?

Gain the alignment you need helps you not only save time but also engages the employee to fulfill tasks even better.

The clarity to strategy.

Understanding the business strategy, see how the work you do directly impacts results and performance. A team that you unite forces and have a clear vision to not only what is done, but also to how it is done can only succeed.

Success is in alignment with the feedback you get. Alignment gained the agile way is handled with coaching and feedback.

  1. Get the feedback you need to answer to fulfill the strategy.
  2. Get the Coaching you need to align with the feedback.
  3. Start aligning with your teams and get their commitment


At CoachingAndLife we understand the need to align the agile way, it is why we have built the forums, which is a safe place to ask the question you get when you see the feedback and need to find solutions to align smart, dynamic, and brave.

Often the solutions we need to come up with are not something we have tried before.

What is your boss or leader’s role?

Did you ever have a boss, where you needed to do as told, and not ask any questions? me too. I got fired – How did you do? When we need to align with strategy there are two objects we need to consider. What the company needs and what the leader needs, and sometimes those two do not align. That’s how you as an employee end up in a dilemma and often end up getting fired.

A good leader’s role is?

To help you understand and align with the business strategy, seeking to understand what tasks need to be fulfilled and help do the exercises, ensure you have the skills and set the standard for the performance.



Here is an example: You do not –

  • Speak nicely because you want to speak nicely, but you speak nice – so you do not open the door for someone to speak back at you.
  • Act correctly because you want to be right, but because when you do not – it’ keeps spinning your mind.


A good boss is supportive, helpful, training and engaging to ensure his teams matches the business needs and desire. He is the missing link when you need to bridge trouble waters.


Alignment with tasks.

Enter the forums and align with the tasks if you have fear, doubt, or worries. If you have been given tasks it is because your boss believes you can do them. If you are afraid to ask the doubts you see and feel, align with peers – ask them how they see it and if there is a different angle or way to address it.

Most often misunderstandings start from very small things, we did not get the alignment and clarity into.


Performance value

Skills training and exercises, nothing like being part of a team that wants to achieve goals, where the exercise is to be better, using yourself best way to be part of the performance and adding value. It matters and what you do makes a difference.

It is a simple setup.

Get the feedback you need from a team, as a business, or as a leader and employee, and start harvesting all the benefits from the insight and facts you get.

Simplified we have coaching – feedback – forums to ensure that there is a backup on all levels.

Employees with a clear mind, clarity to the strategy, know their value, and do good.

Get the benefits

from coaching and feedback

Performance coaching and feedback

Signup and start harvesting the benefits from alignment and commitment.

Feedback results goals and optimization

Signup and get the insight and facts you need in real-time.

Exercise feedback and coaching

Signup cut to the facts and get ahead in the curve.

Coaching and feedback exercises

When we align and have clarity, we can learn new skills and exercise. Alignment is the core to gaining commitment. No one can commit to something they do not understand. That is why the coaching feedback solutions make employees commit and engage in a whole new degree.


Coaching and feedback, exercises, templates, and skills are all cores for future performance for an employee.

At Coachingandlife we understand the need to gain that alignment, clarity, and commitment. At Coachingandlife we are with you all from the introduction to everyone feels comfortable using the method and forums are an ongoing service we provide.

It is a simplified method to success.

For compliance though people.

Employee feedback and coaching templates

Training yourself to give good feedback that is constructive and usable for better performance going forward. Coaching and feedback, exercises, templates and skills are all cores for future performance for an employee. How we use the feedback and how we get the coaching tools and exercise to support us for the insight and facts we need to align.

Our commitment determine on how will we align.

People are in a job short term is the commitment is not there. Commitment is the engagement to make the task succeed. People succeed when the align on a purpose.

Take the European soccer team from Denmark, how they the manage to align with the purpose to win. They want to win because they feel so much back up and support from everyone around them. A team that can unite with the a purpose, can unite to commit and will align on the tasks that needs to be fulfilled. At Coachingandlife we understand just that, we bring skills forward to ensure the alignment from feedback and coaching.

Signup up and start harvesting the benefits with feedback and coaching solutions. At Coachingandlife we are with you and your team from start to finish with ongoing support and forums.


Compliance Through People



Providing our customers with a reliable and secure coaching and feedback method to cultivate resilient performance and make right actions the agile way has always been Coachingandlifes primary consideration.

To active collaboration between people,to align weather that is as customer, supplier or employee using our solutions enables coaching and feedback to be a strong access for any business that depend on human performance.

One will tell where you stand today – the other what options for future growth.


The structured set-up of regularly coaching and feedback to fix vulnerabilities quickly and efficiently.

Coachingandlife ensures insight and facts through our powerful and professional solutions for coaching and feedback that only few companies have, organizations and individuals can now focus more on their businesses and reduce analyzing costs, the use of out-of-date information with risk involved and get a secure and safe method going forward.


For the past few years, we have seen fruitful served customers with confidence in using our coaching and feedback solutions creating time savings from 40-60 %, while ensuring high quality and standards across. Organizations and individuals can now focus more on their businesses and reduce costs while they optimize not only business performance but also gain higher performance self.

Coaching and Feedback enables fast pace to changing times, secures the process and procedure across the world and Coachingandlife will continue to improve our concepts and enhance our secure coaching and feedback solutions to be tailored to unique needs of customer’s desire.