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Coachingandlife is a portal where you can get the courses, learning, and training you need to achieve your goals. As personal or business we help you find and gain the alignment you need to comply. We use a proven method to build the puzzle that not only improves the collaboration but also ROI.



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- Gap Analysis tool.
- Assessment tool.
- Pivot From Insight and Facts.

Cal Coachingandlife your tool

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Cal Coachingandlife your tool

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Cal Coachingandlife your tool

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Cal Coachingandlife your tool

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Cal Coachingandlife your tool
Cal Coachingandlife your tool

Obtain greater support and clarity by joining one of the CAL Forums. Our Online Communities of Topic Lead Discussion Groups.

When people get the support they need, they flourish organically in areas that are meaningful to them. >>

Our Interrelated Coaching approach bundles multiple coaching disciplines into a starting point for your Self Discovery Journey.

Bundle Topics, Coaches and Consultants provides variety to your coaching and gives you the BEST experience. >>


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Diversity And Different Views, Opens The Gate For Creativity Smarter Solutions,

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Alignment On A Daily Basis, Offers Clarity Insight And Facts, To Make Smarter Decisions. You Are In A Forum To Succeed, Get Tools, Network And Act Smarter, People Do Not Fail, With The Right Coach, Coaching Learning and Training.

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Skills you will gain

About CoachingAndLife Courses.

Our courses help you improve your professional skills and communication for successful business interactions. Each course focuses on a particular area within Business behavior and Business skills.

Such as Professional skills writing letters, addressing colleagues, speaking at meetings and interviews, giving presentations, and networking online.

Skills and Training.

Whether you want to communicate to potential Business employers, employees, partners, customers, or clients, better skills and good communication can help you achieve your professional goals.


The Capstone course will focus especially on making those important connections to take your career or business to the next level. Make yourself more competitive by improving your skills through CoachingAndLife Courses and Training.

What are Your Company’s Most Valuable Assets?

It’s how to Make the Most of Your Human Capital Investment:

Your employees, that’s the only ones who can make your company achieve goals, outcomes, and profit. How do you support protect help and guide them in their doings, do you manage your workforce in a way that makes them happy, focused and productive?

Why Improve Employee Engagement = Human Capital

The most important asset in your business is the employees.  Every employee goes to work every day to do a good piece of work.

What are there obstacle and what is holding them back?

There is one source that has a direct impact of profit and results and that is the development of strong teams, a talented workforce is vital to a company’s continued growth and success.

The obstacles you see in the results are the same obstacles the employee’s faces, how do you clear the way and the ability to work and generate results. As a result, companies are conducting engagement policies that would have been unheard of in the past but are now paying dividends with their workforce retention.

Why do we need it and how do we work with it.

What is your role in the company+

Why are you there – what is it you loe about working there?

How to answer and how to get the best out of your workforce the pocket coach is a direct solution to. You can empower and give your employees the clarity the aim for.

Contact us and give us a call to get your company offer and enroll to improve results – wellbeing and get happier employees as individuals and as team-members.

Coachingandlife has been awarded the life coach forum by Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals – because we improve performance and wellbeing.

Contract us.




Gap Analysis What is a gap analysis and why is it so important

Gap Analysis and Why is it so important.

For you to process the ability to gain insight facts and evidence you get.



We do a gap analysis to get an overview of an area or chain.

It can help you improve your business efficiency, which will also improve your product or services,

and at the end your profitability by allowing you to pinpoint “gaps” present in your company.


Coachingandlife collaborates with

To gain the intelligent software, that can gather and analyze data in real-time.



Once your analysis is complete.

The overview is there. You will be able to focus your resources and energy on the identified areas in order to improve them.

To master is to bridge in good ways and know the action to plan.


What is a gap analysis?

gap analysis is a method of assessing. The differences between what you have today and what you want to have.

Often gaps are meet against KPI’s or to comply with law and legislation.

If they are not, what steps should be taken to ensure they are met successfully.




What is the purpose of a gap analysis?

The purpose of gap analysis is to determine where you are and if you align with where you want to be.

Whereas the purpose of duration analysis is to determine the risk.


Hand in hand with risk

A risk assessment is to give you the likelihood of whatever you are investigating.


The whole process of handling the whole chain end-to-end is and keep on having the compliance you want is have the ability to understand what points you need to address all the time.

To have the insight and facts will allow you to minimize risk in areas but not only will you eliminate risks you will at the same time optimize performance by building the puzzle of the right resources and teams.


Professional team building How to do it

Professional team building How to do it

Here is why it is important for you to process the know-how and skills to build a good performing team.


How do you build a professional team?

  1. First, you need to define and understand what a great team is for you and your organization. Often it is good to make a gap-analyze to define and get an overview of today.
  2. The leadership of the team,  because what matters to the leader becomes the call to actions for the members of the team
  3. Build the connections between yourself and the team members to hold the values that strengthen your performance
  4. Let the team establish a Connection with Each other so they become more than Team Member. …
  5. Be the catalyzer of Collaborations to puzzle the alignment.


How do you build team activities?

Your results depend upon how well your team does and here are Tips To Create Successful Activities.
  1. Why are the team’s Activities important to the business and how can you do things during work hours.
  2. Focus on what you want to Develop.
  3. Get the feedback you need and make a gap-analysis if you need status.
  4. Be clear and be real.
  5. Design your way to be collaborative and engaging for alignment insight to strengthen your performance.
  6. Be open to suggestions.
  7. Be visible and reachable as the lead.


What is the process of team building?

Building a team is a process of understanding, how people work together effectively also known as team development.

Bruce Tuckman identified a five-stage in the team development process to become high-performing.

  1. forming, 2. storming, 3. norming, 4. performing, and 5. adjourning. Using that method will give you insight into your team’s strengths and weaknesses and where you will need to develop methods that make your team align.


What are the roles in an effective team?

The 5 roles a successful team leader must play
  • Clear communication and goals.
  • Able to facilitate and set the agenda.
  • Coach and trainer where it is needed.
  • A motivator to ensure no one loses the spirit and belief.
  • Conflict resolver and bridge builder to align.

Working with the skills to understand why a team is strong what makes the difference can change the ROI  and the whole performance in every corner.

You never know where a negative destructive chain starts.


Functional Life Coaching? What is functional life coaching

What is Functional Life Coaching?

Is a proven method to gain results. It is a way to bridge the gaps and constantly monitor for enhancing improvements.

A whole-systems approach, to addressing an individual’s specific needs, in relation to improving and attaining goals on both a personal and professional level.

Utilizing a variety of techniques, to address personal obstacles, the client and coach create an individualized plan to gain success and prosperity.

A Tools To Solve

A way of supporting the whole human being and not only looking at bits. We believe functional life coaching maximizes the puzzle as an individual and as a business.

We partner with to gain the software that can gather and analyze information in real-time


How to structure the process

How to structure the process

Coaching as a tool is a method

To ask curious, organizational questions that provide momentum and energy for your daily conversations.

Coaching tools and Change management in your organization or team
A strong theoretical foundation that enriches your opportunities for effective and professional communication.

Developing is Coaching

Coaching developments the coached person based on his/her strengths and abilities – not about finding flaws and shortcomings.

How to structure the process:

Working with an understanding of the challenge or the problem as a kind of gamemaster. Because the gamemaster has “ coaching skills and insight” it enables to effectively manage and coordinate conversations towards jointly defined outcomes and goals, while creating spaces for development or improvements through inspiring questions and hypotheses that offer new angles

Get More Detailed Information Here

Do I need a Life Coach or Mentor in my life and why
Why build a case story and what it helps

Why build a case story and what it helps

Case story

A case story is your way through. It is how we solve our problems and challenge and gain insight and experience to overcome and move on.

The agenda:

1. Involvement

What is happing who is involved and what are you thinking this moment? Hurt and pain are often the 2 major drivers of changes and challenges. Start thinking about what steps and what took you here. What are your focus and scope and why did you end here?

2. Identify the challenge the problem

What is the real problem or challenge? it is not as it seems and it is never what you first think. So what is it

3. Use your skills and knowledge

What different values, wishes and meaning of life do you hold and have. That did not match or took you here.

4. Include what is happening for you

How do you feel? What are you feeling and what does it make you do?

5. Tell the story.

The power and the solutions is in your story, it is not the story itself it is your values and beliefs. What matters and why you did not compromise your values and beliefs.

6. Use numbers and facts

What are the facts?

Be realistic and look at yourself in the mirror.

7. Use care and share methods

Use the forums to care and share, open the gate for the dialog it brings

8. Avoid jargon.

Stop yourself and stop self illusions

9. Use life coaching tools

What coaching tools can benefit your learning and training to speed the process to move on. You do not need to forget –  you need to find happiness and live the life you want.

You do that by ensuring yourself and what you do.

10. Get professional help.

What is a life coach? A person who processes tools to use to excellent work through challenges and problems. Why waste your time and why worry, fear and doubt, when you can take action.

Your Case story

Will help you define your mindset for success and give you overview of the bridges you need to gap.

Tools and support can speed your learning and training.

To support you case story we use – coaching tools, forums and sessions.


We believe in you.



Alone and why you feel alone and what you can do

Alone and Why You Feel Alone and What You Can Do

  1. Want to feel the love…. – What do you do
  2. Want to feel needed….  – What do you do
  3. Want to feel important….. – What do you do
  4. Want to feel wiser…. – What do you do
  5. Want to feel smart….. – What do you do
  6. Want to feel fame…. – What do you do
  7. Want to feel rich – What do you do

When feeling alone you have a desire a goal, You know what you want. the challenge, the problem is how to do it?

If you knew how to do it you would not feel alone.

If you knew how to step out and do it you would not be thinking I am alone.

You are not alone.

No human can do anything alone, it’s no fun there is no one to laugh with, and it is not a good feeling to do anything alone. What is a good feeling is to do something with someone and be good at it?

That’s why CAL works. Because we help people come together and be part of something, we team up and during the journey, we become better and better to excellence.

It is no fun running a Marathon or playing football if you do it alone. The fun is showing other people what you have learned, and your memories are the fun you had while you were learning. There is always a new game, a new situation and if just one thing changes, it can change the whole game.

There is no perfect and there is no enough, it can always be better.

Have you ever felt outsmarted because you did not know it or because someone was smart not telling you?

Listen to this?

What are you thinking when you read this?


Think about


Why Do you feel alone

Most often we choose loneliness when we cannot overcome a challenge or problem. That is when our loneliness starts from here the mind takes over and start telling us, what happens if we do.

Let it go, use the forums and run your forum.

Step out?


What do you feel?

Overcome difficult times How to deal and handle difficult times

This forum is about – how to get up?

Knocked down feeling sorry for yourself is not going to accomplice anything except making it worse. We have for so long laughed at people doing stupid things, how they made us laugh  – guess who is the stupid one, guess who made the money  – the people who have served with acting and done stupid things on Facebook and Instagram have made millions and can today relax learn back. Smile and say they made it. Now they can pay to get people to do anything for them.

Who wins?

What happens if you are not alone

1. How we support you to be a good leader is a network where leaders can ask and learn from other leaders we talk and learn from each other. Good leader care, good leaders work hard to on why, what, and how How to be a great leader should be something that every professional who takes upon him or herself the role as a leader should be working and very interested in.

Very few people are by nature great leaders and the great leaders of this world when we look back in history who were they. Napoleon, Hitler, Stalin, Roosevelt, Thatcher, Merkel is some of the historical leaders we think of.

They had one thing in common, they knew how to speak to people. Every day “as a leader” you speak to people. Every day as a leader you have an impact on somebody else’s life.

Lead yourself out of

At Coachingandlife we talk to action to how –

On of the best things you can ever do is

take good care of yourself

by being what you would admire.


What is a problem How do we work with a problem
Here is how a Problem is defined:

What is a problem How do we work with a problem

A problem is defined as the gap between where you are and where you want to be. Or in your business, a problem is where you are and where you would like to be. A problem is something between where you are and where you want to be no matter if it is in your health, family, mindset or business.

The problems in business. Are easier to solve because we are many to solve, and more minds think better and are smarter. The problem brings along needs leadership, listening, awareness, insight, define, ability, creator, deviations, compliance.

The problems in Families, mindset, and health are much more difficult to fix because there are only one solution that works and that is the one which will make you feel good and do good.

What is a problem?

The problem is when you know it can be different, and you want it to be different. That’s the problem. Often when we are not feeling good, we are not performing well, do not feel at home in our family, or our health is not doing good. We find it difficult to pinpoint what is the problem.

That is the problem?


What is the problem?

Find out what the problem really is, that is a problem. When I got fired, a director went down in his department with the arms up and said, yes, she is gone. That is a problem. Not for me, I was gone but for the company. Everybody in the team is thinking, so when is it my turn. What do I need to do not to get in this situation? They will never say or do anything. That is a problem for a company.

In your family, if you want to know your kids, you need to listen to what it is they say how they say it, and what they choose. They are so turned in on you. That it is about showing them how to show what they like and have respect for it. It not it is a problem you will not know who your son or daughter is.

Why is it a problem?

Vision, dreams, and hope, bring along the desire for it to be. If you cannot create that, you have a problem. It becomes a problem if you want it to be different. An animal does never complain they fight to live.

How can you solve a problem?

New insight and new awareness. To solve a problem we need a different mindset than the one that created it. That is what Albert Einstein said.

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking

we used when we created them.

Albert Einstein

Because it can be hard and difficult to find a different mindset. Coaching becomes a good tool to use when you drive

changes and challenges.

Because it supports how to think different better and smarter.

What is a problem How do we work with a problem

1. We listen

2. We feel

3. We hear the feedback

4. We define what we want to do

5. We test and learn more and test and learn more

6. It becomes like learning to walk first steps were hard and all of a sudden we do not even think about it


What happens if you do not solve the problem?

You get stuck and you will find a different way out, as becoming sick, give up and watch tv. 

Do never ever give up. Find a good mentor and coach and get the tools insight and learning you need.

What is a Challenge?

What is a challenge?

How to manage complex change in life

People challenge What is life is is a  one-way street. Where we move forward and we explore, expand, develop, increase, improve ..

People Change and it is people Challenge – it’s life moving forward – never ending never stopping

You will face challenges in your lifetime, where you need insight learning and training to overcome


Progress changes.

What drives forward. We do – Companies drive progress for results, and if the management believes, that the people they have cannot deliver the result.

Management will fire you. Let me give you an example:

Being fired can be a huge challenge

I did not want to add my name to a tender that did not keep the rules of GDP. It leads to a gap and they fire me.

They hack my data, they call everyone, they try to destroy my name and the good mindset. That is a huge challenge when a multi-company plays dirty.

That is a challenge for you and me when this happens

Being redundant can be a huge challenge.

Your skills are taken over by technology and the skills and the knowledge you process are no longer needed.

Where are you going to go, what are you going to do? It’s time for new learning and new thinking. That is a challenge for you or me when this happens

New Family Values

You just meet a new girlfriend and she comes with 2 kids, that are raised differently from what you know.

Things do not have the same meaning and understanding. It’s like starting over but not only that, it is also about finding meaning in what is already there.

That is a challenge for you, your girlfriend your kids, and her kids, it demands flexibility openmindedness, and love and care.

It is a challenge for a long time and can need clarity and insight.

Health and Healthcare

Your health your family’s health, your friend’s health and we can go on, health is the key to doing what we want and if our health gives us restrictions it can be very challenging for everyone around us.


Technology and Software

Technology and new software are what faster and faster will change our way of life, the software will take over and drive many task and jobs for us, good or bad it is what is in our future.

Here at Coachignandlife, we work with an analyzing software tool that helps us gather information in realtime.

You cannot beat real-time, You cannot beat real-time analysis. You cannot beat automized filing and results. That is a challenge for the people who use to do the excel – bring data together.

We will work smart and we will do better.


Feeling and Emotions

It’s all in the way you make me feel. If you meet people you do not trust and that are not loyal to you. What are you going to do? You will let them go.

Silence is for people who do not care. Who does not take the time and effort to care about other people than themselves? We kill the messenger.

People who do not care about anyone else but themselves will say, why do you add gas to the fire.


Performance and Rank

We are born to compete, we are born to improve and do better and the challenge is how can we compete and rank while making other people feel okay

Most important is learning. Finding out with yourself, what you did not see, hear, feel and get.

What were you missing, what learning is in it for you? How do you want to do better? For my part, the challenge is not to become like them.

I look at them and I see a company, I see people and they represent all that I do not want in life. That is a huge challenge.

It’s a huge challenge to get the learning and training to steer and navigate through and become what I want and admire.


The Challenge?

89% of your challenges are good challenges that you overcome without thinking about them. Is the last 11% that are the problems, because the 11% will determine who you become and what mindset you will define.

How you solve difficult challenges?

Do you fire people? when you fire people you let them go, you let go and you do not care.

That is the issue, not care because when do you know when you fire the right person and keep the right person. How can you? you do not care.

Do you let your boyfriend go? it is how people challenge too.

How can you overcome the difference in your values and work out understanding and compassion for what is different from you or the way you want it.

Love and caring are about giving and taking. That is the topic and if we never solve the real topic? – hmm where are we then going? what people challenge and how do they do it.

How do you choose to move on?

How can you define the challenge?

If you can?

Or even if you want to?

To define the real challenge you need a good self-image and to keep a good self-image you need feedback, Coachingandlife works as an automized feedback tool in realtime. It’s amazing what software offers us and how it helps. We forget that people actually develop software to help out?

The most important thing for you and me is to define the challenge. Before we know the challenge we cannot address solutions.

People challenge over and over and:

How do we move on or get over it?


What happens if you do not overcome the Challenge?

That’s a challenge If a challenge breaks you. I once knew a girl that chose to be sick, not really sick just so sick that she had to have her own office, could not attend dinners, could not be around many people. When what she should have done was to leave her job and husband. Her life with him was making her sick and she needed to isolate herself from the world.

That is what happens to us if we do not work with our challenges,  we always work with our challenges if that is eaten too much, having too much alcohol, doing scam business, cheap and lie. We always work the challenge and companies that need to fire, lose profit, are all signs of how they work the challenges

– wrong people make wrong results.

Good leaders make good results and show people the good sides of life.

You know when you meet a good leader. It’s not something you see, it’s a feeling deep within.


What is the refund policy at CoachingAndLife

What is the refund policy at Coachingandlife?

If you subscribed, you get a 7-day free trial during which you can cancel, at no penalty.

After that, we don’t give refunds, but you can cancel your subscription at any time.

The trail to try it

We encourage our customers to try the product (or service) in the first two weeks after their purchase to ensure it fits their needs.

After the 14-day period. You will no longer be eligible and won’t be able to receive a refund. We encourage, our customers to try the product (or service) in the first two weeks after their purchase to ensure, it fits their needs.

If you, have any additional questions or would like to request a refund, feel free to contact us at


Here you find Coachingandlife Refund policies

  1. Refunds after the free trial
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  3. Special alignment refund policy
  4. Subscription and Course refund policy
  5. Third-party refund policy
  6. Refunds after the free trail

If you decide to stop, or do not want to complete a course in one of our special alignment training, for which you have paid. Coachingandlife may be able to refund your payment depending on our refund policy.


Please, read our refund policies in full in CoachingAndLife Terms of use


Refunds after free trial

If you start a free trial 7 days or 14 days. The free trial begins before you are first charged, so therefore, there are no payments to be refunded. You can’t get a refund for any payments made after your free trial ends.


Course refund policies

If you paid for training, special alignment, or course and you are in the middle of the course CoachingAndLife will need to review your reason for the refund and there must be no doubt of reason.

In most cases, you will pay for your course and you will pay to get your certificate. To get your Course Certificate, you must document, that you have joined all training and that you process the skills in which you were trained.


  • In case you cannot get your certification. You can request a refund within 14 days after your payment or your rejection of certification.
  • If you pay for a course certificate, when you enroll in the course, your two-week refund period begins on the start date of the course.


When you have achieved your course certificate, you are no longer able to apply for a refund, even if you earn your certificate within the 14 days refund period.


Special Alignment courses refund policies

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You cannot get a refund for a Specialization pre-payment if you’ve already earned a Course Certificate for any course in the Specialization, even if you earn your Certificate within two weeks.


Partial refunds

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To request an Executive refund, contact CoachingAndlife using our support service center.


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Refunds after free trials

If you start a free trial 7 days or 14 days. The free trial begins before you are first charged, so there are no payments to be refunded. You can’t get a refund for any payments made after your free trial ends.