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What is GAP analysis? Why do I need it? Why is it useful? What is the methodology? In this chapter, we will answer the most popular and frequently asked questions. You will learn about the model as well as the process and management behind.

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Below we have collected the knowledge in 5 “easy to use” steps where you will learn how to do a gap analysis. You can click on each of the 5 links to go to each specific topic on this page.

  1. What is a GAP analysis and why is it useful?
  2. The process and methodology
  3. How to do a GAP analysis?
  4. Free GAP analysis templates
  5. Recommended GAP tools

What is a GAP analysis and why is it useful?

What is a gap analysis

A gap is when we expect something or want a certain level and what happens or comes to us, is not at all, what we within expect. That is a gap and that is what we analyze, we face gaps every day, it is to understand which gap we need to do something about and which to let go of.

What do I need to do, to find and follow the right way for me? How do I keep balance in my life with a world that constantly judges and changes?

  • What do I need and want?
  • How do I discover my needs and desires?
  • Why do I need it? want it and what can I do?

It is my choice to change and it is my choice to take the chance.

How often have we heard, I wish I had done something, I just did not know how and what.  We are the creators of our lives and we have been given time. Time is what shows us, what and how we did it and there is learning in all we do.

We can look, at our lives from many angles. Did you ever order anything? and when it arrived, it was not at all, what you expected. That is one kind of gap. Did you ever think about an evening?  what you expected and it turned out very different. That is one kind of gap. Did you ever talk to someone about your trouble? and felt that you were not understood. That is one kind of gap.

What we do matters, and what we chose matters, we are the difference in our lives. Others can have an impact on our lives, and they can join us for some time, but the journey is our own. There is not one journey in life that matches the journey you are making and doing.

Life matters and life is filled with signs for you to see, for you to follow, when really thinking, we know when we missed a sign, we may pass several signs and warnings, before we stop. What makes us stop and make the change can be anything from losing what we have to find out, that we are not feeling well.

Our bodies and mind are so much stronger than we can ever imagine. It is for us to find out what kind of support, help, techniques, life tools that we need to use and learn to find that peace of mind, that we know we can have.

We can work hard, we can accomplice so much if it is on our journey for what is right for us. That is when we get this enormous strength and ability to continue, and we do not burn out.

When we know, that we are on the right journey, we know things fall into place easily, we have the mindset, we know and we understand, we see what is needed, we speak the right words, we do the right initiatives, it is not to be described.

When we must change ourselves inside out, and we do not find any understanding or place in what is happening, that is when our gap starts, that is when we have to stop, then it is time for us to look, really look to feel what is wrong.

What sign did we not see, how far out or away from our own journey have we walked? We have an inner voice, an inner picture of what is right for us.

Our body talks to us, our mind talks to us, all we must do is listen. As they do not have a voice, they speak to us differently. Through making us aware of the gap, by the feelings we get, or through the pain.

There are gaps for us in anything, where we do not find our alignment to what is the truth for us, we will feel a gap. You know, when what you do is in balance with yourself, no one knows you better than you. You are the only one, who knows, what is right, and to respect oneself is a strong power to endorse. This is not to be compared with being self-centered, it is a deep respect for the inner and an understanding of the voice. It is to know, what the right steam is for you.

Sometimes if we go too far out of scope, we need life coaches, physiologist, or doctors to help us find our way back. They can give us the support, the wake-up call, or the help for us to find our way back on our own track. They can support us, they can guide us. I was going to buy some authentic Chinese ingredients yesterday.

As I park the car and ran over to see if the shop was open, an officer gives me a parking ticket, she sees, that I am there, she’s sees me going back, and still, she gives me the ticket, I have my meter on 9 am and from 3 pm, you were only supposed to park for 4 hours.

I know, I did not set the meter, I know, that it is my entire fault, I know. Yet why do I feel the gap, because it is somehow not fair? There is no reason in it, the mistake I made, and the ticket I got. It is so stupid and the gap from what feels right to what really happened is for me too big.

That is a clear gap, that really does not make any of us involved feel good, the one that makes the ticket knows that this is a little too fresh, me that got the ticket, knows that I did not set my meter for the 2 min. I am sure, if we look into the case from both sides, we both know that we did not act right; it was a fresh ticket, me I did forget to set the meter.

Should we have solved the case in good manners, she should have said to me, next time please remember to set your meter. That would have been away for the good old sake to solve our differences.

That is not, where we stand today, we stand in a place in the world, where we take everything to the extreme, and that is why working gap tools will become even more important in the future. To understand what the gap is, what is the difference and what is the misunderstanding. Those 3 steps are important to us

What is the gap

– the rules about parking? I did not set the meter

What is the difference

– I am there for 2 minutes and she sees me is it worth giving me a ticket

What is the misunderstand

– rules are clear, I need to set the meter, if they want “goodwill” on her company’s account Name, she will let me go, if not I pay the ticket and I learned my lesson.

She had the power to make a huge difference in my mindset about the parking company.

  • She did pick the ticket.
  • I did learn my lesson.
  • I wish someone had told me

That is why, we need to align with other people on our mindset, join, because of knowledge and know how, we know, and the power it gives us, the opportunity to do the right thing. We get a chance to be aware, and that gives us an opportunity, We have a chance to do, what we feel is right for us.

I wish someone had told me

That is, why being part of a network, about what is happening in life is a way to achieve information, know-how, and awareness is a great place to start.

Had I known, what would happen and how it happened 5 years ago, then there is so much, I would have done differently, there is so much to learn, if we use the signs, we get early in the gap. We may notice, that something is wrong and we may react to it, but from those indications, we do not always have the awareness and understanding of what is happening.

When you read and hear the story of others, you may see signs and signals for which you can ask questions, are you aware of what can happen? It is when we see the story of others, that we learn a lot ourselves, most life educations we do not understand until we have tried it ourselves.

Feelings cannot be explained, it is not the picture we see or the sound we hear, it is a feeling of something inside so strong.

What is it like to fall in love, what is it like to lose someone you love, what does it feel like when you win, what it’s it like to be bullied, what it like to be kept out, what is it like to be alone, what it’s like to feel fear and feel that there is no hope.

All come in decrees, what it is like, that is why understanding what it is like, and how it feels, for this, we need to understand the story behind and even with the story behind. We can only imagine. We can show happiness, joy, compassion, support and comfort, other feelings that are appropriate or fitting for the situation, but we can never really know, once we have tried something similar, we get a level of understanding, and still each of us does and cope differently.

My way is my way in all I do.

My success is mine and for me to understand and live with, my failures or disappointments are mines and for me to live with.

That is why, when working gap and tools for improving gap tool is very powerful because first thing is to be aware of the gap and secondly to take the right responsibility for the actions or things that I need to do for me to achieve the level I want.

My level is my level, and others can guide me and support me, but I am the only one who knows what is the right thing for me to achieve in what level.

That is why I need time to work the gap, that I find myself in.

In each gap analysis, there is always an opportunity and message, that is what it is all about finding out what it is that you too want to change, even if it is not your choice, if you somehow are involved you to know if you really feel within. That something must change.

I remember years ago, when the love of my life at that time, said to me that it was over, that we need to go separate ways and move on separately.

I fell apart, yes, I did, I was sad, and did not know how to move on. Now years looking back at it was it right that we parted. Yes, it was right, and yes I learned a lot, new opportunities and chances accrued for me, life took turns I never knew was possible.

5 years ago, when life was the worst I thought was possible, all the opportunities and knowledge I received and learned from it. I have grown and learned so much, that has changed so much for me. I know so much more and have found so much more inside out.

I grow and I grow, that is what we do, we try and if it is not for us, there accrues a gap because we have a better or higher level to reach, if we do not face challenges that are where we stay, sometimes life will push us forward in a gentle way other times if we do not listen to the indicators early in time, then the push can be much harder.

It is not because we as humans do not know how to fit in, it is because we have something that is stronger than we follow, most of the time we do not know, what that is, but we know.

The process and methodology

The process and methodology

Understanding the GAP – then I know what to do.

What I need to understand is what I chose to see and do, that is the first awareness I must get and I must choose. Outcome starts with the selection of values – Choose what is important and what you will not compromise and to find out what is important, what makes the difference?

I need to know, what is important to me, not only what is important, but I need to know, what is most important and what I will not compromise.

In all, we do we all need to compromise at some level.

To understand our own gap tooling, we need to find out, where we make those compromises and if we are making the right once. If we feel, there is a gap; we need to change, and it is to change the right input.

We can never always satisfy others or do what is right for everyone if that is the case we can change forever, there is always someone, who will have something different, we can Satisfy ourselves and look in the mirror.

Success is measured by others, satisfied is measured by our own soul and mind

From where we stand today and to where we want to be, there can be a gap, the gap can be anything from something, that we are experiencing on a personal level to things that we would like to do. All from something, that we would like to achieve to something that we want to have.

It is all about understanding how to become, who you really are.

Everything, we do, can always be done better. That is a fact. We are the only one that can do it and that too is a fact.

The mix of the 2 gives us, what we have and what we get.

I may not be the best person to make the decision for, where the whole family should go for a holiday; my choices may not be, what the majority of our family members want. Neither the less, I could be the decision-maker because I am the one to pay for it.

I may be the best person to make dinner since I am a great cook and I am the one paying for dinner. I am the decision-maker of what we are going to eat. For my little family that is the best choice, but if we compare to a real chef, I may not at all be the best choice if choice at all.

Food for thought.

The gap is always the change and the challenge.

We may not feel, that it is fair, and we may not feel, that we are in our right position, that can be true, and if we are to change, where we are, only we can do it. You can do it for you and I can for me.

However, you cannot do it for me. I must do this – on my own.

Making the difference is our chance in life and in this lifetime in our part of the world, we have more opportunities than ever. We can do, what we set our minds up to, all we must do is – do it.

If we can think it, we can make it happen.

From where we stand today and to where we want to be there can be a gap, the gap can be anything from something, that we are experiencing on a personal level to things that we would like to do. All from something that we would like to achieve to something that we want to have.

It is all about understanding how to become, who you really are.




How to do a GAP analysis?

How to do a gap-analysis

To understand a gap is –  we expect something differently, because we are all different and because there are so many ways of doing things, there are so many right ways, good ways, excellent ways and there are ways where you do not achieve a good outcome.

The first signs you get, when a gap is arising is you feel something is not right, then if you do not move on it, it can become larger you will change attitude and if you do not move on this either, you will find yourself angry within, if you do listen and make the changes for you either, then it may come to a point where you cannot control your anger.

Did the world know? can anyone understand where your anger is coming from or is it impossible for us to see?

This is the journey we all face, we are responsible for our way, and we need to find out how to work with the differences there arises for us, it is the same for all of us, it is the ability to learn to hold on to oneself, at the end of the day, that is the only person we truly understand and the only one we can follow. We can be guided by others, if they try to explain what they did, that is why to learn how to do a gap analysis is about understanding early in the arising of a gap how to adjust.

Who sees the gap, is it me, what is in the gap for me, what is it – for me to find in the gap analysis is?, a gap has many angles and one way is to see it from my side only, an angle of the gap, determines how we will see it, but once we are in the gap, what difference does it then make for us.

What kind “of land “is the gap for us.

If we speak about something else, like performance in something, we can measure, that is the results and, what is missing is simple.  What is 2+2=4 that is easy because we can measure it?

Now we are facing something else, it is much more complex and has much more variables because, in life, there is no right and wrong, yes there is when we go to the extreme, but in most cases, our gap analysis does not arise on extremes.

Gaps are an everyday business for us, we know when we perform good, and when we perform middle, we know when what we do is right and we know when what we to is not so right.

To understand what to do, is much easier when it is for someone else, did someone never ask you, what would you do, if it was you?

Because when we solve someone else’s trouble we are calm, we see many angles of the subject because we are not involved emotional.

When we are in a gap, we are not on our own right track, we are in new, different territories what kind of land is that?- what we see gives no relation to what we know, what we have learned and our skills for awareness is not guiding us as we are used to.

That is why, when we are in a gap phase, we get nervous, it is hard to understand the signals, it is new signs, it is changed skills, things are not in the order that we know and are familiar with.

In the space of our gap analysis, we will find ourselves in unsecured territory the questions comes to us, what is the right thing to do.

For some this is a positive challenge for others they get scared, some will find its energy giving others will find that is draining.

Knowing and preparing oneself is always the best way to know, what is the right thing for ME to do, there is never anyone, who can live your life, your life is your way.

Staying in familiar territories can be good, but it is also good to see the world, to discover and understand.

The more we seek to understand others the better we understand why they said and do what they do. As to understand ourselves. Our own journey in life.

Time is Gap, is a time for learning, a time in a gap, is a time for seeking and finding out even more about yourself and what is right for you.

We need to use what we see in this phase because this is what makes us grow.

Because it is new, because we do not understand it, does not mean that it is wrong, it means that we have not understood what all key points are.

As each of us is different, as each of us has our own life’s journey, each of us will always try to be on the different side of the line. There will be a time where you are the one that is left behind, there will be a time where you are the one leaving, there will be a time, when someone takes the decision for you, and there will be a time when you make the decision. That is life.

It is not, what we face it is how we cope with what we are facing. We take things much higher, closer to limits and we are extreme in what we say and do.

A way an angle is that that makes our way of life narrow and narrow becomes our way of life. Where there are few.

When we discover that we are in a gap and we are unsure of what to do.

One first step is to start writing down the words you think about because, in the words you use, you find and see where you are yourself.

Looking at the words, you are using tells you, how to find out, what is good next step for you.

To let the words, work for you, to let the words flow and bloom,

To give the gap analysis a wide place,

Wide perspectives and understanding of differences is the place where we grow and where we will see our creativity explore, bloom to what is was, meant to be.

There can never be a gap without we ourselves influence this gap, the input that we give in and what we do is the difference, and there is only a gap because we feel that something is not the way, that we feel it must be to be a step in our puzzle or a stone to use.

There are so many ways of doing things, and there are many ways to achieve the same outcome, a great example is always to mention dishwashing, cleaning, walking, reading, talking.

It is something, that we all learned and do, yet we all do it differently, if we are among people that use a different language than us, we can choose to be open minded and ask what is this and what is that, we use ourselves in a well-questioned way. If we take the same subject and we are among someone that speaks our own langue’s we feel, hear and think something about this.

We have a way.

Therefore, we bid in, we wonder, we may even say how come, or we bid in with our way.

This does not mean, that our way is the right one, it means that we have a different way, and it means that if we start considering it, it will be so much more than just the one little thing we started out with.

To do dishes the higher purpose must be to have clean china, to speak in a way must be? What there must be a higher value than to make oneself understandable? What is that? And there can be a 1000 inputs and all may be right.

How to do a gap analysis is about finding out the meaning of the purpose, it is about understanding, how do I use a way that makes it possible for others to do it, follow me or join.

If I want to be alone, I can create my own way, I am the only one, who knows the name of the game and the rules. If I want to be among others and network, we need to know what rules and expectations we are joined.

How to do a gap analysis is our way of understanding what we have within. Why is something alerting us, what is it about, do we need to change, react, what is in it. How do we want to change it, how are we going to do it, what will we do, what can we do, when will we do it, and what will the change and what different outcome will we get, and there are one things that is very important to ourselves, what happens to us, if we do not do anything? We let it go, we turn the other chick?

How will this match our own outcome?

To start using gap analysis tools is finding the first templates, that match the subject you are working. If we speak business, the tools that are available enormous, there is not a business that does not work gap tooling, how to keep customers, how to purchase more efficient, how to purchase cheaper, how to understand the customers, what marketing is needed.

In business the gap tooling is clear, what are we doing today, what do we need tomorrow, and what steps do we need to make, take?

To use a gap tooling in life is the same, what I do today gives me this outcome, what I do tomorrow, I need this outcome.  What do I need to change?

The only one, who can change, that for me is me.

  • Why, because I am the only one, who can see, hear and feel that there is a gap.
  • What, because I am the only one, who knows what needs to be done to correct it.
  • How, because I am the only one, who knows what it takes to get back on the track that I see.

What if not, I am the only one it matters to, it is my view, my way and if I choose to do it as this, then this is what I become. If it does not matter much to me, I can do it this way, if it matters to me, it is in my core, then I will need to do what is right for me.

Seeking the gap analysis tools, that will support my gap is like finding the right trip with the right excursion, and make it into a venture. What makes sense to you. We listen to each other stories and we listen again, and still we do not get it.

The story of life is only worth something to us if we are on the same level and going through some of the same.

What is it like to be bullied?

Do you know, what that feels like, to feel like a divergent person, alone, no one to understands you, no one to talk to, to be afraid, to feel alone.

If we have been bullied, we know, we know that there are degrees, we know, what this does the impact that it has on us.

Can you imagine this, if we you have never tried it?

How do you take yourself out of that, how can you move on?

Bullying goes under the same words as persecute, oppress, tyrannize, browbeat, harass, torment, intimidate. What is the difference, who is to say, what you feel, what it was all about?

Why did the people, that bullied me, not tell me if I offended them, did something wrong to upset them, why did it have to come to this, how was who I am so bad, that it had to come to this?

To do a gap analysis is to find out within, what is it that I want, who do I want to be among? How do I want to behave, what do I want to do? where do I want to go?

One of the first steps is to know what is that you want?

That is the hard part in the gap analysis, it is so easy to say, I do not want this, I do not want that, that is like ordering a ticket to travel to somewhere I just do not know, where I want to go.

To understand why we feel the gap, to consider, look for, what we want is understanding ourselves at a much higher level and using gap tool is a mindset, a way for you to know you, knowing that you are doing what is right for you, but just as important is it,  that you leave room space for others to feel and have the freedom to find their way. They too have it just like you, it may not be for the same topics areas or doing.

This is something that we all face the challenge of understanding.

To close the eyes and know that working a gap tool can make all the difference in the world for oneself, there is nothing that can talk about making changes from good to great, be the best you, be who you are, when we say that, we also say, that we like, that we are all different and that we need to have and do things in a range where there is room for more than my way, I need to do, what is right for me, this does not mean that others need to do it my way, everyone else needs to find their way and in the learning, the teaching we find a common space a place where there is room for all of us to be who we are.

In our own inner work, if we focus our sources on doing, what is right in a good way, if we listen, if we use our awareness, our strength our ability to create, we know, we feel, we do.

We act decent in what we do and that makes all the difference in the world.

Free GAP analysis templates

Download 6 free gap analysis templates for word and pdf

There are many gap analysis tools to choose from and a great place to start is to decide, what you would like to do even better this year. It is easy to talk once you add it to your yearly wheel, you know whether you are doing what you set your mind out to do.

You know reading this, that there is something within that is moving you, are you in a large gap in your life or are your gaps minor. Whatever a yearly tool to understand yourself is always great to have an use.

How often have you heard someone say, at New Year, starting the New Year, I am going to work out more, I am going to lose weight, and at the end of the year, they look just the same and still they did not work out more.

There was no change, there was not result of the good intentions.

Below you find gap analysis templates, print and use it

1. GAP template

Template 1 for gap analysis

Download Word   Download PDF

2. GAP template

Template 2 for gap analysis

Download Word   Download PDF

3. GAP template

Template 3 for Gap Analysis

Download Word   Download PDF

4. GAP template

Template 4 for Gap analysis

Download Word   Download PDF

5. GAP template

Template 5 for Gap analysis

Download Word   Download PDF

6. GAP template

Template 6 for Gap analysis

Download Word   Download PDF


At the end of the year, you have a clear picture of your own accomplishments, whether that being good or great. You decide right now, how this year is going to turn out.

This year can be the best year ever, the year where you decide to seek the inner understanding of what is the right way for you. What is important and what you want to spend time on.

You hear critics and many will object and want things differently, you can never do what others want and find right. If that is the case, you change all the time.

To follow your way gives you peace of mind and the ability to do find peace within.

It is when we do what other wants too much, that we stress out and the gap for us eventually can become so huge that we do not know who we are. We have trouble knowing what is right and wrong because none of what we do is right.

There are many gap tools to choose from and there are many that are very detailed in the topic. If you do not find one here or on the internet, make your own, add the elements to what is right for you or mix.

The gap that you see is an opportunity for you to find the right way, that is what the gap is about, finding your way.

It is an inner sign for you to move on, an inner sign for you that you want something to change and that you want it differently.

The challenge can be to respect that others may be in their right place, that what is happening is right for them.

You may find yourself frustrated with those people you love so dearly are so pleased and full of joy and still, you cannot find that peace of mind.

Know that you must decide, what is important, and that what you are together or that what you share or do together is what you have. That is the challenge, that is why working a gap is an inner challenge and some of them can have more dilemmas and challenges in one gap.

  • Find a gap analysis tool to use, make the changes so it matches what you are seeking.
  • Find out what your gap are.
  • Find out how you want to work your gap
  • Take the right initiatives
  • Make the first step
  • See your improvements
  • Acknowledge yourself
  • Trust your inner guidance
  • Find your way
  • Believe you have what it takes
  • Trust that others have what they need too
  • Trust that they can find their way
  • Use each other for companion on your journey

There is no one, who says, that even though we have our own way, that is not the same as going alone, we can walk together and we can have so much great together, we must always remember, that you, like me, like my son, each of us have our own way – in it all.

Sit for a moment and think where are you, then dream away, is the picture the same, and only you know, if that is the case and so.

To meet people who are satisfied and peaceful, when we sit with them, we know that what they are all about is solid and valid. This is what following your inner guidance does to you, it gives you a solid ground and a valid face.

Recommended GAP tools

Recommended tools

Recommended gap analysis tools are tools, that help you keep a clear mind, a tool that is easy to work and supports you to clearly understand your next step and move. Good gap tools are simple.

Great gap analysis tools are so simple that you say, that is so simple that anyone can do it and that it is, anyone who knows of an inner gap knows that the complexity in understanding the gap needs a simple tool.

If there are too many variables to work, it becomes too much and for that, you may need professional guidance to keep focus the right place. Recommended gap analysis tools are the tools where you write down and follow up upon yourself, there is an evaluation in the tooling, there is no point in moving on unless your next step is what you want, and what will give your mind peace, and what will give you desire to do even more.

Great tools give you the energy to follow, it gives you the evaluation to know and see that you have made a change. It is not large changes like changing a love one out. This is not a change, that is a physical change, one person for another person, a change is when you within change for you.

That you do something today in a way, and tomorrow you do it differently, you change your mindset your moves, you’re doing. That is the work, the inner change to archive the outcome you are seeking and that is what you need a great tool to help you do.

There are so many gap analysis tools to use, starting with the year wheel, is a simple way to start working and looking inside out. It is the change to work for what you really want, and what will change all you do, and by that your whole life.

Gap tool is a powerful tool to make your dreams come true.

Start using gap analysis today, and see the difference within 4 weeks.

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