Thankfulness meaning: What is it to be thankful and what does it mean to me, that I ask myself questions and I answer the questions, I know the difference, because:

Thankfulness meaning

Thankfulness meaning: That I ask, and the answers, that I get, I like, it is answers, that takes me further in the direction, that I want to go. I feel thankful, because of the way it was done. I do not need to agree, but I feel thankful of the way it was.

It can be, what I want, and I like my answers, I know where I am going. I know, because my focus and my attention and all my knowledge, I use to achieve it, it is I. It is a true guidance and understanding.

That is what it means to me. I am thankful for all the right reasons.

There is a saying, you do not know, what you have until you lose it, if this is the case, we need to ask ourselves, do we have to lose something to know what it is worth, if I seek to show appreciation, abundance, acceptance, in what I do today. What difference does that give, is it not my attention, awareness, effort, and what I add. That is my initiatives for a good outcome. What initiatives did I take to be, where I am today, how much is me and what I really want. Since we have doubt. The meaning and understanding of thankfulness is when you are sure. You know what thankfulness is.

To lose something, is not only to lose, we all know, what it feels like to lose something and the sadness that it brings. If we change or focus and remember that to lose something gives room and space for new winds and changes, it is too an opportunity to find new forms, new ways and finding out what you really want.

It is a change to feel and know, where you are, what is important, it is a change to ask new questions and seek new outcome.

Questions never asked are questions never answered

This lifetime, we have a chance of doing it all, all we have to do is ask and find out, what we want. We do not have to follow the steps of our parents or take over and do as is expected of us.

We can do, what we want. This is our responsibility, we have options, and we have a chance to do several things, we are not stuck in one field all our lives, we can, if we really want to.

Knowing that gives us a kind of freedom, a way and a new challenge, because having many options is not always great and good, this is a responsibility which feeds the need for us to know, what we want, and why we want it. We know, what it feels like when someone helps us, or the feeling when someone sticks by your side, when you need it the most.

There is nothing like knowing about the thankfulness meaning

That someone stood up for you in a critical moment and stood by your side in a moment where you needed it the most, it is those times, where life shows sides that are unexpected to us.

The moment where we stand alone and do not, know how to face it, it is that hug, that gives us the feeling, that we can make it even though we feel like falling apart, it is the words spoken is the right moment, it is the feeling, that second that makes you feel like you really belong.

Those are some of the moments, when the meaning of thankfulness comes into my mind. I know and I feel so thankful, it is the greatest gift in life, when you stand in a situation and another human being cares for you.

It is impossible to ask for anything more, and we decide, how we show our appreciation, our thankfulness can only be seen and expressed, if we tell what it meant and what it made us feel. We may not remember the words, but we remember the feeling inside, It is solely for us and it is so strong.

It is holding on, it gives meaning to our lives.

When we know, that we have something, that we care about, that has a strong meaning, we know, we protect it. We create our lives and we achieve; we do this to feel good and be that person, we aim for, during many life’s tasks, we learn and we mature and get the awareness of who we are, and what we like. We know and feel, that and all of this is only worth something, if we find within the thankfulness for what we have, or for what happened. It is not what happens to us, it is who; we are with and the feeling that it creates.

Once we start following our own way, our own inner, we know what is right for us, and when things happen for us, that acknowledge or gives us the feeling that what is happening is right, we know.

It is the steps we take, it is what we do, it is the feeling that we have. That gives us our place and spot in life.

It is our place in this world, that makes the difference, the role we have, the person we are.

We all like the feeling, that we belong, that we are wanted, that we are among, it is what makes the difference to us, who we are, and what we become.

The feeling of being left out, being the one, that no one wants to be among, takes our mind to different worlds of feelings.

When that happens, and if that happens, it is our own doing, that does us wrong. We may not want to be part of a group or an opinion, that is choice, but what we need to learn is how to listen to our own inner, to know and understand, what we feel inside?. There is nothing wrong with other people and it is okay, that we do not have the wish to be friends, what is not okay is to bully, harass or disrespect that person, and think about what if someone you did not want to be friends with, were forced on you.

We see things from the light where we stand.

To let go of a loved one, to be left for some reason, can never happen, if we were aligned from both sides, we have a choice to choose and we can do, what is right for ourselves.

It is to find out and know what is right for me.

When we follow others when we let other do the work, the talking or make the decisions we may end up in places in life where we feel that we do not belong.

We can never say, that others made the wrong decision, We do not know, that was their choice, we can only speak for ourselves. We are, who we are and each of us has within a guide a way, a knowledge of what is the right thing to do and in our doing to find the right outcome. We know, when we get the right help, the right support, the right wisdom. When we find the missing link or the brick that; we have been searching for.

Whoever we are, and wherever we are, we have never done or achieved, what we have by ourselves, there is always someone, something that makes things fall into place and for things to happen for us, my way. It is how we manage to make the puzzle, the bricks that we add. CAL is coaching, but CAL is also WEB and marketing. CAL is pictures and visual understanding of lifecoaching. It takes several skills to achieve the outcome.

We are all helping each other, and we are all there for each other, in our daily doing, we tend to forget, but there can never be, something without input. If one is to get a new job, another is to leave, that job. If you are to buy something at the store, someone must have produced it. If you are to sing a song someone must have written it.

Somehow, it is a connection and we are among, and it all falls into place. We have a role, there is something, that is right for us, and we need to understand, how and what is the right role or thing for us.

I have been in the need to have my car looked over for a long time, and since I only drive 5 miles a day in the car, I never seem to give it too much attention, it is not, that important to me. But having to pick up my son, the one wheel loses air and I need to find a shop to have the wheel changed. That day I am just in front of a shop, where I use to come in the old days, I drive in, and they have time to take my car.

I know, you will say, that this is nothing, but to me, this was everything, this was the day that I had time, I was not pressured to be somewhere, I am thankful, and I know somehow all bricks feel into the right place. I had my car done and I felt so good. I am thankful, that it happened in that specific place. It gave me the change to solve the change of tires, that way that I would like to have it done.

For this, I am thankful,

It is not what happens but how you go about it

I do not need to think more about this for a long time. Somehow, the things that happens in one’s life, can happen for the better. We just do not see it in the moment; we know later in our lives, that this was the right thing.

I had a supplier once, who said to me, things always happens for the better, we just lost a huge account together and we had no chance of winning the customer back. In so many ways he was thankful, I remember, that we talked about what to do, how to move on and make the same money somewhere else.

He was very open-minded even though he was 63 at that time. All he said, with a smile was, it always happens for the better. The feeling he gave me, was a strong feeling of thankfulness for the time, we had been supplying and for the knowledge and the ability to try to do it. He was not sad, he did not get angry, he expressed his thankfulness for having had the opportunity to be the one, who did it. They one that really made it happen.

Even today, that is what I remember the most, I can still see his face and hear his voice. I know, and I feel thankful for being part of, what he did.

To enjoy the feeling being among and being a part of.

His strong way made all the difference in the world to the whole team.

Another strong person in life has always been my mother, she made things happen, and she tried to tell me wise words of wisdom. Like I told my own son, I cry the same tears as my mother and I face some of the same challenges as she did. I know so much more today about, what she said, what those words meant. I have never thought of, or felt that we were alone, I had my mother I did not understand, what she was talking about, when she tried to explain, that to me. Now I know, now I know, what she must have felt and what it was, that she tried to tell and warn me about.

She saw the steps and knew, where they were leading.

Today I feel very thankful for all, that I learned, for all that I listened to and for all, that I get to change, if I do not want to end up in the same place. If I want to be something else, and end up elsewhere, I need to do something else. That is a fact. The awareness and my own understanding of myself, is at another level.  I know that I must make my own choices and I know that others must make theirs.

My most important guidance comes from within; I must follow the guidance, that I have from within. That is what gives me my challenges, my victories and the outcome, that I seek in this life.

If I am not thankful for what I have, I am not grateful for the hard work that I do, If I am not the person that I want to be. Then that is my responsibility, there is no one out there, that knows, what I am but me, there is no one out there that can know what I feel, there is no one out there, that can see things through my eyes, there is no one out there, that can hear what I hear. There is no one out there that can change and do what I can, for me.

The challenge to change

I am the only one, and for me that makes all the difference in the world, to know that everything I do even the tiny bit counts for and can make a change for me.

All the people that are in my life that helps, support and care for me, for all this I am so thankful. It is all these moments that are with me in all I do.

Sitting here writing about what is thankfulness, I feel so thankful for having the opportunity to tell you, and know that reading this blog makes me tankful, and if you follow what you have within, you will see, thankfulness will become a great part of your life and you will find that you are happy.

You know 

Knowing that what you do is right for you, knowing that the change you have been seeking is there, knowing that you can make the difference.

Those are the true power stones in our lives and the once that make the difference to all of us, that is what thankfulness is all about to me. What is thankfulness and what does mean to you?

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