Mindsets are an important part of your personality but you can change them. (Psychologist, Carol Dweck”)

Most of women’s lack of self-awareness (attentiveness) stems from society’s idea of what a male/female relationship should look and feel like. 

The problem is society’s view (especially in the West/America), is full of religious connotations. 

Mindsets – It is usually Christian views that dictate relationship authority while not taking into consideration the personal feelings of individuals nor their values and beliefs. 

These attributes should be what dictate your authority on how you relate to others. 

When they are coming from an unbalanced (negative) mindset) your behavior in the world will be negative experiences, which affects your quality of life and your Mindsets.

Too often women lose themselves in their personal/intimate relationships because many never learned to value themselves but rather, were taught to focus on ways to please a man rather than focus on how to find and develop love for self.  Women, love for yourself is your power in this world.  A woman who loves herself is a `powerful guide, mentor and teacher in this world.

We must begin to unlearn all of the fallacies we learned in the world and begin to seek our authentic truth for self-love and self-fulfillment, which will prepare us for love in a healthy balanced state of being.

Mindsets – We’ve adopted other cultures, beliefs and values that no longer serve our highest good.  Each of us is unique with specific roles to play in the Great Awakening.  Yet, we must be willing to let go of certain teachings, rules, authorities, and self-sabotaging behaviors that keep us stuck and giving off negative energies due to our imbalances.

Positive thinking is the foundation for a positive mindset.  It can appear challenging, in the beginning, to think positive when so much pain and chaos exist in the world but this is the beginning of change for you and your world.  Thinking positive is a decision to be at peace no matter what is happening outside of you.  Positive thinking is the beginning of making decisions from a place of love for self in order to have more positive experiences in your life.  You will not let anger overtake you if you decide that you do not want to experience anxiety and pain in your life any longer, which is what anger causes.

We have to learn to be positive and understand what negativity is.

Depression is negative energy.  When we are depressed we are affecting our own vibrational field, creating more negative experiences in our lives.  The higher our vibrational frequency, the more positive experiences we will have and the happier we will be.  And it all begins with a thought.  What we think we believe even if it is not true.

It is time to think of your true reality as a created being.  If we develop positive thoughts we will improve our mindset as we create more capacity for loving ourselves.

I was speaking with my aunt this morning and she reminded me of the scripture that states, “Love your neighbor as you love yourself.”  It was so profound when she reminded me of this and said,

“If you don’t love yourself you can’t love others (your neighbors) because you don’t have the love to give.” 

Yes, without self-love there is a gap between you and everyone else that should be filled with love and compassion, which flows from your inner being, your heart if you will, but if it is not flowing it is your responsibility to find out what the obstacle is that is blocking your flow. 

What negative beliefs do you hold on that you need to let go; what negative thoughts are you thinking that you should evaluate for truth; what emotions are you allowing to sabotage your experiences in life. 

All of these behaviors make up our mindsets. 

Mindsets can be transformed to reflect a more balanced approach to how we relate to others and how we see ourselves and the world around us.

Peace Adonai

Dr. Brenda Tippett

“Your beliefs become your thoughts, your thoughts become your words,

your words become your actions, your actions become your habits, your

habits become your values, your values become your destiny.” — Mahatma


Dr. Brenda Tippett is an intuitive Life Coach, Spiritual mentor and

teacher, poet, ordained minister and blogger.    Her spiritual path is

teaching Twin Flames how to prepare themselves for holy relationships

so they may fulfill their life missions.  You can find more of her

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