We are on-line life coaching and mentoring in a GDPR safe set up.

You own your separate coaching account and data and you get access to the private Exclusive Forum at CAL with your membership to talk to all coaches and members.


With, your personal support is your privacy. When you sign up, within 24 hours you will get a link and login to your safe account. You must inform your coach of your account, and once your coaching is over, change or close your account.

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Know More About Each One

What you do!

◊ It matters what you do

◊ How to do it the way you feel

◊ Sustainability and progress

◊ Feeling good and performing good

All teams and forum have E-meet up!

◊ The power is in what we share.

Tell your side of the story and let someone else benefit from your learning

Feedback the strongest tool

◊ Be a step ahead of by holding your feecback tool in your poecket

Often we forget what was it, why or how did we feel. Give yourself the feedcback you need

If you want something in this life You must ask for it.



80% of what you do,

comes from the questions you ask.


Why do you want it?

Let us help you answer your question. Let us support you be in the right job, business, relationshiplet us support you be your best version where ever you are, in whatever you choose to do.

What do you want

We have many stories to tell and we experience a lot in our lifetime. Facts are that those who manage to listen and adapt their learning to the tasks will over time perform improve and achieve more.

How do you get better

We are “teams”, we are “teams” for and with each other. We aim to be the place where people can ask us anything and we will aim and seek the answer.

We stand for

NO-ONE can know it all, but when we are together we can know so much more. CAL is supported and help to you where ever you are! – Online you can talk to us. CAL is a safe place to ask.

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Your feedback matter to you. It’s how you feel good and when you feel good you do good.

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