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A life coaching membership is about changes, progress, achievement, and success. It is about trying. We bring people together in the right environment to gain the right insight facts and evidence to make the decisions that is going to change your life to what you want it to become.

Why become a member at Coaching and life.

Who can coach you? who can give you the daily push in the right direction to make the right initiatives to steer towards your goals? Facts are if you do not feel good and you are not achieving your goals as you desire. You need a different input and that can only come from someone else if you do not know that person today changes are you lose time and do not get the coaching you need to change it.

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No one but you knows if this is right?


But – If we cannot be honest Then what are we really doing?


From insight, you make your decisions

To be honest you need the insight to know what is true for you. Insight is the first door opener for anything. You can only know it if you know what it is.

If you do not care you cannot be honest, honesty comes from caring. People, we who are humans we care and share life and the problems we face. It is what makes us different from anyone else. We are humans and if we cannot be honest, then what are we really doing.



From facts, you determine what it means to you

What is happening? We need to know what is happening to understand what action to take. Right facts and insight is the foundation to how we feel about.

What are the facts and how can we steer and navigate well through what is happening?

Facts are what we need, and real-time facts and insight can help us make the right decisions maybe even safe lives.

People can lie and facts are that over time they forget their lies, people hold intentions and results. Facts support results and intentions will fade out.

Let us take an example:

The intension is to fire someone and gain good results for the company, where the facts are fatal.

Or it can be the intention is to show that you are so happy this person is fired that you raise your arms and says >>  halleluiah whereas results are that no one will ever tell you the truth again.

Intention and results are power values in the game of facts.