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Link Coaching and Life

Why buy from us? Why get coached by me?

From the angles, I link coaching and life. If you need my strength and capability from…

  • Life Coaching
  • Stress management
  • Leadership
  • Performance management
  • Procurement management
  • Real-time Data Aggregation
  • Analytics in real-time
  • Training real-time data aggregation
  • Digital Transformations tools and transition



Berit Ladefoged Coachingandlife - we can all use coaching

The struggle and strength

To cross the bridge and still make the right choice is hard work How to do it? How to make the right choices. As a Certified Life Coach with a Master in NLP, TNLP, CPP, and 25 years in Corporate. Life has shown me many faces and what life has proven to me without a doubt it’s the people you are among. A good boss makes you perform well, a good friend brings out better in you, a partner who makes you strive. It is all about who you are among.


Strive to be your best

Here is what I bring to the table: I analyze and improve, I progress to strive and seek better, I am a problem solver, I like to solve problems challenges, and opportunities. I do, I ask and I believe in teams and collaboration. Never ever give up upon yourself.


I believe it has been one of my greatest weaknesses and still, I believe, I believe leadership support guidance and people who reach out to each other to help each other. Go to the gym today – go home and look in the mirror – nothing changed – DO IT EVERY DAY – and all change…

I know what it means when people reach out. I stood there alone – I know what it is like to be bullied by a billion-dollar company,

I know what it takes to rise –  Even when they hacked my data and used it against me.

It is the faces of life no-one needs to see. But YOU can rise and You can do it?


Hope – & – Dreams

I/we support you and your hopes and dreams – you need to ask – How do I get a good life?, How do I get a good friend? How do I perform well? How does life give me the results I am looking for?

Your questions determine the answers GET UP and be yourself best –  cross bridges, and make a difference with the right people.

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Berit Ladefoged we can all use coaching

Invest The Tools Training and Learning. It is the walk to FREEDOM.

From my own experience, I can only tell you, that a good boss, coach, and trainer has always shown me the good sides of life, the best dinners, tasted beautiful wine, shared good stories. A wrong boss, the coach made me fail and get fired. Make a smart choice and choose the good >> it’s so much more fun.

Invest The Tools Training and Learning. It is the walk to FREEDOM.

Can you learn from my story and can I guide you beyond. What did I not see and why did I fail.

What do I know today, and how can I be the helping hand for you to move on fast.

I have never failed with a good coach and mentor

– I have failed many times when the mentoring and coaching was wrong

Cal Coachingandlife your tool

It’s the choices you make on a daily basis

Make 4 key-choice stones

If you have any questions at all to Coachingandlife and Life Coach Berit Ladefoged is the founder of Coachignandlife and Coaching and life is a place where tools help challenges to succeed Reach out to us here >>