How to create real life in a fake world.

Think about it.

How can you create real life in a fake world. We live in a world where, how can you believe what you see and hear in a world with Social media as Facebook, Meta, Instagram, Twitter ect.

If there is one thing Facebook has brought to the surface, it is the meaning of fake, cheap and cheat.

During the last 15 years the world has really tasted, the surprises and abuse of social media.

You never know, if the story you see is true, and you never know, if the story is reliable, or even true, worst of all, all this has taken us to a point, where we do not care anymore.

We care, but we are so use to it being fake, so how can we create real life in a world that is more fake than real.

New ways will come along just like Coahingandlife we need places where we can feel safe and real. Where real people with real problems meetup to solve real life.

Social media is a joke to real life, but they are the front runner of promotion and entertainment. They know how to make people do stupid things, the more stupid the more likes.

In real life, you want to create real life to be sustainable and lasting.

A fake world: How to create real life.

We all need to find our way to know, how to create real life in this fake world.

How can we create a real life in a world where most of what we face is fake. You never really know the people among you until you face problems.

Fake people have chosen that it is not called problems, but challenges, this way it is the people they meet that are challenged, and who needs to seek the solution which they will go along with.

How far are you willing to go.

In today’s world, it is not a question about, what is the right thing to do. The question is how much risk are you willing to take, when do you get off. Because the more you push it, the further you go, the smarter you are and the more money you will make.

People admire the fake success made from suffering.

How to live in a fake world?

Why is the world fake? And why do you need to know how to navigate, be authentic and real in a world that is cheap, cheat and fake.

Being real will empowers you.

You will be so much stronger if you are authentic and can use all our inner strength to gain the results. Fake people run out of time, cheap people lose value and cheat work against time.

You are here to prove them wrong.

At Coachingandlife we want to prove them wrong, we want to take life to a higher level, where we are not in competition with each other, but a player to improve the world and the behavior.

We are better, and we can join forces to become stronger, smarter and wiser.

Fake, cheap and Cheat is for those who need to take advantage of others, because within they do not really try, they use the kindness and gaps in other people. We prevent a fake world.

Leadership where are you?

How many businesses today lacks good leadership? How many people leave their jobs because of poor leadership. A fake world does not need leadership?

The good questions have mankind forgotten?

Time Spend.

Every empire has a time and all of sudden it is gone, no empire has ever lasted. Why?

The time where Business believes they can just fire people is soon to be gone. What is coming now and how will it impact the fake world we are in.

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