A technique is a particular method of doing an activity. In this article you will get 10 mindfulness techniques to use in your daily activity.

Follow your guts, do what it takes and be who you are.

The first time you do thing, where you let go of your inner, you will feel sad and sorry in a way it is very hard to do. You can never be anything else that all we have who we are, and one of the highest stages we can reach is to be present in every moment we have.

That is the ultimate stage.

To be who are on our way that we know that we only have this moment in time. Mindfulness is a tool to teach ourselves to be present with what it takes.

We know what is right for ourselves and we know, if we really listen.

Often when we do not listen, it is because we are scared of afraid of what will happen, our minds gives us reasons not Let it go, sometimes one of life’s most difficult questions comes to you, try harder or let go. Letting go does not mean that you are weak, it can mean that you are strong enough to let go.

Holding on to something, that you know, will only continue to give you pain inside does not make sense. Why do we do it, why do we hold on.

Why not make the cut and move on.

Follow these 10 techniques to succeed

What are we scared of terrified of, what 10 things do we achieve when really understanding?

Below you will find the 10 mindfulness techniques to follow.

1. Form your goal

Technique no. one: What is the goal, what does it matter to you, you stand here at the beginning of a wish, a dream with a plan and maybe with a deadline or maybe not, you must look within, do you have the strength do you believing you, where do you stand today?

You have to form your goal or your outcome.

ANd you have to really unfold it, really look at it, you have to really want it, see if you believe that this is what you want and you start setting your mind up to it.

Then this will happen and therefore the better a perfect picture, the better you describe to yourself, this is what I want, this is where I am going.

This is where I will be within the next 4 years, the better you see clearly this is what I see, hear and feel, I know when I am here this is what I want, this is my goal, this is my outcome.

And is ask is this me.

This picture you draw right now, you see it, you have it in your hand, you can feel it, you can do it you are ready, you see the picture, and it is no longer a picture just in front of you, it is a picture that is part of you, you are the picture, this is where you will go, this is what you are.

You are one with the picture and the picture is one with you.

Hold this picture and carry it with you, whatever happens, you see this picture, you keep the picture for you for your future for you to reach. You will do it and you are ready to make it happen.

2. Set your mind on try

Technique no. twoTo try is now, there is no turning back and in everything you do you will set your mind on to try, you will look at all your options, in all you do, you need to see.

What can be and how can it be, what is difficult and what is challenging, you try, you try, your mind needs to find ways and there must be many ways it is not how you get there, but that you get there that is important.

3. Start working right now

Technique no. three:

To do it, is when we start working on what we want, not to help other or be unpolite, or taking of, when we really start working on our outcome, looking and seeking for ways to achieve what we have within.

What is it for, what difference is the outcome we are seeking going to give us, where are you, how do you feel, what is happening, and what are you doing, and what is your life like?

4. Let the journey begin

Technique no. FourTo go for it.

To dare do what it takes, during the journey you will find out that there was so much you did not think of and there will be new things to learn, it is not the outcome itself, it is all the experience and knowledge that you get during the journey.

It is the journey and the way that will define you later on, when you are closer, what really matter and what needs to be done, you will discover during this awakening you will also determine if there are adjustments that needs to be done, if there are things that you need to take into account and add or leave out.

The more you do it, the more aware you become what it is that you are going for, and if this is really you, an outcome can be adjusted all the time, this does not mean that you give up or change, this means that you adapt to the outcome that you see and that you have within. That is to go for it.

5. Stop thinking start processing

Technique no. fiveNothing matters if you do not do it, all our thinking, all our gossiping, discussing and spinning in our heads all this only matters, if we take it out and we do it.

There is the understanding of doing it and then there is the understanding.

Did you ever notice, that sometimes people say yes, I understand, and get you still sit back with the sense that, they do not understand at all.

That the expression, I understand, or I see, what do we really understand and what do you really see. If we have never tried it or done it, we can only imagine, what it is like and how, what strength is required to achieve the outcome.

To do it, is what makes the whole world change for us, it is to use our mind for what we set our goals out for, and it is not to be distracted by what is happening around us, it is our ability to find out how to be among others, who may in life be on other stages and yet we continue to follow the outcome we are seeking, that is a challenge that we all face, working hard for our outcomes and keeping our family and friends.

We often see that we lose one or the other due to our focus and all the time we spend achieving. It is to find, that right balance for ourselves in our lives, when we do it. Not to do it faces some of the same challenges as overdoing it, and there is only ourselves that knows what is the right level for us.

6. Keep up the hard work

Technique no. six:  To really want it, that is what we will be challenged on so many times, it is the questions, it is the everyday hard work, and it is never to give up.

It is the continuing struggle, it is all the difficulties and yet you still keep on going, because you know that there is something within that is telling you, we all know what is right for ourselves, we know when we make compromises and we know when those compromises are better or worse for what is our life.

When something happens to you, you know, if you are honest to yourself, if what happens is for the better for you.

To know what you want is powerful not only for yourself, but for the people around you, to know what you want and going for it, makes your vision clear, and your way of doing for reasons, life gives meaning to you.

If you are with others that do not have the same strong vision of their lives, there can easily happen misunderstandings of several reasons, the different level they are on or stage in life, we often are among others who are on the same stage in life as ourselves.

That is also why the input we will get is a input we can understand, but it is also a input from others on the same level, with whatever that means, but there will be blind spots, we may not need to do anything about these blind spots, because our friends and family are on same level, it is only, if they are not, that we are challenged in our own understanding and our collaboration with others.

If things are on our own level, we will not see it, if it is our own understanding we will not hear what is happening.

When things are different from, what we know, we hear, we see, and we are challenged, we may have an opinion, but what we really should see was a choice to see things in a different light.

It gives us a choice, and one we may have been seeking for a long time, best feedback and wake-up call seldom comes from people alike.

7. Don’t give up it takes time

Technique no. seven: You come to a point where you need to really want it, success belongs to those who really try and never give up, that is to understand the focus and the concentration that it requires.

What we give focus to become our reality, and that is what is real to us, if there are things in life you want, you need to really want it and for all the right reasons.

Look today, how many spend hours on their looks the hair the nails, all must be beautiful looking the best, and the once who really must work too hard to get it, how do they act or behave towards others that do not have the same look.

Mindfulness techniques are just working yourself, and it is also to be who you want to be.

To understand how things are and work, let’s look at this picture for a moment.

A person that is looking perfect, the hair sits just right, all clothes are right, all nails are right the person is perfect to look at. When you look at this person what values come into your mind.

What values come to mind, doing things a certain way, there is a truth, there is a standard and level that must be kept, there is ambitions, there are goals, there is a way. If you take a person that has normal hair, normal clothes, looks ordinary and there is nothing that gives you the impression of perfect.

Then it becomes more difficult to see what values are in place and you need to ask questions to find out what is important to this person to understand who that person is.

Take a nurse or a doctor, do you expect them to be perfect? Do you expect a lawyer to be perfect, or take a banker? A business man, Who do you expect to be perfect?

Or if you take a painter that uses the creativity, what are the values that you expect.

When we there is something in life that is so important to us, and we know that we must really do this, then it is part of us it is within our values.

Our values are helpers that help to define, what we achieve and what we really want.

8. It will change you

Technique no. eight: It will change you, and when we strive and what to achieve we need to know, what we want and that is why it is important to know what we really want, because it will change you. Everything we do or not do, have a price if we want or not.

Doing it makes you the creator and you define what will change you and what you will become. S

Standing by doing nothing will define you, and change your mindset about yourself.

When we move forward by being who we are for what we are, we authentic and strong, things fall into place when we do the right things and when what happens to us is right.

We carry our outcome the right way and our integrity is balanced.

We see and feel where we are for all that we are. If we force too much we be stiff in our mindset and thinking and we get angry or bitter if we do not achieve the goals, we have set.

Because when we do and move forward, we leave something behind. Time does.

Learning and our doings gives us a picture of, what is our world, and if we try too hard, or we push too much, and we focus too narrow, our lives become with less view of the angles of life.

When we are ourselves, we seek our inner balance our change for a great authentic person with good integrity.

9. Whatever it takes

Technique no. nine: You have what it takes, and you can do it, if it is what you really want, and it comes from strong within the integrity and your strength will show, you know, you know this is what you must do, not out of anger but for all the right reasons.

If we do things in spite or because we are hurt, that is not the meaning here and that is not with the intention of any good. When we are hurt, when we are sad, when we feel let down and alone, that is not a state of mind that we want to be in and just turn it around, would you want anyone to do that to you.

You have what it takes to be you, and to do what is right for you and for a good long sustainable way. You have what it takes to follow your dream and find the balance that you are seeking.

10. Feel the balance

Technique no. ten: Once you are, once you feel that balance, that connection you know, you know that you have worked many stages and levels of life, and that state of mind, that abundance is what it is all about and you have what it takes.

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