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MY – is a forum for Knowledge, Skills, Wisdom, Tools, Techniques of life. We share how we use them. We develop and improve the usage of all life Tools and Techniques. What Skills and Knowledge do you use, and how do you use it.

Read MY One

You will always use it differently. Your experience and assest have given you special life tools and techniques. No one is like you and even when you share you wisdom, others may learn and they will use it differently. Be a good inspiration and mentor

Read about MY reframing

Using the the tool of life – Reframing is powerful to change  – knowing how to reframe and how to take it even futher. Start up a dialog to continue to improve

Read about skills and Tools

Skills and Tools are the basis for what we do in life. Things change pretty  fast and we are to keep up and keep learning – SHARING and helping each other is a way to ensure your updated

Read MY still move on

Improving Tools working them and really understanding what is that works. How can you present them so they really work, and have you tried working them yourself. What works for you and how do you use the tools?

Read about MY and ME

Using the story Tell with the Skills and Knowledge you know – that is is the what ME and MY is about. You are the story you tell, and you are MY with with the Tools you process. How can the two align and be even better. You need life stories to improve your skills.

Read about Ask Questions

Ask questions to ensure that you improve your Tools – Knowledge – Wisdom of life. Keep asking to know your way. Join in the forum to share you questions to tools and techniques.

Read about what you do

WHAT – you do is what makes all the difference. That is why to be among experienced gives you better changes because you will coach yourself better. Make the right choices

Read about How

How is equal to asking questions, you know you would like to change, you just do not know how. Ask and keep asking. Because within is an outcome you are seeking to have peace of mind. Find out how to get there. You can do it.

Read it happened to me

There is an enormous difference between imagine and having tried it. You never really know until it happens to you. You understand the power of pain if you have tried it. You understand what stress is if you have tried it. It happened and how do you move on?

Read about why you need to engage

Engage – that is the first decision you must take. If you have any doubt or you do not want it, because your mind-set is going else where. Stop yourself and coach yourself to what you really want!

Read about Habit

What is a HABIT – What are your good habits ?  how do you let them work for you? how do you make habits.

Read about HABIT to Change

It is hard to change a Habit – DO IT – if the habit is not working for you, change it – in the forum you will find the support – guidance and help to what, how and why. Seek a Personal life Coach on the page to help you out.

Read about Those who leave and those who stay

The hardest question you will ever face is – WORK harder or Let GO. Who are you if you Leave – who are you if you stay

Read about your believes

What do you believe ~ and what you believe will that take you to where you want to go? – If YES you are on the right track if no – Coach yourself to come on track. What you believe will be.