Why do we need coaching, courses, tools, training, and learning?

How to find solutions to align with your life. How to get the right training tools courses and learning to achieve your goal,  if this is some of the questions you are asking?

A course:

We take training and learning to achieve new skills. It takes time to understand how to master a skill and the more you practice the better you become. What do you want to be good at? and why do you want to be good at it.

Taking a course is getting specific training. If you take a procurement course with me, I will teach you all I know about the procurement and the different fractions and situations that the procurement role will demand of you. Each company you walk into will on top of the skills have its values, and you will need to adapt and align your skills and values to the business culture and strategy.

CoachingAndlife offers courses to give you specific training and learning in a category or subject. Once you have completed your course you can apply to get your diploma. Why do we not automatically give you a diploma, we do not because taking a course is not the same as mastering the skills. We want you to gain insight and facts, use coaching to gain alignment, to be able to master the skills you are taking your course in.


Life tools are no different than tools you get at Home Depot here we use coaching to gain alignment, people say let me show you how. They are life tools and they work just as well as tools from Home Depot. When you use them it works and it helps the task you are solving. The fact is the more tools and flexibility you process the better are your chances at achieving the result you desire.

If you do not have the tools you will feel stuck, confused, and hard to understand what to do. If you feel anything like this finding a mentor and coach can help you gain the tools you need. It is never personal it is only learning new tools.

With a coach you get tools, a coach will give you coaching tools and training and here at CoachingAndLife we have a variety of coaches to satisfy your needs

Use your learning:

One thing is to know a tool, the other thing is to practice using the tool, that is the real learning. How to master the use of a tool comes, when you practice it. When you try it and when you use it. It is not until you start using your learning, you find out how it fits your belief or your desire. Learning is not, at all the same as reading a book, learning is much more than that. It is a feeling you get when you master a skill.

We know the importance of having a place to ask use coaching to gain alignment, when you start your training and learning, it is why we use the networking forums to gain the alignment you seek from your training. Learning something and then adapting it to you takes effort, it is a transformation process and you want to be able to ask other people, how did I do.


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