The miracle of mindfulness with 7 useful benefits that you can practice every day. There is only ONE thing that counts. At the end of the day, and that is how well, we manage to do things, that makes our lives better and that we enjoy to live.

The miracle of mindfulness

Because, this is what it is all about, what we have learned today we take with us tomorrow and we seek to improve our lives.

We struggle for the better to make a difference and what we do count. When we work hard to achieve our outcome, we get respect for what we achieve, the respect we talk about here is out own inner respect for ourselves, if it comes too easy to us, we neglect the value.

Benefits of mindfulness

Mindfulness is a way of using our skills and knowledge even better by giving us a choice to choose. Instead of losing out because we lose our temper, or because we do not have the energy to do what it takes. Mindfulness offers us a way to create space, and good use of our time. When we make wise and good sustainable decision in our lives, we do not need to go back and do them again.

If we make the right decision, we prepare and make ourselves ready for next steps forward, and when we use our mind wisely we get the benefits, and mindfulness is a strong tool to use.

To choose is one thing, and to make the right choices is something very different. One way to start is to Start by using story telling in ME. To achieve the mindfulness benefits.

The miracle is that mindfulness can be 7 simple faces and something we can practice every day and everywhere.

  1. Be here, be where you are, notice where you are and what you are doing, think and feel the impact of the things around you, know that you can change your surroundings and you can change any time you like.

Right now, is what you say it is, if you find yourself in a position, where you love to be, you are doing things you like, notice what this does to you, using mindfulness and practicing the best things, we can ever learn, the awareness of being present, where we are, when we are there.

Think about what it means when you are together with someone, who really see’s you notice how you do and how you are. Really is here, right now, just reading this, how do you feel at this moment. What do you feel right now?

To be is al we have and the only moment we can ever have is this one. So what keeps us from being here right now. Take it away, let it go. You are here and this is what we have this moment. To focus requires that we feel ourselves and trust ourselves to know we are doing the right thing.

  1. Be strong, in all you do, you must believe that you can do it and that what you choose is the right choice for you, if you think about it, how many times did you decide based on half the information you had available had you been present at the right moments. Listening

To be strong is to build yourself up, to do things that are right for you, so that you know, that what you do, is taking one more step in the right direction for you.

If we are present and we use our awareness, we know, when we are in the right place and when we are in doubt. Decisions made on doubt basis gives us the ability to prepare for one more try, but we know and therefore we do not place ourselves in the situation of thinking why is this happing to me, we base our conclusion of the assumption, that we are not sure of the choice, we are making, and we are aware of that we may need to do it over again. Doing this makes us even stronger and when we do it again our choice will be even stronger and done from different perspectives and conclusion. We get wiser

  1. Be clear, when we are strong and we are wise in our decision taking, we are clear in our minds of what we know and what our level is, and we know if we need to seek more knowledge to fulfill the task or the outcome we are seeking.

Using mindfulness does not mean, that we will not struggle and that there will not be hard times, it means that we do not play games with our own mind.

We are clear in our mind set. We become aware of what we say, what we think and what we do, when we are clear in our saying and doing we know when we take detours of what is required to get our outcome.

Being clear is a great way of using one’s values in life, so that our values work for positively effect and wisdom for the outcome we are seeking. We learn ourselves to get and have good habits in life. Because we use our values as guidance.

  1. Be wise, to use our inner outcome as guidance is a way of keeping life simple, we learn to let go of all the noise that is in space, by being present, by being strong, by being clear, we start making our mind set simple, we work in an awareness, where we are true to ourselves and our saying and doings.

We are what we say we are, we do what we say we do, we know what we know, and our challenges are our challenges, we are aware of them.

Each moment in times becomes one more step towards our true inner outcome.

To do wisely is, what makes us true, true to our doing and what we feel, which takes us to being ourselves.

In MY you find the networking on levels of skills and awareness that take you steps closer to being you.

  1. Be you, in this moment and time how much are you – you.

Are you the person in your life that you know best? Do you follow your dreams and do you listen to what is happening and going on inside out?

To follow once inner and paying attention to what is happening from within. Is working the balance between our inner and the world around us and that creates a state of mind where we find balance in who we are and what we are doing, each move is where we are present to know and be, that is all.

We find that the simple things are forgotten and once we learn them again, we know that we can do it, we are our world and what we choice to do in the moment in time is what makes all the difference in the world for us. It is not the big decision that makes us be happy, it is not the large stones that we pick that makes us happy, it is all the small decisions every day that makes the picture whole and changes our lives.

  1. Be happy, how can you not smile, when what you are doing is you, it is clear to you, what you are and what you not, it is your mindset that is true to your inner outcome and you strive to find ways to get there.

We can take many detours and we can struggle to make it happen, we can try we can practice and it does not really matter to us if we do not succeed because we are working on what we know and what we see so clear, we are true.

The world loves authentic, there is nothing that gives more respect, when we meet a person who is happy and authentic, we can see it, we can feel it and we can hear that they are just who they are, happy and simple.

We do not know, why and we think, that they are just this way, but we do not see all the inner work they do to accomplice this happy and simple look, it looks like luck and it is looks simple, but the happiness comes from working hard every moment in time, having focus the right places, listening and being.

It sounds so simple and yet we find it so difficult. Think about it, it is just doing the right think right now, that is all, it calls on a smile on our faces, it gives us joy, it gives us happiness, to be in balance, we balance with life.

  1. Be in balance, that is what it is all about knowing, what moves we need to take for us to continue to have the solid balance of the right level in our lives.

It is not what we can get, it is not about our profession, it is not about, what we own, it is not about our love, it is about our journey, it is about who we are, where we are headed and what we learn on our way, it is about the people who contribute to our journey, the people who finds the compassion to support, it is about the people, who finds the time to share knowledge and awareness.

It is about the people who helps out when you need it on your way, it is about the common understanding of kindness, it is about who we are in this moment that balances our lives,

It is that simple and still so difficult.

It is not luck but hard work every day, this is a bit like when a sport atelic hear in the news, the last minute you were very lucky, you did it. Was it luck or because of practicing this for more than years every single day for hours.

To have a mindful life and to be clear is practice every day and one of the ways is to start feeling that you can let go, is by telling your story to others, find the friends from which you get good and kind feedback to help you improve your own awareness and present.

We pay too much attention to our surroundings, we pay too much attention to what others are doing, that we forget or we do not see what our own role in the act is.

We become something too if we are the person, who is always correcting others, or the person who is always giving in, or the person that looks perfect or the person that is always listening to others. Each and everything we do has a price, each decision we make has consequences, and each choice we choose has goals and benefit.

Where to begin, the miracle of mindfulness

It all starts with being here right now, that is all we must give each other all our lives, the present right now, and if we are not ready or find it difficult to start being present, we can look at the gap tool, to find out what is holding us back.

Hope is stronger than fear, and we will always use hope, if you find it difficult to opening to find the gap, use ME to tell your story, breath and get air into your life, storytelling is a way of freeing our mind for what is holding it back, by telling your story you force yourself to see you. What is happening in your life, why is it happening, what would you like to happen, how can it happen and what are you willing to do. Those are some the miracle of mindfulness.

You can do it – the miracle of mindfulness

You are the maker, and the one to take the steps for the change, so if you want things to be different you must do something differently, and it is not to make large big changes, that will change your whole life, it is small responsible steps you take every day, so that you know, that what you are doing is wise, wise for you. Good for you, right for your inner, and makes you feel even better.

Sometimes we hear of people, that have fallen into wrong hands, and have done strange or even foolish things, we ask why did this happen or how could this happen.

We know this could even happen to ourselves, if we did not pay attention to the present, it is in the present, that we get an understanding of what and which situation we are in, it is the awareness of knowing that guides us to, what we do, and what we think. If we think less and know more, we have a change to make wise decision, that will takes us to an even better place.

No not all decision are good, but making wise decision based from good inner balance are much wiser and stronger than decision taking on the ground of missing awareness,

Children that asks their dad about complex things on late work night are more likely to get an answer that comes from the thought – let me be, than a child that asks a dad on a Sunday afternoon, where everyone is calm and in balance.

We answer from where we stand, we ask from where we stand, we seek from where we stand.

If we ourselves are present, and know where we stand, we know so much more, than we think, and we get output that is so much better and at a level that sometimes will surprise ourselves.

There is no dad that wants to answer let me be, if we think about it, but even so we still do it. The miracle of mindfulness is to use the power within for wise decision in the second.

It looks like a miracle and it is, 7 small steps to comply in all you do.

Your own integrity is what takes you to a peaceful mind, and mindfulness offers is practice to achieve it.  A mind that is fresh, a mind that is open, a mind that is clear, a mind that is learning, is a mind that uses it rights to make choices to choose.

That is the miracle of mindfulness