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    Today we represent coaches worldwide:

    Coaching feedback performance a coaching network
    • Life and business coach.
    • Life and career coach.
    • Health and life coach.
    • Stress coach.
    coaching and feedback for performance
    • Family and life coach.
    • Love and partnership coach.
    • Life coach for women.
    • Life coach and teens.
    coaching network for coaches feedback
    • Life coach and therapist
    • Hypnosis
    • Havening
    life coach forum wiht a coach

    Coaching network: College bound coaches in an impact coaching network.


    An impact coaching network gives you insight, features, inspiration, tools, and much more, we unite working in a college bound coaches network, to share and shape offers, subscriptions, and plans to customers’ desires and needs.

    Starting up your business as a Life and business coach, Life and career coach, Health and life coach, Family and life coach, Life coach for women, or being a Life coach and therapist takes effort and hard work.

    Here you find information: How we support coaches’ needs, desires, and wants.

    Being a part of Coachingandlife requires a health and life coach certification and from our platform or SharePoint, you can offer Life coaching packages and fees.

    Is being part of a coach network for you?

    If you want a guaranteed pipeline of customers, if you want to be part of something growing, if you want to explore and develop the coaching indstry – then our coach network is for you. Reach out and talk to us – sign up and become part of Coachingandlif – craft a lifetime of strenght.

    Growing your coach-business with Coachingandlife.


    Do you want to have more time to focus on your clients service and experience? And Do you want to be part of a strong growing coach-network world-wide?

    For most coaches, the answer is yes – whether they know it or not being part of a growing net-work who support each other improve performance benefits not only you as coach but your customers and clients. But why is that? You ask. That is because a coach-network briefly explained, is about improving your business and performance.

    Ultimately your way to cultivate a lifetime coaching business.

    At Coachingandlife we are behind you all the way, at Coachingandlife we give you the support you need to drive your coaching business forward. We help you get clients and customers, build your google homepage, be visible on google, promote your business and much more.

    We understand the needs and desires to make your coaching business succeed,  why we are with you all the way. Grow your coaching and mentor business in a strong network of independent coaches and mentors in all different areas. We work to support your needs as coach and mentor by offering you more features and benefits than possible maintaining on your own.

    We offer an impact coaching network


    Our scope is to unite in an impact coaching network. The impact coaching network aligns you on Google and gives you more visibility.

    In an uncertain world, it can be difficult to find the support and guidance you need as a customer, at Coachingandlife we help coaches offer their customers and clients a safe place to engage with their coach or mentor.


    The impact coaching network offers:

    The focus


    • Find clients and customers.
    • Give your clients the best experience and solutions.
    • Have the right tools, booking, calendar, promotion.
    • Your site and programs.
    • A platform to share with your clients only.
    • Share experience with like-minded.

    Full list here

    College bound coaches network.


    Everyone involved with Coachingandlife is an independent contractor, Coachingandlife is a supporting platform build like a college-bound coaches network where you get more features and more benefits.

    Why be part of the coach network important to you? More options more feature more insight and more engagement.

    We unite individual coaches into a college-bound coaches network and into one share-point for customers and clients’ benefits and experience.

    For more than 15 years, we have dedicated ourselves to finding the right alignment, accountability, and resilience for businesses and people. We know how important it is to sign the right contract, do a good negotiation and improve performance.

    Today, we know how much hard work it requires to build a business, know the right people, use the newest technology as our feedback in real-time to unlock future growth, minimize risk and improve quality.

    At Coachingandlife, we have built a professional community of extraordinary people. A community dedicated to achieving professional and personal development and growth.

    A safe place where the best gets to play with the best. We are proud of our diversity and full-line services.

    We are proud of being different, decent, and working to support businesses, clients, and coaches.


    A major difference


    We offer you to unite with other coaches and get more features and benefits, the question is not can you do it on your own, because of course, you can. The question is if you want to align, unite and grow your business along with other coaches. Each state, the area has its own Coach-leader who will initiate events and make sure you get all features and benefits.

    Being a part of the Coachingandlifes network, visible on google offers a major difference over time and allows you to focus on your customers and clients to a whole new degree.

    You will also be invited to join the summit for Coachingandlife, every year Coachingandlife meets up in Florida – Dunedin to speak about next year’s wheel and initiatives. Which you will be able to influence and impact.

    Behind you.


    No matter where you are in your coaching business, you can always apply, join and unite our coach network. Together we are stronger and at Coachingandlife we offer you support, guidance, and sharing with like-minded.

    Being a lonely coach can be tough if you have to do it all on your own. We unite to share purchases, tools and to offer customers and clients more services and better experience from dealing with a coach in the Coachingandlife network.


    Where ever you are we are behind you:


    ⇒ The strategy and plan.


    Are you about to define your business goals, avatar, and approach in the market? Step into a plan and get the support you need. Your membership gives you benefits and features which save you time and money.


    ⇒ The cost and technology


    Choose where you want to use tools, Feedback with analytics in real-time, Habit tool, forums, booking tool, and promotion with Coachingandlife. For new technology Coachingandlife has partners to ensure our platform is updated with the newest tools and features.


    ⇒ Marketing and promotion


    Get promoted automatically with Coachingandlife, cultivate and build the business you want along with Coachingandlife.


    ⇒ Outcome and results


    At Coachingandlife we back you up all the way, we guarantee you clients, visibility on google. We are behind you and we know how important it is to have a safe GDPR platform to work with your customers and clients.