There comes a time – silence feels like betrayal.

There comes a time, when we all need coaching or you will face the fact that silence feels like betrayal. To gain the right way to think about a problem or a challenge, to achieve a better outcome. When we fail, we often fail because of our approach and our wrong mindset to solve the problem or the challenge.

With time there comes a point where you will need to set your goals and decide, how you want to reach them – remember stopping up is not giving up.

It’s a moment in time to overview and evaluate your own effort and approach.

When silence feels like betrayal.

Often we seek support and guidance among our friends and family and there comes a time when silence feels like betrayal. When you from the people you surround yourself with do not get the feedback that will enable you to get the results you seek.

We are never better than the decisions we make and for most people we never more than the result or work that we do.

How what you do matters, more than you can possible imagine, Your feedback may save someone else day or worries.

1. There comes a time to set your goals.

Without goals! Where are you going?

How can you day by day live your life and not have goals to achieve? how can you be happy if you ado not have goals which are the outcome of your hope and desire,

We all face the time where we need coaching to support us set the goals and direction.

Alone we can never make it happen, we need the daily alignment to clear our minds and focus our energy. Being among people who make you feel stronger, better and smarter – is the key to better performance and achievements.

Silence feels like betrayal, it may not in the beginning, but after a while the dialog and conversation fade out as the energy moves elsewhere.

Why spend time and effort on people, who does not want to see you succeed or do not want to engage with you. It’s a waste of time, and time is the only precious thing you can never get back.

There comes a time, when time will tell the how you spend your time, did you manage to set goals and get the support and guidance to achieve them.

2. A time to focus on your own needs.

What do you think that is? Your own needs, is the feedback and support to make better, smarter and wiser decision for your life. FREEDOM is not given for FREE and it is not given to grant you the right to do the wrong thing. FREEDOM is the right to take responsibility to do the right thing.

FREEDOM is to help those who need it, to support those in the game who needs it. FREEDOM is the right to choose to do the right thing.

No matter what – every empire stands to fall, and we are right now watching the beginning of the end.

When you believe you can force your will through, and you no longer have the respect to align with the people, you start the beginning of the end. It may take time, but a seed will grow and align with people in time.

No, one has ever managed to overcome the will of the people, and what is the right thing to do. Even the Berlin wall fell. You will fail too.

That’s why…

3. There comes a time to align yourself.

A time where you will ask the question, is this the right thing to do, you will doubt your goals and your way. If not – you will fail.

FREEDOM to do the right thing will build you stronger and smarter every day. You listen to feedback from people and their desires and wishes. No mans dream can survive unless it is what the people want and desire. We want to see the winners, the right winners, and the people are clear – it is not every who can win.

I have lost, I tried for 3 years to build a business, I worked 11 hours a day and the outcome was zero, I did not make it. Somehow I did no have what the people wanted and it is the truth – the pain of the true truth.

I had the FREEDOM, to try it.

Try to do the right thing or making my dream come true. I tried I did all I knew how and even today, I cannot tell you why I failed, what I did wrong and why I did not achieve my set goals.

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4. There comes a time face the truth.

The truth is you can only win if you win the right way. No matter what you believe you can force on people you can never take away dreams and hope.

You must face the truth and you will discover that silence feels like betrayal you will not know when you took the wrong turn or when you helped and supported the wrong people.

You can never out smart life.

Do not let life fool you, you must fool life. We are back to the dancer and the betrayal you see in when watching someone dance.

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5. There comes a time to let it go.

Coaching is a way of getting the alignment not only with yourself, but with everything around you. Goal and the desire to achieve more is created from within.

Stress builds up when desire from within is not met and stress builds up if you do wrong. You know what is the right thing to do.

Or else there comes a time where you will need to let it go!

Time will tell – like we see the metoo effect and big empires fall.

Good habit with the desire to make

it better can set you FREE

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