Our memberships works.

Why – because every time you are in doubt – you can ask?

What you do is the difference, Right now – you ask – do I need a coach?


With us you get a link to your choice of a life coach – you can anytime anywhere contract your life coach mentor and get your feedback

as you need.


Do you need a life coach mentor in your pocket?

It’s daily support, you will have 3 -6 questions to answer every day,

You will have access to feedback

You can start asking –

What is it, that I would like to change,

What do I want to do differently,  from what I do now, 

Why do I need help to do this

… >>>

or do you need input from CAL to seek the understanding of the GAP you feel and are in?


Having access to support and guidance can only improve your way forward. The questions are will you invest in yourself and your performance.

How and what you need in life is what you say, what you determine, what you do, it is a journey and only you know what is right for you.

BUT – if whatever you choose – choose to do good things that will take you good places with good people.


Use your skills wisely.

Think about it, and use it, seek the help you need, reach out and you will see, you have a choice to change it. You can do it.

Add your voice to CAL.

Help others, when you reach out, and add your voice, others may listen and you will not walk alone, 



May your story be the difference for others, may you get the help you need, and may you join a great team of others who wants as you and I.

To learn to do it better, make the right choices, that will take us places, where we belong and feel at home.



Each of us has our own inner pictures of what is a good life. Mindfulness helps each of us visit this place and take steps in that direction.

It is not about extremes, it is about natural balance, balance if our minds and acceptance of each other.



We seek so much, we learn, and we make so many changes all the time, how do we cope, how do we not lose ourselves in this fast-moving world.





We need to start from where we stand

– stop talking and start walking 

get your coach in your pocket today!


From all of us in CAL to you, we hope your dreams come true, that you  will get joy and happiness and we wish, we are able to create a room a space for you to express yourself and may your story help others. We learn so much from one an other, remember CAL does not have the answer, CAL makes the room.

IT TAKES STRENGTH and COURAGEOUS to be, WHO you are,  in this World, that is constantly CHANGING, to make you fit, only you know WHO you are and what potential you have, and you need to be brave, strong, be WHO you are