Change is a gift – you must open the parcel. It is for you.

You see and feel so much of yourself when you go through a period of change, sometimes you take upon yourself the change because you realize and understand that where you are and where you want to be is not equal, you see the gap and you react on the gap, sometimes is a love leaves us, or we are fired we are given a change in a different way we did not see it coming and we were not aware of how big the gap was.

Why this change for me?

Why is this happening to me?

Why did I make this choice?

Is the same change but from a different side and therefore we, you and I see things differently depending on from which side you see and where you stand. The change is your gift to look inside and understand the GAP that you have – let take place – had you done or been in balance – this change would not have had the energy to arise. This is your gift for you.

This GAP why do you think it is happening and what will you use it for. Alone to be able to ask that question is taking the first step inside out to see why I am feeling the way I do, why did it happen to me, or why did I make this decision. Whatever side you are on, this change is a gift to find something that is even more and better for you.

Why is this happening

I was not the decision-maker, that makes one start with why in a chock phase, because you may if you really feel within know that there was a gap, you did not move on it and you may have learned yourself to live with it, knowing within that this is not really you and what you are about.

I know why

I am the decision-maker and why has been in my thinking for some time, why am I here, why is things like this, why am I feeling that I am losing the balance. I listen to my-self and this is, why I am aware of that there is a gap arising.

It does not matter from which side you stand, change is always a change why it happens is of so many reasons.

There is always the why to be asked,

and there is always a Gap if why is asked.

We lost focus on the most important thing for ME – ourselves and where am I, what am I doing, With whom am I doing this, do I see the alignment the balance in how I see the journey of time between the one or the people I am with.

Time moves forward,

and if we are not heading in the same direction over time we will be a part and what you will see is, that we have a gap. If we have a Gap is for ME only to know and see, It is our own way of knowing and feeling within or maybe even inside out, where am I.  

Am I on my right track, it is your choices that have taken us to where we stand today, and we all know that each minute I make a choice to where I go. In this life I cannot, not move forward, time keeps moving on and there is no returns.

How do I reach on the change?

Again, after looking, at the why, we know, that the change and the Gap can be looked at from at least 2 sides, the one that makes the decision and the one it happens to.

How do we handle it:

How I chose to do it

If I am the decision-maker, I have had time to think things over, things and situations are happening as I take initiative, this gives me control over how I do and how I think. How does what I create, this is how I have chosen to do it, this is how I see it, this is how I will continue.

How I chose to react

If I am not the decision-maker and it is happening to me, I have no influence on how it is happening, I have influence on how I react to what is happing. I have a chance to control myself and how I handle things that happen around me.

This is how I show myself how I handle the situation, where I do not have control over how things are happening. This is my time to show my inner strength to me. At the end of the day, whatever happens does not matter it is how I choice to take myself through this change, how it happened and how it was done, was not up to me, what is up to me is the feeling I chose to have and how I choose to take myself through the change.

Depending on from which side you are, one is acts upon how will I do this and how will it happen, whereas when it happens to you, the questions becomes how do I react, how do I control myself, how do I see it, and how will I move on, how will I handle this.

Always know, that it is a gift for you

Your chance to decide how it will be

Your way


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What is happening

It happened and I did it, or it happen to/for me, first second is, that it happened to me, second two, is that it happened for me, if something is not right among you, it is time to change and find your way and doings where you are appreciated, loved and among.  It is a time for change no matter which side you are on. If you let go of a person, a home, a love or if you are told to leave, and move on.

The two people or the partnership or the business, whatever the relationship is faces new ways and new opportunities. It is a new unforeseen journey for the one part until you find your way.

What happened is from what we need to learn from, what happened, what went wrong, what did I do, what was the reason, what could I have changed, what did I not see, what made me make the choice, what will I do, what can I do.

You may not know this minute

what happened of what to do

but you will and it will be so much better


For each part, it is a divorce or separation for letting go. In this moment, no matter what side you are on that things will change forever, it is the moment a chance to look inside out to find out what it meant, what you want to learn from it, and what you will take with you, and what you will let go, and what you will look back upon. Depending on what side you are on, the what is a strong driver and mover for next part of your life.

What happened is a strong driver

will move you


Think good about it

Because if you decide that this is a gift for you, you too decide that you can do so much better, that you can do what it takes to make things for you even better than where you are today.

Trust yourself

You can make the change

You need

the one person you are with all your life and always, be the one you would admire and follow your inner guidance, you know that what is happening is a chance for you to move on to something even better, and you can do it, it is within you, and if you take the time to close your eyes and feel the power from within you know, that what is happening did not happen to you, it happen for you. This is your chance to look, evaluate and move on to something that is so much better. You may have had the patience and tolerance and you may have really wanted this, but when you look inside out, you know that the force within wants something else. This voice is so much stronger and has so much power, that is moves you.

Listen to the voice inside

It is your driver and it will never let go, if you make the decision to change, or if you are the one who the change is happening for, either so this part of the journey together is coming to an end. You have learned, you have loved, you have given each other all you had and now it is time to set each other free.

Free to move on

Not because of failure, hate or any other reason but because what you offer each other in this second does not give the match you are seeking and need to create the results you want.

This is a bit like writing a computer program, if the match is not there, it is not there. This lifetime we are in right now is not about patience, tolerance, understanding each other, seeing the difference, liking the creativity. The time we are in now seeks match and what is right as I see it.

It is freedom in a new and different way, because in the old days, how many people stayed in a relationship where they were not happy. How many stayed in a job, that they did not like. How many did things because it was expected of them.

Now we can what we want, and it is okay or even natural that we find new ways, that we seek to be among people where we find the match we are seeking. We seek a job because we are looking for a place to be where we feel the match.

This is the freedom that we have and the freedom that we need to work, our responsibility is to look within to know what is right for me, who am I and what do I want to do.

It is my responsibility to align with myself all the time and ensure that my doings are aligned with what I am and what I want.

You and only you

Knows what is right for you

So what happens is part of our way to achieve the outcome that we seek and want, and to be simple, if we look at is as a movie, you would not want to have actors in the play that did not play the role you expected and you did not want to have actors in the play, playing a different act.

The change is for you

And it is time to decide where you want to go, and what you want to do.

What if had not happened

Think about it

Take just one moment and think about some of the changes you have been through, and how you manage to move on. Create an even better life for yourself and your family. Do it again, and do it again, know that you are yourself own best friend and that whatever you decide is what is best for all.

If it had not happened, things would have been the same, there would not have been this new good challenges and options for even better result and outcome.

Take the change as a gift for you

Decide within why, how and what you will do, be grateful because if it had not happened you would not have had this chance to change to evaluate be stronger, find new friends, a new lover or work.

Change is a chance to create something even better and it is a chance to feel and know what is right for me. Take the change as a chance a ticket or a ride for new adventures and new forms and discover what it brings to you.

Life is so much and there is so much more to be a part of.

My new reality

WOW –  I am thankful

You will wake up one morning and all is forgotten, the uncertainty, the panic, the chock, the way you saw it, time will take you new places and time will heal what is happening right now.

Time will let go of the situation you are in at this moment and all that is left inside is the feeling you have about it, which will be connected the way you handled the change. Make a wise decision and trust yourself, know that it is not happening to you but for you.

You are not deciding to move on – you are making a choice for all the right reasons. You are not left, but you have capabilities that are needed elsewhere, all is in balance.

Your balance and your way is for your solely to decide, and you alone know what is the right way for you. Feel the power within, pick the right stones and get up and do what you do best.

Live a good life

Be who are you

If you want to, you can use the gap analysis and gap tools to find the inner understanding and outcome you are seeking, if you do it while the gap is small the change is natural, if you do it when the gap is big the change is natural.  The difference is only how you see the change.

Change is natural.

MY-MEMBER – use change to build up knowledge and skills how to handle change, what to be able to do

ME-MEMBER – use change to understand the feeling within to seek, support and give comfort and know how to move on.

BYINVITATIONONLY – MEMBER work with why and what is happening to ME and what skills and knowledge it good for ME to know so MY knowledge and skills improve, I learn to be a better ME for MY.