Gap Analysis Tool

The facts are we need the analysis to the overview and we need the coaching to help bridge the gaps.

Why Gap Tools And Analysis Works

You are expected to make the changes needed

You are expected to act well prepared

You are expected to reach the goals

You are expected to succeed

Gap analysis

The facts are that you need to have an overview. What do your employees say, what do your suppliers say, what does your customer say? you need to have facts and insight to make the decisions.


Gap analysis tool

Having the right gap analysis tool is the key to the insight and facts you need. At Coachingandlife we work with Personal gap analysis which you find on this page and we work with IRT-solutions for customer analysis, supplier analysis and employee analysis.

If you need to address changes you need to be able to talk to people and know what they are thinking. Silence comes to a point where it feels like a betrayal.

Demand for facts to make decisions.

You are expected to rapidly answer to various stakeholders across the organization including management, supply chain, and distribution etc.


Existing methods and tools do not enable fast, powerful analysis and comparisons to answer these important questions.


They are also not adapted to the variability and uncertainty that exists today and do not aggregate to the metric and network-level today