Inner balance

Coaching and Life, Inner balance with coaching the strongest tool we know to bridge gaps and gain alignment on a daily basis.

It’s never what it looks like


Why we need inner balance.

Inside out or outside in?

Let’s take first things first.

Inside out, this is what comes from you, your needs, wants and desires. All you feel within which you take out.

Outside in, the feedback you get to all your doings. The outside responds to your acts, and you can like or dislike the feedback you get. Facts are it is the opinion of the people that allows you to get ahead in the world.

The betrayal.

Life is not at all what it looks like, and we are daily betrayed by people, who fake or cheap to get what they want in life.

Why do we not see the betrayal? Because we want to believe it is easy and that we can do it too. Trust me, you cannot and it is not easy.

Take a look at a dancer, we see a dancer and, we feel, and believe they are free and flowing with the music, BUT if you are the dancer, you count, 1 2 3-1 2 3 and you must follow the rhythm, it’s something very different.

The betrayal to your inner balance.

It’s not at all what it looks like, and do not believe it, if you hear it is. Life is one long string of learning and adapting your performance to the results you want and need, and the only way you can speed that process, is by getting a coach and feedback from people. fast pace to inner balance.

Inner balance comes from listening to yourself. No matter what you feel, desire or need, start paying attention to your own needs and how you want to respond to them.

Why the inner balance

The key to inner balance is to listen to yourself – before you listen to what other people want.

If you are at work, you can do a job without agreeing with your boss, as long as you know within – you do not agree. Do not betray yourself.

Here are 7 ways to gain the inner balance:

  1. Never respond to anything before you have asked the question: How does this make me feel?
  2. Open mind, listen to how other people do, and ask yourself, what can I learn here?
  3. How do you want it to go? Your responds will lead your way – so where are you going?
  4. STOP – think for a moment – What do you want?
  5. Is it what you desire?
  6. DO you need it
  7. What do you want?

All 7 suggestions have one thing in common – listen for a moment to yourself. Give yourself the respect to respond the right way for you.

We often react too fast and our inner balance is broken.

Why do you eat too much?

When you overeat, your inner balance is broken? And it is often one the places, people start, life is not responding to me the way I thought and you find comfort in eating.

You drink when you find it hard to handle the feedback you get or the pressure on your performance is too much for your inner balance.

Smoking? – Why do you smoke? And why is it so hard to quit?

For every problem there is a solution, and if you eat, eat to live and if you drink, drink to remember, and if you smoke, smoke the joy of life.

Betrayal, fake, cheats and wrong will always destroy your inner balance, people who are not real and do not live to improve – the takers, will always touch your inner balance and you need this in small portions.

But how do you know when it is a betrayal?

You know? Being real takes more courage than you can imagine, and we all strive for a good life, that is real, not matter how fake we make it.

Betrayal has many faces and the stories are many. Facts are still that when we come together to talk, share, and support each other, we feel better and people who feel good, do better, and when you do good you feel better – your inner balance is in scope.

That’s why we have our life coach forums and we believe together we not only change the world – but we make it a better place to be.

Join us –

Here you find the story of Shelia Heard and strong woman – a real life coach for you who needs a difference in life.

Shelia Heard know the power of inner balance, she can not only help – she knows from her own experience the true power of inner balance.

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