Try harder or let go? and it is an ongoing evaluation.

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You can never ever give up, and you will always have at least 2 options. Try harder or let go.

What are you thinking about this moment?

Try harder what does that mean? Letting go what does that mean?

Often we think that letting go is giving up,

Leadership and how to see your leadership skills

But that is not true, it can be very tuff and painful to let go of what is very pressures to you.

That you love so much.

Letting go can be the best gift you can have to give.

Do you remember the rose, where she gives up her daughter because her dad can give her a better life?

What does that make you think, that the mother let her go?

Because she was lazy or did she give her up.

Because she knew she did not have the ability to give her daughter the life she wanted for her.

That’s why it is one of the hardest questions you will ever face?

Why – because if you let go, you tell yourself and the world around you that you do not have what it takes.

Think about companies and managers who fire and hire.

They know they do not process the skills they need to lead and develop the organization, they need to change the people and the competencies as they move on.

If you process strong leadership skills you know how to develop, transform and get the right performance in people.

If you are a leader you know how to drive and encourage people to move on.

Even though it is tough.

Can you do it?

Christmas is always a hard time of the year:

Because it is the time where you think about how you do things to achieve your own goals. It is the time where you think about who you really are. The rest of the year you forget it and cover it up in I had to.

What you do will stay with you forever.

The world will forget; but you will remember.

Slowly it is transforming you and turning you into the person you are.

Think about the people you fired this year, how you did and how you made them feel. You were on top, it is your leadership skills that were tested and your performance in the spotlight.

What you did and how you did it will stay with you forever.

When you look in the mirror that is the result you see.

That is one of the hardest things you will ever face;

What you do when you are on top of the world. Try harder or let it go.

You never see leadership before things are going wrong and/or people have made mistakes. Here your true leadership skills stand-in character and the true color of your face is shown.

You must remember it takes 20 years to build your way to where you are standing right now.

How does it feel!

Are you proud of yourself or do you know, that you hurt too many people to achieve it.

I went to Tivoli and the Leader who fired me. She moved I can only imagine how she feels and how she must be thinking about it.

The only thing I can advise is, whatever you choose to do, make sure you never have to move, because you are embarrassed by yourself and what you did.

This will hunt you and stay with you forever.

Being a good leader is doing the right thing!

Even when you know you have the power to hurt the person on the other side.

A good leader will lead to good places and good experiences and lift people up. We need that more than ever.

Today’s bosses are taking advantage of people hire and fire are losing value because of links like

Where you can see what kind of a company it is, what people say when they leave.

People talk, just this week, no less than 4 people have asked me, should I apply here.

I said no, never take yourself to a place that can open gates to evil. Choose the right people all the way.

The right people.

It does not need to be people, who think the same as you, but they must think decent and good behavior to ensure integrity.

This is the time of the year where you will be thinking, try harder or let go.

At the forum will are talking – leadership how to try harder, how to let go, how to choose.

How to do the right thing

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