I am so sorry for being so happy – will we be awarded?

What do you think?

We all want happiness it’s how to be happy that is the challenge. Most of the time I do not know what I really want in life, I know what I do not want but this setting goals and saying this is what I want I find difficult. I am not sure why it is because everyone says to me you must set goals and you must define what you want in life.

I know what I want, I want to have a good health, I want to have a strong mind and I want to have a good solid family and I want to be good in business.

Excuse me

– what is different in those goals than from anyone else. Nothing absolutely nothing.

No actually nothing at all. We all want the same a good life. We all want to feel good and we all want to know we are doing the right thing.

The amazing thing about it all is because we are all different and for us the same thing is not happiness, satisfaction or outcome. There is room for everyone of us in the spotlight.

I for sure do not want to be a mountain climber – accountant – finance advisor or and statistic analyst.

I love customers and how to give people the services they need – do you love serving customers and other people

What is your goal and what do you aim for.

When people tell you! – you must set goals in life they do it because they are right even though you do not know specifically what you want you need to have something to point at. You need a direction. It does not matter you do not know what harbor you want to reach as long as you have the direction for a long time.

Then finding the right harbor is something you can evaluate during your travel.

Sorry for being so happy is because it is not actually where you are that makes you happy it is the fact that it is my expectations, I know I am doing the right thing and right now I am teaming up to ensure that I get the progress. See you will discover that most of your stress and fears are because you do not have any progress. You are stuck.

Once you get an opening for progress you become happy

Happiness is when we know what to do and that we can do something, it actually does not mean that it has happened but the fact for you that you can feel the progress and that you know what to do is alone a step in the right direction

It the fact that you have impact on the situation and that you can do something.

The process of setting goals in the planing phase. We plan what we want to happen.

When the planing and scope is set we are ready to go and then we need to see the progress and results that we have created within.

If we get stuck or things stop we start our trip of stress – worry and fearing that we did not do the right thing.

Think again, you are not stuck you are just looking around to see what and who can help you get the progress you aim for.

Being fired at work is just this phase. Your boss looks at you and thinks – what she is doing will never take me to the goals I am for.

You can even take this point one step back because – your boss did not make it clear to you what he actually wanted to should happen.

There is nothing wrong with being fired. The spotlight for a company must clearly defined and if you cannot see the spot or do not see the tools to take you there, you will start doubting and asking different questions.

We all want to be happy: that’s a fact

The question we all ask:

We know we want to be happy that is not the question, the question how are we going to be happy. What does it take for you to find the happiness you are seeking.

This is where the best answer comes.

You and only you know what it takes for you to be happy, and it is even better you are also the only one who can do it.

No one can decide or determine your happiness its a status and a fact that only you can describe and express.

Coachingandlife can never make you happy, a life coach can never make you happy, we are tools for you to use to find your happiness.

Being a member at coachingandlife is a tool for you to find your way, we can never know what it takes for you to be happy or even know what you want or what kind of process you want to use.

Why did I bring that into the blog – because we surround ourselves witht so many people who judge our life. Who knows better than we, how our lives must be or from whom you must be a certain way if you are to be accepted.

People like you are stuck because then they feel their are better and they feel that their lives are not so bad. Tell me about your problems and I will listen and this will make me feel good, then my life is not so stuck.

You are so wrong. Listen to people who have progress and they will take you on the journey of progress. If you are among people who are stuck you get stuck too.

It is why success brings on more success. Sorry for being so happy is the feeling you get when you meet people who like yourself want progess and want to make things happen for the right reasons.

Sorry for being so happy, is a way of letting you know, it is okay to be happy be happy for progress, be happy because you are among people who want progress and want to see things succeed.

Happy is a state of mind in progress. You are happy when you find the track that are leading to the experinces you like to be part of.

It all comes down to good habits. If you have good habit to succeed you will surround yourself with people who succeed too.

Some may think that happiness is what you see, actually it is not, it is an inner feeling of satisfaction and something you know, and when you express it to the world it will be happiness.

It is not luck it is not success it is a flow of something happening for you that makes you smile and feel good.

Which brings us to what happens in our lives:

Things do not happen to you they happen for you and they do, no matter how bad you think it is, it is for you to find the right way forward. I of anyone can talk about that. Had they not thrown me out with the biggest bang I would not be here today, I feel so fortuned I still have a chance to make it.

Make a good life working for what I believe. Sometimes you get so court up in loving what you do, that you forget who you work for and who benefits from the results you create. I feel so lucky I am free and I can still make it. Had they not lied and treated me like the worst dog and hacket my personal data and tried to destroy my life. What would I have done? I would have continued in a new job doing what I know best. This was a great wake up call from the devil all the evil and all the lies. This wake-up call has shown me what I do not believe and what I do not want to be or become or support.

Like I said earlier in the post, you may not know exactly, what you want but if you see what you do not want it becomes clear to you what you want.

Sorry for being so happy is about finding the progress you need to get on the track that can start generating the results you are looking for. Happiness is not one thing it is many small undefined experiences or views, feelings that all come together in a vision of something that matches the road you see ahead.

Your sustainable track to keep creating the results that will give you the world you want to be part of

What can be more empowering than knowing you hold the power for your happiness and all you need is to find the tool that workds for you.

A life coach mentor in the pocket is an affirmation tool to create solid good habits and you can use the tool as yourself, as team or as company.

Fact is – we do what we believe.

and fact is we become what we belive.

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