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How to find a good life coach to match your needs? often we talk to someone we know, but what is it we want, need, and desire from a life coach and why does the feedback we get really make the change? It is not always easy to find a life coach when you need it, and it can be even harder to move on if you are not used to dealing with feedback and resistance.


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April 2024

How to find a life coach or mentor.

Often you start too late. How to find a good life coach for you takes time and effort, not all coaches or mentors match your needs. You must be critical in your choice and you must want, need and desire the results.



Your Life coach or mentor

We do not fail on purpose, we fail because we have not been taught to handle those situations and our intuitive intuition is not giving us the right support.

Life is a string of happenings and there are many chapters in life. Teaching yourself to understand the string, the magic questions to ask are core for your life.

Feedback and a good life coach and mentor can help you steer and navigate through smart and wisely.

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We use our Thursday  >>Show-up and Care Share Shape life<<. We bring professionals, experts, and Peers to the table and we Care Share, and Shape questions doubts challenges to success victories hope, and dreams. Find a life coach Here is our show-ups…


In the show-ups, you have a chance to align with the coaches and hear more about their expertise and knowledge. The first step is to be clear about what a life coach can bring to your life. A life coach is a person who knows the problems, dilemmas, or challenges you are facing. Either they have tried it or they have studied it, and know not only what you are going through but also how it feels.


How does it feel to get fired? or how does it feel to have your personal data hacked and abused? What does it feel like to lose your friends and family and how do you craft and cultivate the strength to go on.


A life coach in your pocket.

Having a life coach in your pocket is access to support, guidance, and backup. Clear your mind, and think straight forward without having to worry and fear. Teach yourself how to ask the magic questions that take you ahead in an agile and resilient way.




Empower Yourself

Show-up and Care Share Shape life. We bring professionals, experts, and Peers to the table for you to find a life coach and we Care Share and Shape questions doubts challenges, and opportunities.


Becoming the best takes courage strength consistency and much more, and even more, it takes a good lead or coach to keep on improving. The fact is it all starts with showing up. You cannot learn, grow, expand or teach learn practice if you are not there.Find a life coach here to help your needs.

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Do Not Make My Mistakes I know it did not work

Be smarter and better  – listen to the story

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