A life coach certification can be done online and for free, but you have to think twice before getting started. In this article you will get 9 facts for FREE and a deeper understanding. What it is that you want? Why? Let’s get started – right now!

What is that you want?

Before we get to how to get a life coach certification, you need to know exactly what you want.

Right now, where you are?

What is your next step?

What direction are you heading in?

Where will, what you do right now take you, did you think of the road that you are walking right now.

Why and how to get certified?

Why is it important for us to know? Where we are going and how much, do we have to think about it. Or is it important. Look around you and really see and listen.

For those who do, what is their inner vision and finds.

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Why scrutinize?

Write it down, and see for yourself, what do you think.

When we write things down, we take our thoughts out of our minds, and we take the time to really understand and get the topic, the issue or challenge in life out of our heads, sometimes when we sit by ourselves and think, we say the same things to ourselves repeatedly.

We take our mind into a spin, where we do not solve anything.

That is why CAL is your online life coach certification

It’s not all about the word life coach certification.

Here you get a change to become your own online life coach, to write your story, and you get to give the first comment yourself, as to your best friend in life.

When you write your life topic or story down, you yourself get to see the words that you use and where you are.

You get a change to understand what is within or even your subconscious mind even better.

Many times, or often there is a difference in where we think we are, and where we really are or where we really stand.

Once we write our story or view of a life topic down, we get to see, what we are really saying, and this gives us the opportunity to understand and make the changes that we would like in our lives.

When you have it  written down, then look it,  what you have written and close your eyes to feel if this is how you feel or see it is, look to feel,  if you are congruent with your story and to know if you are ready for feedback, and know and be aware that no one can make the puzzle, but you, since you are the only one who sees all bricks, you are the only one living it, and you are the only one with the capacity or key to change it.

Therefore, the feedback or advise or techniques that others offer, is only just offers NO one can never know what is right for you.

From coaching there, a many tools that may be presented to you, know that this is only offered and only you sit with the knowledge and the key, for which key and what is right for you to listen to or do.

You are the solely creator in your life.

What you do is the difference? Many of the challenges we are facing are the same, same trouble with different names, just think back for a moment, is it not strange, we face an issue or challenge and it repeat itself over and over till we learn how to cope or solve it, then we never face it again.

When we start writing our life stories down and scrutinize them, we see things differently, we get it out of our minds and you will see that some of the challenges, are not as you think in your head.

What do you see? What words, are we using to describe our frustration, our challenge, how deep do they go, how involved are we, how touched or affected are we. Once we are writing it and looked at it, we see where, we ourselves say we are standing. This is how I see it, this is what I feel, and these are my words, my mindset and life level. Knowing we are all different, we also know, that we do not do things in the same order and the same way. We all understand things differently even though it is the same word, we speak or are taking about.

This makes life, such a wonderful place, where we can scrutinize and analyze and we come to different results and we are all right. Here you would properly say, this can be challenging and yes it can. To make it work for all of us, we have rules and they are made so there is room for all of us. We have a frame and we can agree that this is where we with our culture are.

Again, this can be challenging and yes, this is true too. And this is a never-ending story. With all our thinking and all our wanting. We must bear in mind, that it is not worth anything unless we do it, that if we do not work to do it and achieve it, and that it is not implemented, what is it then worth? That is why, when we start writing down, what is challenging us we see,

The 9 FREE Life Coach Facts – That Will Make You Think Twice!

  1. Where our own focus is
  2. What we are doing ourselves
  3. What words are we using
  4. What stage are we on
  5. What are wise steps to take
  6. Where do we want to go
  7. What first step is wise to take
  8. Keep the faith that we are on right track
  9. Keep doing it

and at the end  – having the change knowing we did it.  9 Facts That Will Make You Think Twice, because if you are not there, and are not willing to do it, then what do you really see?

What do you really see and why a certification?

Do I really have to get the online life coach certification? Those are the first steps many takes, when they start thinking, about being a certified life coach. Can this be done online and can you learn life coaching online. Life coaching is all awareness, knowledge and skills in life. What is a good thing to do, and in life coaching for many of us, the trigger is that we ourselves have faced challenges, where we did not have the knowledge and techniques to solve the challenge, but that we were aware of, that we could have solved it in a much better way?

How do you scrutinize?

Seeking to be a life coach, when you think about it, what is about being a life coach that makes you really want to do it. Going online and leaning through reading and writing can be a great good start, but the awareness of that all skills and techniques within life coaching is about being among others and seeing, hearing and feeling their way.

Just try for a moment and try to do,

as a person you know well, walk like that person for 2 minutes and then feel the difference within, what is the difference from how you walk and how you feel, when you walk as the other person, what are the words that comes into your mind or the understanding that comes.

How do you see this person differently now. When we use our skills from a life coach certification, we do not do anything for the other person, we use tools and techniques that gives awareness, skills, knowledge and a choice to choose.

You get to see yourself in a different light.

Not the light that the coach see’s but the light you see yourself in. Can those skills and knowledge be taught by reading? Can you learn to use the skills?

Can you practice? Can you adjust what needs to be adjusted? There are many skills and a lot of knowledge that can be achieved online and there is not the right way to achieve good life coaching skills.

A good online life coach certification is about skills. A mind-set that you build yourself, and whatever works, WORKS. Will it work for you, this question you alone sit with the answer to, because you know if you have what it takes to do the work that is required to be a great life coach and thinking about it right now, What feedback would you get, if it was your best friend? What would good feedback be, what is the learning.

If we listen to elder people and their life stories,

if we really listen, they try to give us, what life had taught them. What lesson did they learn, and if we get a change to ask questions we get to hear, where they thought that they made good turns and decisions in life, and we get to hear where they found themselves challenged and even could have made better choices.

When you listen to others, how deep do you listen to their story, and do you ever stop yourself, and ask what can I learn from listening to the story of this wise person.

A life coach certification is all bout learning of many stories from many wise people, and from many levels, and for many reasons. We would not have the time ourselves to listen to all the stories and find a theory. All the empirical is collected and skills and techniques are made. When learning, life coaching you will find that you take turns in the different techniques, and that a whole new world is discovered.

The more we learn, the more we get aware of that we do not know.

The less we know the more we see ourselves with the right. When learning life coaching and asking if online is a way, you are the only one who knows if this is the right way for you, but you can write down the answer to:

What do you worry about?

Why do you think it can be different? What would you improve? Answer the question why you are in doubt and know It is not worth anything on less you do it.

Learning and being taught can never be wrong, it may not be what you think, and what you want it to be, but getting new awareness and knowledge can only add to your life. You may wish to let it go and not use it, You may change the way you are being taught.

All learning and all doing will add to something, and for you to know what that is, you need to understand the outcome you are seeking.

If you do not have a wish or a clear picture of where being a Life Coach is to take you, or you do not have a vision of what is involved by being a life coach with a certification. Then you will do it for a while and find out, that this is not what you wanted to do. This was not the outcome you were seeking.

Our way

Our inner has a way of telling us, what is right and wrong, when doing so, we find out if this is really for me to do, and if we listen to ourselves we know.

To get a online life coach certification is a great opportunity and chance.

Take it and use the life skills that you learn to improve your own life.  Make the changes you are seeking, through the understanding of the changes you do in your own life, you build up an enormous power and strength, and what you get is a deep respect for the inner work and the inner wisdom that we process. Once we reach our destination, our outcome and goal have defined us, we have become what we wished and what we were looking for.

That is why, we at times want to change and do it differently, because what is required for the outcome we were seeking is not the input or doing that we want to do. Our outcome is only a definition, it is the journey and the learning through our lifetime. It is what we spend our most pressures time on.

TIME. That is all we have to offer, and each minute we live here on earth we decide what we want to spend our time on, what matters to us, what gives us joy and what are we for the people we are among.

The trend right now, or our way right now:

The trend of our lifetime right now, is to learn to do things sustainable. Doing what we do good, not only good for ourselves, but for others among us.

Life Coaching is a technique, tools, skills, awareness, knowledge and understand to be used to improve all our life’s doings.

In ME we use the story of our lives to tell, hear, hear and feel, what is going on in our lives, we use what we do to learn from, In MY we use the tools, the techniques, the awareness and knowledge share among us, for use in our lives. In By invitation only, we mix the two and use our stories and techniques to achieve our wishes for our outcome.

To be an even better you, to understand yourself and the people you are even better. You choose to be a life coach because? For all the right reasons and for you to achieve the outcome in your life, that you are seeking. And online learning is that a way for you?

Your answers here depend on what you do next. If it is, there are many options and ways to do it online, look for the right school at the level where you are, start with what will give you success and keep learning, and think wisely, and then do it, and one good thing to remember is,  it is only worth something, if you do it. A great life coach certification can be the change you are seeking and online can be the way for you. 

Good luck.

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