Mindfulness training and our collection of FREE education places to get started. This article is about how to practice mindfulness every day and how find your awareness of what is important.

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Be who you are,

That is the hardest thing for all us, and what we must practice every day.

How to be who we are. The strange thing is, that who we are, is all we have, at the end of the day, who we are, is all that will be remembered.

Depending on how we want to look at what we do. Today we have seen and hear a lot about those who are a little for many or all of us, they take up the news the magazines and homepages, and then we have all of those that are a lot for a few.

That we never know. Who are and what they did or what they know. We take things to the extreme we let go of the person, and we find the one thing that we focus on and this we add to the spotlight, the pressure must be enormous.

For each of us to understand our own mindful training is to find out, find our own awareness of what is important. To learn to be present in the moment here and now. That’s what you do right now is your choice, and that you can choose. It is your choice, that you want awareness and to be present in this moment. What are the goal and outcome of your life, which you are seeking?

List of great online mindfulness training courses

Your way is the only right way for you. Here you will find indicators for the list of places to learn and get educated, but you will make your list of what is right. What outcome do you hope to get, and what will you do, if you do not get the outcome you are seeking, From reading this, will you achieve your goals and the outcome you have set for yourself.

That is the million dollar question. There is only one, who will know that and one who can make it happen or do it, and that is you. The free list of educational places online, is your way to achieve greater online meditation training in combination with your membership at coachingandlife.com

  • Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation (100% FREE)
    • Gil Frontsdal at the Insight Meditation Center offers several different meditation courses for beginners through Audio Dharma. These classes provide a good overview of insight meditation practice as well as many guided meditation sessions which help the student learn how to establish and sustain a daily meditation practice. All the coursework here costs zip. Click here to visit
  • Be Mindful Online (START FOR FREE)
    • Learning to practice mindfulness with the Be Mindful course is one of the most dramatically effective things you can do to open up opportunities and change your life for the better. Click here to visit
  • Mind sight Institute
    • A unique description of a healthy mind and how it emerges from the integration and to combine mind, brain, and relationships into one perspective, not found elsewhere. Click here to visit

What to achieve

What you want to achieve and what you will achieve stands for your own doing and your ability to do it,  What we can do in CAL is help each other with the questions, that can give you  a or the wake-up call, that can trigger you, so  that you can open your eyes. For you to know and see where you want to go. The reason you are looking for something different, is that something inside of you are awaking you, saying, and showing you something, you know that there is something else and that you must do something else, your mind keeps you spinning for you to seek what is right for you. You do not have the peace within, or you do not understand why, that is why we within CAL uses our stories of life to work for us in the right way.

Education in mindfulness can be achieved in many ways.

Learning through classes and being taught by a good teacher in Mindfulness. Is a great way if you need help to start to do it. The change in all we do comes from learning ourselves to do it, and going to classes is a great way.

Because you set a time, a place, where you know that when you are in classes that is what you are to do. Practice your mind to be present. Learning through making an agreement with yourself. At this hour of the day, at this place I will do, what I decide. Learning doing that every day making the promise to yourself and keeping it. That is very powerful, because to keep the promise to oneself. That alone is a powerful mindful about the people I am ,now in this moment.

Just one question:

How many of the promises, that you made to yourself today, did you keep. That is the greatest learning of all, knowing how difficult it is to keep our promises to ourselves, and just thinking about it, and getting this awareness, makes me wonderful, if I find that difficult, about the people I am , what are they struggling with, what promises within are they facing and being challenged on. I see my own, I feel my own. What are people around me struggling with, do I know, do I listen, do I feel. In your story, you find all your answers, all we have to do is listen to what you are really saying, and by interacting through questions, you will feel, what is right and what is wrong.

What is a good question?

Good questions will lead you. Good questions will make you continue the journey you see ahead of you. You will feel that others understand you. When you read, or listen to the story of others, you may have good or even great feedback; and when you read or listen to the story of others you may see things that the person, who is living the story do not see at all. We must all keep in mind that there is no truth in this world, there is and that is all there will ever be, what we see as the truth is what there is, if we within fell that we are not in balance, then questions can lead or mislead our own choice  and responsibility is to make sure and know, that our choice is the right one for us, and even small changes can make the largest difference in your life. There is a force within that keeps on moving you.  Something makes you get up, and do it, what that is we are not going into here. Here we focus on what we need to do, to find our balance in life for ourselves. It all starts with me. That’s why we in membership of me, tell our story, we work with our story, to find out where our story is taking us, and to know that where we are going is what we want. The picture, which we have of ourselves, and the way that others see us, what difference is there, and is there a Gab between the two.

What is there to think about?

Why consider this, because we have a picture of how we want others to see ourselves. Or do we? Did you ever meet a person, you thought were ugly, and this person thought he/she was beautiful, or did you ever see fashion where you thought this does not look nice at all. The fashion right now, with pans sitting down to your knees. Just one simple question what is that? Functional, practical, neat, aggravate? A model, a designer, a look, away, What does it give us, that we follow the stream of what others set as a level?

What If this level is not my level.

Do I do something about it. DO I NEED TO. No, I do not, what I need to is find out, what is ME, so what I do, and what I say gives me peace and balance in my mind. This is, what it is all about, being true to what you are. You know when you have crossed your own line, you know when you are out of line, and you know what to do, and what not to do.

  • It is not to make others see what you see.
  • It is not to make others do what you do
  • It is not to make others change,
  • It is to learn to see that world with all the differences there is, and to know how difficult or easy it is to know that others have a different way, and that is OKAY.

What are we doing?

We get things mixed up, there are so many things in the media all perfect, all the best, all right, all excellent, and then there is me – why do I not, why and why.

  • We pick one thing,
  • We look for one minute
  • We talk for 5 minutes
  • That is not the truth, this is not life.

This is far away from

  • Authentic, this is what it is all about, knowing what you want, knowing how to work it, and knowing how to get it.
  • Authentic, inside out, knowing why you want it, thinking it and doing it.
  • Your goal your outcome must be you, you are one, inside out.

You can have many wishes, many doubts, many dreams, the one that counts are your perfect inner picture you are authentic, where it is all the same inside out. We as humans can feel and we know when we stand in front of a person that is not sure, there is doubt, how we know, good question, we know, and we take the change to influence them, to see our picture. We never have anything against people that are sure, we even help them on their way to success and what we have to do is find that strength, be ourselves, be sure, know what we want and never let go of the vision.

What have you done?

Thinking on how to do it, often makes us move fast, take fast decisions, do fast improvements, and wanting it too much, I want a boy/ girlfriend, I want a job, I want to be happy, I want kids, I want a house. Did you stop for a second to look at how this fits into your picture, are there room for them, are you willing to use the time needed to make this succeed, doing you want to spend the hours, do you want to work new areas, do you want to move.

What do you see?

Look at the picture; close your eyes, feel, and see. What is it you see, what is really needed? if you really want it, you do not have to hurry or do it fast. It is your picture, your way, your journey, things take time, it is a process and you need to know and understand the things to do, when we are ready and it will not come to you easy, it is your life, a good long life. Where the things in your inner picture will take up your time, your thoughts, your behavior, your way.

  • Look at what you are doing, do not spend your time looking at what others are doing and how, look to see if what is happening around you are values that matches your inner picture.
  • Look in the mirror, that is all that matters is what you see, that is the only person that you will be with always, the only one you can completely trust, the only one who will do for you what you want.

Start taking the steps in your direction.

  • Where are you, in the phase?
  • What is the gab?
  • How can you reach it?
  • What are you willing to do?
  • What if?
  • If not !
  • Never give up?

You can do it you are ready.

How can I know that you are ready, I know because you have read until now, you are where you are willing to do what it takes to achieve your goals, do what is right  for you, find your inner picture and start looking  at it.

What is it that is so strong inside of you, that even though you have not looked at the picture for years, it is still there, still clear and still so easy to find and start investigating. Y

You can make it, and you can make it happen.

You have, what it takes, you are the difference.

See, you are also the only one who has the fully truly pictures of what is needed for the success and what kind of input and impact it will have on your life. You need to really want it?

Mindful, and mindfulness.

If you really want it, you will seek and you will find a way.

There is no halfway to achieve outstanding performance, if anyone tells you it is easy, and then one for sure can know either they forgot where they started or they did not do it. You can only really know, when you have done it yourself.

You know, what is and what is not, when you have done it, running a marathon, we speak of the wall, what is the wall and what happens this understanding comes to you.

Once you have done it, there is a huge difference from looking at the pictures to the feeling and understanding, what it requires your effort, drive, skills, awareness, all you have, all you know.

Take another case,

Swimming, we all do it, and when you know how, yes it easy.

Swimming fast and competing is a whole different story. Once you have laid in the water and try to give it all you have, you know what it feels like and it is something very different.

To learn to be, to find your way, to be who you are, to use all your potential.

That is the best mindfulness training.

Just looking up on google you will find good practice for mindfulness.

Your way is the only way for you, and what do you need to do and learn to be present in each moment in time, what is your learning, what is your challenges.

Start and do and get experience, then add your knowledge and feedback, what did you discover?

Grow your mindful and mindfulness on a daily basis – that is what will make the difference.

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